Stuck at 135 BW. Haven’t used wraps in a year and worked up to a few singles:
Chatted w/ people. Body cooled down.
Going to start squatting 2x a week again. ———————————————————
Note to Self (Ignore):
1. Using wraps to build back confidence.
2. I think I had 385 with a grind, but spotter was looking out for me so didn’t get to do all the work.
3. Distance between toes were about 18-20” apart with slight outward ~15 degree angle.
4. Belt was kind of loose. Location of holes on belt = too loose or too tight.
5. My back didn’t round with wraps @385 but rounds with sleeves @335. Leg strength correlation or breaking form to make up for weak legs?
6. Normally, my squats w/ wraps are 10# more than STrong sleeves. W/ SBD sleeves, I can’t even touch 365 atm. Does that mean I need an XS?
7. Remember to do elbow-wiggle move.
8. Legs are looking skinny. I need to get back to some bodybuilding exercises

#myC4 extreme came in today. Took 2/5 of a scoop and SHIT...that was like a full scoop of the regular c4, which I used to take 3/4 of. It’s been a while. I think my strength is returning! 🤪 #CellucorNation
Couldn’t do 274# last week. Ate 5 slices of pizza last night. Today, I probably could’ve had 295# if not for the bad spotter wasting my energy. Not his fault. I’m about two weeks behind on numbers. Let’s go ham, fam!
245P, 265, 275
285 (bad spotter)
285@9.5 (good spotter)
260x2x2.5 (arms gave out)
255x2.5 (arms gave out)
230x5x4 (arms kept giving out so working on arms and squats tomorrow.)
Shirt: @barbellelite_ @andyhuynhlifts
Gangster: @iamnoodlesthepoet

Slack pulls are normally done with a loaded bar, but if you do not want to waste time racking/unracking, just use a squat rack because the height of the lower support is about the same as a bar with 45# plates. This warmup exercise helps reduce setup time for your deadlift.
1. Position feet for conv. or sumo.
2. Grab bar and pull against supports.
3. Position the rest of your body.
4. Pull hard and hold tight for 10-15s.
5. Do a few sets. Then, do a regular deadlift. Notice the magic.
🏋🏼‍♂️ Credits: @ryantodd7 @blue_collar_bastard_ftw 🎥: @johnnyyle

4.16, 4.17, 4.23.18
My petty workout 2 weeks ago at @theprojectstrength #theprojectstrength. I can never return unless I break records at Summer Power Fest. Such a pity. 😩 Switching back to squatting with flats for the competition. Too much time needed to adjust to heels. @raychow1 @air.birinder.9314

I have signed up for my first, real powerlifting meet on June 30th taking place in Houston. I am currently behind on my numbers. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Nice to have @capitalofficial radio DJ @bensheppard93 in the cryotherapy tonight.
#Repost @bensheppard93
Chilling, literally. Minus 120. One way to cool down after the hottest day of the year! 😂😂😂

Head of AF performance @ryangibney22 taking Bala rugby player @mb_performance through some box squats and sled drags as part of his training.

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@cryoaction @trisaint

Apparently, I was supposed to win “Best Lifter Award” for my practice meet, but I guess if you’re from out of state, you don’t qualify. I soda sad...not really.
My excuses for the day:
1. Left Houston at 2AM and got to Lafayette at 5AM.
2. Still recovering from the flu.
3. Only had 300 calories throughout the day.
4. 9 days of strictly vegan food so far.
Rare sighting of Homo Sapiens: @johnnyyle @binhzo @dlloyd_ld

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