Stretching...one of my things to do. It’s so good for you and most people don’t do it nearly enough. •
Whether you exercise or not, your body needs to be stretched.

Stretch your back, legs, chest, hips....ok just everything. 😉 Lately these are two of my favorite stretches because my hamstrings and lower back have been tight. •
Do you regularly stretch? What is your favorite stretch? .
#stretchdaily #stretchyourbody #loosenup #tighthamstrings #runnerproblems

Focus & Discipline it is all you need to do Standing Head to knee & ALL that should start from the first part of the asana itself.... 🤔
_____Great work Natalie, Marga & Natalia 👏
_____SUNDAY Bikram Yoga class at 10.30am 💥My Sunday My choice💥 #choosewisely 💪🧘‍♀️🙏

EVERY Good act is charity, and there is no better exercise for the Heart than reaching down & lift people up... ____WE WANT TO THANK YOU dear students which attend the Yin Yoga donation class today & those which did not attend but generously donated, we feel very blessed to have such a kind/beautiful yoga community, also THANKs to the students from UK & Sweden which also reached out to donate 🙏🙏🙏 ______NAMASTE & one more time THANK YOU SO MUCH.... Sending you all 🧡 from Hot Yoga team 🦋 #gratitude

Everyday reminder. 💪🏼💪🏼 #GreatSoles #GreatSolesForGreatSouls

Fit Friday Flow of the week!! @_mmurowchuk did an awesome job in her acro session! As she continues her practice her core strength develops which has helped with flying! Seeing her hard work turn pay off 😀

Yes, we love socks but have you seen our bags?! #EverydayEssentials #GreatSoles

Ogni giorno è diverso da un altro
Adoro le zona di campagna
Ma oggi la periferia urbana
del mio paese mi ha richiamata
Da me solo pianura per km
Due rampe e una scalinata
E via
Qui si nota l'arte di chi si esprime sui muri 🖌🖼liberi di scrivere in grande🙃🙆👁😉 Avevo la corda con me
Lavoro sulla apertura alare🐝
Le nostre braccia insieme alle scapole ricordano residui evoluti di ali.

Exercise: respira ed espandi il tronco per piu volte, puoi anche saltare la corsa per riscaldarti. Al momento in cui senti calore negli arti, ruota a 360 le braccia lentamente ascoltando da dentro la rotazione della testa dell'omero nella cavità brachiale: stimola la lubrificazione e aumenta l'escursione articolare😉.
No sforzo solo ascolto lento, gioco fluido... nel gioco e col gioco divertiti in questo.👪sei tenuto per mano💟. From me only plain for km
Two ramps and a stairway
And go
Here we can see the art of those who express themselves on the walls of "writing in large" walls

I had the rope with me
Work on the wingspan🐝
Our arms together with the shoulder blades recall evolved remains of wings.

Exercise: breathe and expand the trunk several times, you can also skip the race to warm up. At the moment when you feel warmth in the limbs, rotate your arms slowly by listening to the rotation of the humeral head from inside the brachial cavity: it stimulates lubrication and increases the joint excursion.
No effort only slow listening, fluid play ... in the game and with the game you have fun in this.👪she held by the 💟. #freestyletraining#feelyourbody#trainingandart#openyourarms#flowmouvement#slowlystay#stretchyourbody#stretchingtime

Join us this Saturday at 11.15am for a juicy 90min Yin Yoga class with Lucciana.
_____Donation of 5€ for the Institution Pro + Vida

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• • • • •
Karma Yoga Class, viernes a las 6.15 p.m 🙏🏻 recuerda el significado del Yoga : Unión de Cuerpo y Mente 🧡 @hotyogamallorca

На наших занятиях мы уделяем внимание каждой девочке .
Помогаем растягиваться и корректируем во время выполнения упражнений. Чтобы занятия были максимально эффективны для вас ! ❤️

Candlelite restorative flow yoga tonight with my daughter. This. Will. Be. Repeated. Soooooooo 🙏🏻🙌🏻💫🧘‍♀️.

One of my favourite things about teaching beginners is seeing the joy and excitement that they get when hitting Acro flows for the first time! For most of these ladies it was their first time trying Acro and they enjoyed it!! Acro is for everyone 😀

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