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Stress Baking to the MAX!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
So Exited for my Beautiful friends wedding Tomoz! 😙👰💑❤
#weddingcake #stressbaker #wedding #married #exited

Chocolate peppermint cookies #StressBaker #TisTheSeason

I present to you, a circus cookie cheesecake #stressbaker #allthesweets #lifeloveandsugar

I was going to be productive and do laundry and clean things since I can't get out and no one can get in, but then I remembered I'd rather bake things.
#stressbaker #chocolaterollswillmakeitbetter #bakeallthethings

Sometimes you just make stuff up and it works. Other times it’s a bit on the tart side. 😬
#todaysbakingexperiment #onsundaysibake #stressbaker #tripleberrypastries

Gooey pecan white chocolate butterscotch cookies. My absolute fave. #cookies #bae #stressbaker

Some homemade scones for the office tomorrow! Cranberry orange in the front, chocolate chip coconut in the back. #notmacrofriendly #sugarbutterflour #stressbaker

Mama was feelin down. Made some rad cookies. Who wants some? #stressbaker #chocolatechip #housewiffing #idostuff

Good thing stress make me want to bake. #pumpkinrolls #stressbaker #clearmymind


When it’s so bright in your office you have to wear your sunglasses to see your computer screen!

I’m thankful for the sunshine but good lord...it’s a little extreme at the moment!! Happy hump day friends.
Make it a great one.

Calling all vegan friends!! Consider trying this wonderful Cranberry Orange Loaf 🍊— Recipe to be uploaded soon!
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Transformation Tuesday!

Not all transformations are physical & easily seen by others!
I truly believe in order to get a physical transformation that’s going to last you first have to have a pretty big mental one.
4 years ago I lost 30+ pounds training for my first 1/2 marathon. All i changed in my life was running, SO MUCH RUNNING, and I quit inhaling pop. That’s it.
You know what? I gained all that weight back because I was training for all the wrong reason. All the wrong people.
I didn’t find self love on those runs.
I didn’t find acceptance.
I didn’t find the answers I’ve been searching for.
Now I have all that & so much more!! I have belief in myself & no one can get in the way of that.
Here’s to my next transformation that you will be able see & not just take my word on.
Are you ready for the transformation of your life?? Shoot me a message & let’s get Rockin.

Remember last night when i told you about a shake that i was regretting NOT drinking?
Well today I want to share with you why I am excited to make it a staple in my life again and this time, remembering how I’ve felt lately, why I’ll be sticking with it.
I was a skeptic about this drink....but here are some benefits from it.
Increased energy, Replaces the need for multivitamins, Decreased cravings, Time-saver, Less bloating, Mental clarity, Boosted immune system, Reduced stress , Supports a busy lifestyle, Fights toxins consumed inadvertently.

What does it do for you?
It's whole food equivalent amazes me every time. Here's the breakdown-->
🍍1 bowl of Exotic Fruit
🥒4 cups raw broccoli
🥕7 whole carrots
🍅10 cups of cauliflower
🥗3 cups romaine lettuce
🥑4 cups uncooked mushrooms
🌰3 raw onions
🍆1 cup peas
🍠4 cups red radishes
🥛4 cups non-fat yogurt
🍵1 shot wheatgrass

Additional Supplements Include:
⏭Digestive Enzymes

For $4/shake as a replacement of groceries each month? Less shopping, more nutrition, less thinking, perfect 10 meal! Definitely a better investment than that sugary coffee that's going to cause you to crash or the fast food that makes you feel sluggish.

I challenge you to find another option out there that is equal to this. Go ahead....I’ll be right here.
Believe me, you're worth the investment!

Today has been amazing so far.
The kids were fantastic this morning even if one was a little slow getting moving.
I had coffee & and amazing conversation with a new friend. Talk about filling your cup!

Crushed PiYo sweat even though I was trying to talk myself out of it but I knew another friend would track me down & beat me if I didn’t move it today!

Now for a shower, whip up my shake & head to work. Shoot....I could get used to staying home all day!!! #soonthatwillhappen
I love the feeling I have all day after a great sweat session. And my tight hips are currently thanking me as well!! What’s your favorite way to relieve stress??

Chocolate peppermint cookies #StressBaker #TisTheSeason

🚨🚨TMI alert🚨🚨 I have a non-functioning gallbladder & undiagnosed IBS. I also suffer from INTENSE menstrual cramps. Like miss a day of school/work each month intense.
I used to live a life planning trips based on where bathrooms where along the route & wouldn’t eat certain foods in certain company. As long as those foods stayed the same I was golden....but I honestly never knew what was going to send me sprinting & squeezing to the bathroom.
I was suppose to get my gallbladder removed & then found out I was preggers with Grae (knock on wood this hasn’t flared up since)! Living a life never knowing what foods would piss my gut off was awful. Not the life I wanted to live nor truly enjoyed but the life I was handed.
Then I was introduced to the superfoods shake & clean eating.
My first thought was “you want me to eat lettuce...I’ll live in the bathroom”!! No thanks.
But, I started drinking this stuff & cleaning up my diet. I’m not perfect, but so much better than where I was 18 months ago.
Then, for whatever reason the past 6 Weeks or so I’ve skipped drinking my shakes & my nutrition has been flat out AWFUL. Like walk by me & slap that shit out of my hand awful.
I can blame stress & several life changes but that’s no excuse really.
Well last week I had cramps like I hadn’t had in MONTHS!!! And holy crap (no pun intended) did I just get sick after eating supper.
My mood is crap, my energy is non-existent, sleep? Well that’s awful too!

My point? I know what’s working to help my body perform & feel it’s best.
It’s sending me a message loud & clear.
It’s time to listen & get my act together.
I could say the holiday’s are coming I’ll just wait.
But I can’t afford to wait. My body is SCREAMING to go back to what I was doing 6 weeks ago.
Are you ready to join me? Trust me, if you’re feeling icky....you should shoot me a message. I mean what do you have to lose? But think about what you have to gain!! Let’s thank our bodies for all we ask of them! Let’s start NOW!!!

My challenge for you this weekend is to just start.
Whatever you have been putting off for whatever reason make a point to START today.
Need to drink more water? Drink one extra glass today!

Need more fruits or veggies....grab an apple or some cucumbers.
What to work on exercising more...take the stairs or do squats during a commercial!

What to spread joy? Smile at a stranger just because!

Whatever it is just START!!!! No more excuses. Kick them to the curb.
What are you going to start today??

When an elected official flat out states that it’s more important for their party to “win” an election vs facing sexual abuse allegations....this is maddening.
When does it stop?
People wonder why victims don’t speak out? It’s because it’s not an issue.
I’m pissed....this is wrong!
As a warrior myself i will no longer stay silent.

Hey mom, can I have one of those chocolate milkshake things for breakfast?

You mean the shake that will Be your healthiest meal of the day? The one loaded with fruits & veggies & all kinds of other good stuff your growing body needs? (That was my thought)! “Absolutely buddy! One chocolate milkshake coming up for breakfast”!!! BOOM!! Got him to drink his veggies & he has no clue!!! Does your kiddo need help in the fruit and/or veggie department?

It’s amazing if you stop and think about the power of your words!

Lauren Lundberg said a simple yet so powerful word.
She said “yes”!!! Why....for herself. Not ever dreaming of the lives she was about to impact by that simple yet oh so powerful word.
Because she said “yes” to holding herself accountable to working out & changing some eating habits she ended up saying “yes” to created in hell of a powerful team.
A team of men & women who want to feel the best they have ever felt in ANY phase of their lives. Who want to help YOU feel that amazing too.
So what do you say? Are you ready to say “yes” to yourself?? I’m here to help you every step of the way. But you have to take that first step. Rip that band-aid off and message me today! Or comment a simple but powerful “YES”! below.
PS....there are many more people not pictured in the group picture! Think about that....

Let’s face it....I’m counting down til next Thursday.
I! LOVE!! FOOD!!!! I’m looking forward to party potatoes, corn pudding, pumpkin pie, stuffing, veggie trays, maybe some fruit salads...oh and turkey!!! I’m gonna try my best to behave but I also might wear yoga pants!!! 😉

So I very may “Gobble til I wobble”. That’s why I’m planning a 3 day re-fresh for Dec 1-3. To jump pack on the healthy food train before the jolly guy in red comes to visit. Just cause he’s got a bowl full of jelly doesn’t mean I need to follow suite!! So if you want to jump start your New Years resolution or just undo the wobble that is Thanksgiving message me for details. Limited time to join this group!
It’s 3 days....but it will make you feel so damn good!!! Who’s in??

Day 7 of 7. The last day of the seven #blackandwhite photo post. The last day to challenge a person. I challenge @jeungkumil. HAHA! :) •

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Some homemade scones for the office tomorrow! Cranberry orange in the front, chocolate chip coconut in the back. #notmacrofriendly #sugarbutterflour #stressbaker

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