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GLUTE MAX AND HIP EXTENSION AWARENESS 🍑 Tag a friend who has a good booty 🤔⤵️ _
📹 Credit To: @repthereds

When lifting it's important to engage the target muscle correctly. ❌ Here you can see that in the left picture power and efficiency are being lost in the movement. ✅ On the right the glutes are fully engaged and utilizing the muscle fibers efficiently! Overtime this will not only help you build your glutes it will also make you more efficient and stronger in your compound lifts like squats and deadlift for example!

@enginserhan ve @acr0mer "foam roller challenge" ı görüyor ve arttırıyorum.☺️👊🏻Sırtınızda foam rollerla neler yapabilirsiniz gösterin bakalım 🤗👍🏻Hayalgücünüze ve dengenize sağlık 😘 Sıra sizde ⏩⏩ #foamroller #split #balance #stretching #flexible #core #acrobalance #pilates

I can say this with all honesty and authority, because I know for a fact that my fear is the most boring thing about me.This is especially true when it comes to living a life of creativity.Fear is boring, because fear only ever has one thing to say to us, and that thing is:”STOP"
For over 25 years now, my fear has been shouting "STOP" to me, every single time I sit down to write.
Fear never has a more interesting insight to offer. Never.Just that one word, repeated and repeated with increasing hysteria:”STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP!!"
My fear wants me to stop, because my fear wants me to be safe, and my fear perceives all motion, all inspiration, all work, all activity, all passion whatsoever as potentially life-threatening. My fear wants me to live a smaller life.The smallest imaginable life, ideally. My fear would prefer that I never got out of bed.
Your fear is the same. Exactly the same as mine. I guarantee it. Listen, we all need fear, evolutionary-speaking —obviously. Don't leave home without a good healthy fear reflex, or you may find yourself wandering drunk through dangerous neighborhoods at 3am, or riding your bike through city traffic with earbuds in. (You guys, seriously – what's with people riding their bikes through city traffic with earbuds in?) In these situations,your fear may indeed save your life.
But your fear must be kept in its place. (True emergencies only, please.) Your fear must not be allowed to make decisions about creativity, passion, inspiration, dreams. Your fear doesn't understand these things, and so it makes the most boring possible decisions about them.Your fear mistakes creativity and inspiration for saber-toothed tigers and wolf packs. They aren't. Creativity and inspiration are the vehicles that will transport you to the person you most need to become.
Sit down and have a quiet conversation with your fear. Tell it that you will listen respectfully, say, when your fear warns you not to go swimming in 15-foot waves when you aren't a strong swimmer.
But you will not listen to your fear anymore when a small hopeful voice inside you says, "I want to make something."
Now go make something, OK?

Stretching out the Monday blues 💃🏻 #stretching #dance #monday #mondaymotivation

There are some things that must happen because they must. Things you can’t avoid. Like growing up, failure, grieving, happiness, etc. but when it comes down to it, life is really about people. It’s about who you meet and who you don’t. Who forgets you and who remembers. Who you run after and who chases you down the line. It’s about who’s there when you feel alone and who’s not. Who you could talk to and who makes it hard for you to be yourself. That’s what’s important. People. The way they look into your eyes right before they’re gone and the way they smile right back at you when you return back home. People, it’s always about people. The ones who love you, protect you and the ones who are there for you when you need them most I hope you never forget that. 🦋 | 📸 by @sdj | .
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"Fear is not your enemy. It is a compass pointing you to the areas where you need to grow." - Steve Pavlina ✨

Such a great day yesterday! I'm starting to feel so much more comfortable with acro 😀 I've always had a huge fear of heights and it's been so liberating to finally get off the ground and start to fly. I love how much this practice is helping me to let go of fear and build trust. Trusting someone else is hard, but the hardest part for me is learning to trust myself and believing that I'm strong enough to do this. The other day I decided that instead of assuming I'm going to fall and trying to fight that, I'm going to assume that I'm going to be able to catch, support, and balance myself. It sounds so simple but it's working ❤️ Thank you @domdoesyoga for flowing with me 🙏 | 📹: @gypsy_jean_ 💫 |
P.s. This @aloyoga lounge legging + bra set is seriously the softest and comfiest outfit I've ever had. I included it in my collection of Alo favorites (link in my bio!)- and all my favorites are an extra 25% off right now using code: SELFLOVE! #aloyoga 💗

Episode 574: "How To Train Every Hamstring Muscle"
[Hamstring Advice]
When it comes to addressing the hamstrings, most people are great with sagittal plane focused movements including hip/knee flexion and extension. However, the hamstrings are not oriented just in the sagittal plane‼️This is due to different insertion points of the individual hamstring muscles ⏬read more⏬
The hamstrings is a muscle group that consists of the biceps femoris long and short head, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus. All of the hamstring muscles except the biceps femoris short head originate on the ischial tuberosity, but they insert on different locations near the knee. Due to the different insertion points, the hamstrings not only contribute to sagittal plane movement, but also transverse plane rotational movements.
Adding rotational movements to eccentric biased hamstring exercises is essential to fully address the hamstrings. Two traditional hamstring exercises you can add rotation to are 1️⃣RDLs 2️⃣ Airplanes
Video 1️⃣ RDLs ➡️ make it easier by providing a target, such as foam rollers.
Video 2️⃣ Airplanes ➡️ cue the person to reach for the inside/outside of the foot that is on the ground to help groove the rotation.
Tag a friend who needs their #hamstring prehab‼️
The Prehab Guys: Optimizing human movement and performance, promoting longevity, and keeping your movement system in tune one post at a time. Instilling new meaning into #physicaltherapy. Follow us on IG, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and make sure to visit www.ThePrehabGuys.com. The information provided is not medical advice.
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Cloud slime from @slimeycheeese
How many calories are in one stick of butta?
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Well, clearly Sammy has found his zen this morning 😆 I’ve decided to add a low-key 7 week yoga plan to my workout regimen. Hoping to gain more flexibility and better muscle build and protection from injuries from elongating my muscles. Yoga is also great for relaxation, tension relief, detox, and core strength. So, what better place to have a little physical and mental detox than my bedroom? :) excited to see how my body responds! #newyogi #intermediateyoga #flexibility #yoga #nashville #zen #mentalhealth #stretching #fitspo #fitfam #healthylife #puppylove #puppyzen #sammydoesyoga #dogmom #happytuesday #asanarebel

So today we did this 😬😂🔥💯... decided to up our 3 man plank challenge to a 4 and harder one 😂😂 thanks @paula11lane your face in the background lol! If you have any pics from tonight send them to me, brilliant yoga class today!
@leechy1985 @redders38 @heather_marie_1986 super strong amazing girlies! 💪
#plankchallenge #yoga #fit #strong #love #happy #balance #core #yogainspiration #stretching #strength x

Peach pump🍑

РАСПИСАНИЕ занятий 22 НОЯБРЯ`17 (среда):
м.Автозаводская, 1-ый Автозаводский проезд, д.5:
19:00-20:00 ЗУМБА (новички), Анна Смолина - NEW!!! - ПЕРВЫЕ ЗАНЯТИЯ
19:10-20:15 СТРИП-ПЛАСТИКА (новички) - ЗАМЕНА: ДЕФИЛЕ, Дмитрий Черненко
19:15-20:15 BODY MAKE (подкачка мышц), Лана Ивашкина
20:15-21:15 РАСТЯЖКА (поперечный шпагат) - ЗАМЕНА: Дмитрий Черненко
20:15-22:15 СТРИП-ПЛАСТИКА (продвинутый уровень)
м.Третьяковская, Малый Татарский переулок, д.8, зал 102:
19:00-20:00 СТРИП-ПЛАСТИКА (новички, с нуля), Дарина Грачёва - NEW!!! - ПЕРВЫЕ ЗАНЯТИЯ
м.Академическая, Черемушкинский проезд, д.5, зал 405 - ОБРАТИТЕ ВНИМАНИЕ - с НОЯБРЯ НОВЫЙ АДРЕС
19:00-20:00 BODY MAKE (подкачка мышц), Наталия Ларина - NEW!!! - ПЕРВЫЕ ЗАНЯТИЯ
20:00-22:00 СТРИП-ПЛАСТИКА (НОВИЧКИ с нуля), Наталия Ларина
#stripplastic #bodymake #stretching #Zumba #renardance #стриппластика #прокачкатела #танцымосква #танцыавтозаводская #растяжкашпагат #растяжкашпагат #худеемкнг #ренардэнс #подкачаться #танцуйснами #растяжкаавтозаводская #хочустройноетело #будьснами

No musiałam musiałam choć chwilę pobiegać 🏃 cały czas padało 🌧️ ale było świetnie 😀😀😀
#trening #training #bieganie #biegam #run #running #runner #runners #biegambolubie #runninggirl #garmin #trigar #forerunner35 #noc #night #ciemno #dark #deszcz #rain #rozciąganie #stretching

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.... or our your ceiling into your foot 😄

As long as we're in it together 💪🏼❤️

Reunited with polebuddy @lixtheid 💕

Cheststand has always been a terrible monster 👻 for me because of the breathing problem. 🌬Today I decided to overcome this and with the help of my love I felt somehow secure in this position (my face was uncontrollable but I’m fine) Still long way to go but a little step forward 😊
#thetruth #poledance #stretching #flexibility #training #stretch #bendygirl #bendy #alwaysastudent #backbend #benddontbreak #shoulderstretch #pdcheststand #neverstop #motivationalquotes #poledancersofaustria #stretchingroutine#poledancersofinstagram #polefitness #poledancer #polefun #keepgoing #support #love @the_grvmn

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