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Firbeint venn ber om oppmerksomhet 😻
#firbeintvenn #nabokatt #instacat #stripesonstripes #oslove

obviously, variety is the spice of life. #stripesonstripes #fashiontrend #lesbianfashion

How sweet is this little honey bunny?! Thanks for sharing @meyersumd 💕 #coleandcleo

Beach Hues 🌊. #stripesonstripes #newarrivals

Oh hey Wednesday...I see you and your never ending to-do list. However, I now choose to stay present and take it one step at a time all the while knowing everything is happening in the perfect timing for my life. All of those to-dos will eventually get done and how beautiful is it to remain focused on the now. Attention and time are the greatest gifts you can share with others; exactly the gifts I adore giving to my clients.

Speaking of attention, can we all please become present with this on-trend statement sleeve??! Talk about a jacket fit for a Queen and a photo taken by a Queen @annievovan #belljacket #stripesonstripes #innerstyle

Stripes, stripes, more stripes...matching Miles wasn’t planned, promise. He’s so cute though, we needed a pic. In person his hair doesn’t look reddish but in pics it always does. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wonder what color it will end up (my natural is a little lighter than this and my husband is brown but had blonde as a kid).

Dare to wear stripes on stripes this week! Link in bio to shop. #lovecleofashion #stripesonstripes #nauticalfashion #shoplinkinbio

Okay guys, I’m straight up a dog person through and through. But that doesn’t mean cats aren’t also awesome & deserve some sweet accessories!
We have a bunch of cat collars listed in the shop under their own section ‘cat collars’. See a fabric available for dogs and not cats? Simply message me and we will make your cat collar dreams come true!
The best part - $10 from every single cat collar will be donated to my brother & his girlfriends cat. She needs a big surgery next week and I’d love YOUR help to cover expenses! Details in our story highlights. #walkinthebarkforcats #walkinthebark #stripesonstripes #catcollars #breakawaycatcollar

Swimming has been my go-to exercise during this pregnancy so far (did you know I was a year-round competitive swimmer for 9 years growing up?) 🏊🏻‍♀️ - it's my all-time favorite and I've noticed that I seem to feel more movement from the little babe during/after I'm done! I hope he/she loves the water as much as I do ☺️💦

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