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Parte do treino hoje!!! Tem mto que melhorar ainda, mas a evolução é treino a treino, melhorando 1% a cada dia... Vamos q Vamos... #Crossfit #Crossfitdouble #vilavalqueire #wod #workout #powersnatch #stricthspu #lifestyle #Superação #Evolução #atividadefisica #preparacaofisica #lenoirsalarolli #teamSalarolli #personalsalarolli

#weightliftersdoingcrusssssfittings took one for the team and missed lab, figured out I can do strict hspu??? Join the dark side for 2 years and you can do all the crossfit movements strict😂🤷🏼‍♀️ def not to 18.4 standards though so don’t come at me like that. #crossfit #weightlifting #usaweightlifting #hspu #stricthspu #crossfitgames2020 #SIKE #fitness


New PR chest to wall HSPUs up to 10 reps from 8. Though I've meant to complete each rep with only my toes/feet in contact with the wall (my quads come in contact) I want to restart it and choose that progression as the next way to build this exercise up. Points of contact is another way over applying progressive overload to skills where you're getting assistance from a wall. Less contact with wall = more work your muscles have to do to maintain the position. Also hoping that with that I can lean farther forward and get rid of the arch in the back. Also tried my hand at 115 on the OHP for an AMRAP set getting a shaky 8.5 haha all this in prep for the 135x5 going down this weekend. If you're not adding some sort of heavy compound vertical pushing movement into your program regardless of what your goals are your shoulders are missing out!

🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏻‍♀️deadlifts & handstand push-ups = sparkly belts & tired delts! 💗💜
18.4 was definitely more fun with a friend! Thanks for the push @sdoerbecker 💪🏼
And thanks for the redo tips and encouragement @dupontadam & @j_brighty #ItsAllInTheHips

#18point4 #crossfit #intheopen #fitness #hspu #deadlift #puttingthedeadindeadlift #toomuchstim #stricthspu? #mulligan #purplepower #thestandardisthestandard #castroisaprick

Did you do CrossFit Open 18.4? Did you score between 21 and 57 reps?
Can you do <3 strict HSPU?
And lastly, do you want to improve your HSPU?
If yes, see 👇
Reality check - you don’t need to work on your kipping technique. You need to work on your positional strength & pressing strength. Secondly, if you want to get better at this specific skill, you need to work specifically on it. It won’t magically happen if you don’t prioritize it.
Here are four drills I recommend you work to improve HSPU ability!
👉 1) Wall-facing HS hold
-Build positional strength, shoulder & back stamina
-Walk your hands as close to the wall as you’re comfortable. Hands shoulder width, fingers wide. Feet together, toes pointed. Only your feet should be on the wall. Core, butt, quads tight. Press into floor through your shoulders, making yourself as long as possible. Breath.
-Varied. But generally speaking, stop 0:10 before failure OR when you feel you’ve lost a good position
-Example: 3-5 sets of 0:30, 2-3x/wk
👉 2) Downward dog HSPU
-To create positional awareness, to increase pressing strength
-Create tripod position by sending your body forward & elbows back. Chin tucked. This triangular base gives us stability, & more importantly it puts our shoulders in a more advantageous position for transferring energy & power. It’s the same position as a pushup & overhead press!
-The higher your hips (the closer your feet to hands), the more challenging. Over time, work on getting hips higher
-Slow is strong (a min of 0:05 from top to bottom; goal is 10!) Control throughout descent - consistent pace top to bottom.
-1 rep EMOM for 10 sets, 2-3x/wk. A minimum of 0:05 from top to bottom. Longer-term goal is 10. Keep moving feet close to hands
👉 3) Hollow holds & hollow rocks
-To increase core strength. Does your back have a noticeable arch when you hold a handstand or when you attempt HSPUs? It may be due to a lack of awareness and/or a lack of core strength. A loss of midline stability while pressing will result in less power transfer & possibly missing the HSPU standard
🔥more in comments below🔥

🇬🇧Home Box: @crossfit605
Elevation: 0ft 😊
🇱🇷Vacation Box: @crossfitlowoxygen
Elevation: 9075ft😰🗻
You Know When A Box Puts Their Elevation On The Wall.. Shit! Gets! Real!!😉🙈
#18point4 Just Happened And After Reassessing My Goal Of This Workout Last Night, I Couldn't Be Happier and Prouder! .
1.5 XBodyWeight Deadlifts Felt Good🤗
100% Strict HSPU Were Broken Up Early To Minimise Fatigue 🤸‍♀️
And I Just Paced It 💆‍♀️
Because Girl, If You Can Get As Many Reps As Possible At One Of The Highest Crossfit Boxes In The World 🗻... You're Killing It 🤜🤛💃🏼Don't Put Pressure On Ya Lil Self Kid And Enjoy The Ride!! .
And The Ride Was Sweet!! 😁
18.4: 85 Rx Reps .. DONE! 💃🏼💪
Now Where's My Board For Some Pow Runs to Flush Out That Lactic 🏂❄

I can officially walk on my hands just as fast as JR can walk on his feet 😂 #finished18.4 #stricthspu #8:43 #fueledbyfritos #couldntdisappointjessat6am 😂 #noyellingontheredo

Strict HSPUs & a Magic Trick!!😃😄🤓😀🤣
I brought down the house a little bit today when I went for the 1st set of HSPUs in Diane 😂
I didnt factor in a proper place to do them when setting up so I ended up taking down the white board and knocked the & down and caught it between the knees.
Then my socks kept getting stuck on the nails 🤣😂😆
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5 Year Old HSPU.💪🏼👩🏻‍🎤🙌🏼 #stricthspu #goals #stronggirls #thewintershow #cfopen2018

When Ya Sis Knows You So Well 🤸‍♀️🤗💆‍♀️🤞
Totally Working Out Possible Split Times 🤣😴
(stole this from her story 😉@creativelizard )

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