All my social workers, case managers and nurses come get your CEU's and have some fun! It's all about balance!
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Are you stuck in this pattern where you are always giving and never receiving? Are you depleted? Quantum biofeedback and stress reduction strategies can empower and entrain you to think better thoughts and make better choices. #wecantgivewhatwedonthave #emptycup #depleted #sickandtired #alwaysgiving #betterthoughts #quantumbiofeedback #stressmanagement #boundaries

I offer in office biofeedback sessions and remote stress management sessions. You can be anywhere on the planet and receive transformative benefits.

30 practices conscious breathing challenge: a spontaneous decision to help focus us all on being deliberate with breath for each of 30 yoga practise and working toward a full practise in conscious breath awareness despite distractions of the body or mind. So many humans jumped at the opportunity to grow their yoga practise and themselves in a most sincere yogic way...
Super excited for these benefits to start showing up!

Are you looking for a way to gain control of your thoughts and emotions during stressful, anxiety-ridden, or high-pressure situations?

Mindfulness Meditation will do just that!🙏 If you'd like to know more about receiving this training, send me a message and lets get you back in control and into a happier life. 🙏🙏🙏 #MindfulnessTraining #MentalSkills #Meditation #Stress #Anxiety

Today marks the 5th anniversary of my heart surgery! It feels like a lifetime ago and it kind of was. Going through this health crisis is what cemented self care as the core mission and purpose that I have built my life around. It’s not a fad or a buzzword or a marketing ploy for me: it’s life or death. No matter what you are going through or suffering with - physically, emotionally or mentally - you CAN feel better and a lot of the power lives within you. When I realized that, a light switch went on inside me and I was able to live from a place of intentionality rather than fear/desperation. The small choices we make everyday add up and we are all WORTH the effort. Lean into self love and see what opens up for you. Hopefully you don’t need heart surgery to wake you up like I did. Photo cred @paulbaudier

Today be the light in someone's darkness.

Each of us is fighting their own battle, be the soothing voice for someone's pain.

Be the voice of encouragement, motivation and empowerement.

Lend someone a listening ear or just your presence in silence..maybe that's all they need.

Sometimes we don't have to say much to affect someone posotively. We may not need to say anything at all.

Just our genuine and authentic presence, our intention to be in support can be all the help someone needs.

This will make you feel better, to know that you are needed and that you make a difference.

And if you were the one in need of any of that, offer it to yourself with love and compassion.

كوني النور في عتمة احدهم. كل منا يقاتل في معركته الخاصة. كوني الصوت الدافىء لهم، الحضور الصامت. يمكننا ان نؤثر ايجابا" بالآخرين حتى بصمتنا. يكفي حضورنا الصادق ونيتنا ان نكون حاضرين للدعم اذا كان من داع لذلك.

هذا سيجعلك تشعرين بالرضى عن نفسك، ان تشعري بأنك تحدثين فرقا" في حياة شخص ما.

Meet Julie Coker, MS, EdS, LPC, CPCS, NCC and our clinical director.

Specializes in counselor supervision and Direction, substance abuse, Stress Management, anxiety, depression, and adjustment life transitions.
Julie is a licensed professional counselor and a certified professional counselor supervisor. She's passionate about guiding adults and adolescents in need of help navigating difficult challenges in life. It is her goal to help clients reach their fullest potential and strengthen relationships. Julie strives to provide an accepting, Wellness Focus environment that encourages self-awareness and positive change.

To Contact Julie directly:
By Phone: 678.617.9204
By Email: JulieCoker@petrichorcounseling.com

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Join me on the 30 day reset program, not just weight loss total health, nutrition, sleep, movement and stress management.
Find out more on the FB page @themoderncaveman99

Free one-on-one consultations with a certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, aspiring herbalist, and self-care advocate & guide! This health history session allows you the opportunity to be heard, to discuss important aspects of life you often don’t discuss with anyone, and to gain clarity towards your next steps to realizing your goals and visions.
Offering 50-minute sessions now - many times available - to schedule your session send me a direct message here or at jeholisticwellness@gmail.com. Check out my website www.jeholisticwellness.com for more information.
You’ve got nothing to lose ... I love these sessions. Sometimes they lead to a long-term, transformational relationship. Other times, they’re a conversation where both parties deeply connect and learn something new... Looking forward to hearing your story!

Scented roses and Iris from the garden, one of life’s delights 💕 Smiles from The English Sisters .
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I was talking to someone the other day about life balance and stress. I gave her this analogy: -- Imagine you're at a cottage and decide to go swimming in a lake (warm water for me, please! haha). When you jump off the dock you get mentally and physically ready. You're psyched. You might even be excited. Or, you may be nervous. Either way, you need to jump. 🌊 -- Then you're in the water and in order to get back to the dock you need to swim. Let's say you need to swim a fair distance. It takes work, your muscles work hard. 🏊 -- When you get back to the dock you need to rest. How long do you need to rest? 30 min? An hour? ⛱ -- Let's say instead of resting, you jump off the dock again. Then swim again, maybe a bit farther. Then again. And again. Each time, one after the other without your rest on a lawn chair. ** After a while, you'll feel like you're drowning. Your body can't catch up to the amount of effort you need to keep going. ** This is how we deal with stress. We jump off the dock with work, deadlines, screaming kids, lack of sleep, taking care of family, etc etc. Each time, our body prepares to jump off the dock. Maybe we load up with caffeine or sugar to do it but we keep jumping.
How much time in a lawn chair does your body need? 🤔🤔 📷 @christoffere


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I bought the Precision Nutrition course back in 2015 and I have no idea why I didn’t finish it. I decided to complete it and as of today I officially passed the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Exercise Nutrition course. So excited and grateful that I can now add this knowledge and programming to my clients’ plans. 😊😊 #precisionnutrition

Stress Management Workshop. Caritas - Lebanon.
ورشة عمل تدريبية عن ادارة الاجهاد. كاريتاس لبنان.
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Los jardines plantados sobre los techos entre las trillizas - mi nuevo happy place en Las Condes. Qué rico venir aquí tempranito por la mañana a respirar profundo y escuchar a los pajarillos trinar antes de ir a interpretar. .
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