#MedalMonday. Second year that I participate to the @strideboxrace ! Might be my only medal of the year since I am up for new challenges this year. I am starting to work with a personal trainer and a physical therapist. This week is my first week with a total of three hours with them. I am a bit scared, they are going to challenge me, make me exercise in a way I am not used to, I will learn to lift weights and to reequilibrate my body. I see it as a chance to learn more about my body and myself. But it will be painful in the process and I am a bit afraid to be too tired to go running. Anyway some changes are coming!
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Got my #StrideBoxRace 2-week marathon swag today. I love the medal, it's so gangster 😎👍

Looking like I got beat up after a hot 9 miles. I tried a new route and it was way hillier than anticipated. Tried some new chews that came in my #stridebox a few months ago. Trying to lock down my fueling strategy before my runs get much longer. Almost back to double digits! #marathontraining #sundayrunday #ieathillsforbreakfast

This @honeystinger snack bar that came in from @stridebox was delicious! Great taste and texture. Very filling snack bar that is also organic. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who love peanut butter. I will definitely have this again! #honeystinger #snackbar #nutrition #organic #runfuel #runningfuel #stridebox

Thanks to @stridebox for a great 2-week marathon event! I’ll definitely be signing up for this yearly as long as you do it... also appreciate the extra prize that was included with my shirt/bib/medal! #run #runner #running #runnersofinstagram #stridebox #strideboxrace

Bouncing into the weekend with alllll the Power Cookies!!! Baked up 4 dozen today and fully restocked the freezer for hubby - he’s zooming through them these days... 2-3 per day as he trains for his Ironman 70.3! Wait... Did I say they were all for hubby?! Haha NOPE half be for me - these will be fueling my mountain adventure tomorrow and my Sunday long run too, most absolutely!
I caught wind that an old version of my Power Cookies was included in the June #stridebox (which is pretty cool!) but oddly although they’re credited to my name (and eat2run), the photo is not of me (instead of some gal I’ve no idea who) and the cookie pic? Not my power cookies! Lol. Anyway, for the updated recipe with the real picture by really me - click the link in bio.
Power cookies are old news for those who’ve been following eat2run for a while - but they are such a staple... I literally don’t know what I’d do without them. They are also an all time client favourite!! If you haven’t tried them yet you’re missing out (ha, if I might be so bold to say so)!! They contain about 20 grams carb per cookie... Amazing for pre-workout - or even during or after your run (or swim or bike or hike or gym workout)!!
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Marathon recovery! It's been 4 days. I've gone for a 3 mi recovery run everyday since to keep this pup happy...I suppose he's worth it 😰 Soreness was pretty bad the first couple of days, but I feel good today! Next race is the Point Ruston Independence 5k in a few weeks @tacomacitymarathon . Keeping the mileage low & easy, but I'm hoping to fit in at least one speed workout prior to that race!
Got my @stridebox last week (swipe). Haven't had a chance to try everything, but I did use the Shower Pill wipe right after the marathon and it was perfect! Also tried the Trail Nuggets...super tasty. And I'm excited for the Sword Chewable Caffeine Tabs! Also in the box: Electro Delytes Sports Candy, Tailwind Rebuild Recovery, & an insulated "Runch" bag! Hope you guys have a great Thursday ❤

Got my first #stridebox today! 🤗🏃🏻‍♀️ #runner #goodies #lovethequote

First box from @stridebox So much fun! I’m looking forward to trying out all these goodies. #stridebox #runner #running

All the goodies in this month’s StrideBox! The ShowerPill Body Wipe will certainly come in handy after a runch 💦 #stridebox #running #workoutwednesday

I had a chance to try out a free trial of the only subscription box worth trying!
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My monthly @stridebox never disappoints. This month’s box featured:
•Trail Nuggets PB Coco Bar
•Sword Caffeine Tablets
•Electro Delytes Sports Candy
•Tailwind Rebuild Recovery
•Shower Pill Body Wipe
•Insulated Runch Bag
I’ll probably eat the Trail Nuggets bar today. I also can’t wait to try the Tailwind Rebuild Recovery!

Which of these items is most intriguing to you?

Don’t forget you still have a chance to win your own Stridebox by entering my giveaway! Link in profile or go to http://www.milebymileblog.com/10-ways-to-celebrate-global-running-day-stridebox-giveaway/
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Finished this year's 2 week marathon! Pictured with tonight's dinner.... chicken burger and sweet potato fries 😋 It was great motivation to get back out there after injuring my knee! #strideboxrace #StrideBox @stridebox

Running Motivation! 🏃🏾🚑🚒🏃🏾#stridebox

June #stridebox is finally here. I always get the best products to try and Can’t wait to try these new ones. Thanks to @stridebox for sending all these great looking products! @trailnuggets peanut butter coco apocalypse @sword chewable caffeine tablets @electro_delytes sports candy @tailwindnutrition rebuild recovery @showerpill body wipes and stridebox iconic insulated “runch” bag

I love opening the mail and getting these. It’s always a surprise what’s inside and I’m always excited to open it. @stridebox .
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