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...D’s😋licious summer lite coleslaw salad... ANOTHER ONE... honey crisp apple, fresh corn, garlic,carrots,cabbage... every bite was crisp, flavorful and hydrating...
Let's get REAL with it ...
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☀️Watermelon salad is a perfect side dish with no oven or stove required! My favorite summer meals are those that require minimal heat. ☀️
🍉4 C cubed watermelon
🍋2 T lime juice
💜1/4 C purple onion
🌱2 T chopped cilantro

Happy #transformationtuesday ❤️
As an accountant, it’s funny how I went from wearing classy business suits to a more relaxed look. I learned this look better suits my personality and realness💁🏻‍♀️Believe it or not, the fitness industry isn’t the only one that’s saturated with good/bad information. Same story in finance. There are “bro” methods out there when it comes business as well...if ya know what I mean.😂 The finance industry pushes formal clothing, especially when you’re in college, but I’ve noticed that deeper you get into business, the less the people you work with care about what you wear. In fact, the ones that do are usually the ones with less opportunity for you.
Excuse my side rant: I didn’t like the stigma that business people brought wearing suits in some of my old jobs. I never felt as if I were myself wearing it. I know I’m not the only one here that thinks this way😳

Safety. Safety is needed in order to thrive. Do you feel safe on a daily basis? I mean really, truly safe.
I remember countless times being told about the intense relapses. Feeling like I could never tell a single soul, or it would be detrimental. I felt like I had this HUGE secret I had to carry around with me everywhere. Because of the intensity of the relapse cycles, I pretty much felt scared 24/7. Broken cars, phones being shut off, utilities shutting off, negative dollars in the account, debt collectors calling 24/7, hardly any food in the kitchen. These things were my reality and my normal for a good part of when I was married.
Guys, this isn’t normal! It was my normal though. It makes sense that I hardly ever felt safe. Of course I didn’t!
I remember having these goals and dreams of what I wanted my life to look like so badly, and wondering why the heck I couldn’t have any of it.
You can’t thrive and be successful if you are constantly in survival mode, barely scraping by. Those things that you’ve envisioned for your life, can’t start to happen until you have that basic human need of feeling safe.
Friends, if you are living in a toxic environment, constantly feeling unsafe, get yourself out of it. Talk to a friend, reach out to someone who has been through similar things. Reach out to someone you can trust. You deserve to feel safe and protected. Please don’t stay another minute feeling scared for your safety in one way or another. There is help and hope for you. You are powerful and are capable of getting yourself out of a bad situation, no matter how long it’s been going on for. Whether that be a dating relationship, or a marriage. Choose to end the toxic environment. Choose you. Choose your safety. Choose your health.

He said, “there’s no way you can lift me”....I said “watch me”!
A woman on a mission can NEVER be stopped!
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Being positive is not being fake, it's choosing not to let bad situations bring out the worst in you.
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Y’all just don’t know.

I have been working on this book since February. It’s part of a series and when I tell you that I poured my heart, soul and tears into this thing!

I got distracted.
I made things a priority that should not have been.
I got caught up in my feelings.
Life. Life. Life. And then some life.

But, I had a #GirlGang who had my back and constantly reminded me that I could do this.

So, I didn’t sleep last night. I wrote straight through to 4am, took a quick nap and was up at 7am. At exactly 2:31pm today, this baby was birthed!

Thanks so much, Sister, @angiewrites for always believing in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. Your support is invaluable.

My friend @tekoahash you always see more in my writing than I can. Thank you for introducing me to @kaahashd. Girl, your review of my sample pages transformed this book and took it to another level. I included Scriptures!

And Lord @mariathrasher_ held me all kinds of accountable talmbout “When you gonna finish that book?” To the homie @usahammerhottie thanks for making me feel like a Superstar in this process. Can you believe it’s DONE??? And guess what? Although it’s been storming over here the past few days, for just a brief moment, as soon as I finished writing, the thunder and rain stopped and the sun was shining.


Not sure what my next step will be. I don’t feel led to self-publish. But, I do know that God has placed the right people in my life “for such a time as this” so I can finally walk into what he’s call me to do!

Edit: I would be remiss if I did not thank God for the blessing that is @taiiasmartyoung! #LetsDoThis!!!!! 👊🏽

“A woman’s heart is a river runnin’ wild
Tougher than a cowboy,
Tender as a child
It’s a mystery a man can’t understand”
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