5PM workout after a 6-hour flight back home. 135 felt like 225 today. Decided to play with some paused singles with a USPA setup.
Pauses - 45/95/135/185/225/245/265
- Three singles of 275, noting that my pauses are 10-20# lighter than TNG.
- I can normally do 3 singles at 95-97%1RM
- I tell my spotters to nudge the bar instead of yanking it if it looks like I’m about to fail so I can finish the press.
Finished with heavy accessories and abs.

Quick 7AM, CST morning workout with the deadlift bar. All I remember was eating a 🍩 right before this.
Quick stretches in car and warmup.
Deadlifts: 135/135/135/185/225/275/315/365
Taking lower back pain in exchange for a quicker break off the ground with a closer stance and foot angle.
455x4 PR@10 bc of left foot on 4th rep.
Block Pulls:
405x1 (1 Min Break)
455x1 (3 Min Break)
495x4@9.9 bc of left foot.
👕: @barbellelite_

7 AM, CST Morning workout.
Trying to get some blood flowing before working as a slave 😩

Quick bench session 245x5

Releasing my new movie called “The Camblockers” next month, featuring myself and @hannahxotino. The characters go on an adventure to find answers in hopes of explaining the reasons why people walk in front of the camera.
Could it be:
1. They didn’t know there was a camera.
2. They want to be in your video.
3. They want to ruin your life and your video because you’re a weak little girl that couldn’t deadlift over 500 even though you told @dlloyd_ld you’d do it this week but you couldn’t bc you’re a peasant of the peasants.

P.S. Only half of the cast made it on screen. Tickets are now available for purchase on ticketmaster dot com.
Side note:
Does one inch movement on rack pulls get me posted onto @gymfuckery

Great to do the warm up with my boy @ashmurphy13 at #playfest for all the people taking part on the worlds largest inflatable assault course. Good times had by everyone and all for the @britishredcross which is a great cause. Even had a cheeky pint at the end 🍺 Thanks for having us 🙌🏼 @active_cheshire @afchesteruk @signal1official
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My bench progression from 45 to 295. If you pay attention to my forearms, you will see where failure begins. Something I need to work on.
Excuses for the day:
1. Adjusted my waking time from 8:30 to 5:30 AM. 4:00 AM by Monday.
2. Workout time went from 3 PM to 11:30 AM. Since the meet will start around 9:00 AM, I would like my body to get comfortable working out at that time.
3. Arms are weak from upper back workout from previous day.
👕: @officialgorillagear

5.7.18 Part 2
Video 1:
Dropped down to 355 for 2 sets of 3 reps.
Warmup for Sumo DL on leg press
Video 2:
While warming up for deadlifts, I decided to record the footage for an instructional video on why and how I set up for my sumo and conventional instead of doing sets of 5. Not sure if I will use it or record a new one.
405 - Forgot to wear my belt.
315/365 - Beltless Conventional
Foam roll and sauna
👕: @barbellelite_

5.7.18 Part 1
Video 1:
395# squat in wraps with assist from spotter just to feel the weight.
Video 2:
Stretching and warmups.
Calves, abs, hamstrings, extensions, presses
Video 3:
Shoulder stretches. Squat warmups.
Right, lower back aching from travels.
335 - Got caught on left side of rack.
365 - Same speed as last week. Decided to skip 375 to have energy for 385.
385 - RPE9.9 Spotter did not help.
👕: @barbellelite_

Fatigued kind of day. Up about 20# from last week. Lockout was lagging on deadlifts so worked on rack pulls after.
450x2 - TNG
475 - Wider stance than usual; toes out.
485 - Brought toes in a little.
495x0.5 - Stance closer & toes outward.
425x5 - TNG, tempo, & focused on form.
Random accessories and stuff:
Hip thrusts - 135/225/315x10
Conventional DL - 315x2 beltless for fun.
Squats 135/185/225/275x2x3 beltless.
Rack Pulls (Sumo & Conv.)
1. Pin #17 - 135/225/315/405/495 back started to round so raised supports.
2. Pin #16 - 315/405/495x3 beltless
3. W/ belt 585x3, 635x2.5 back rounded, 585x3, 495x3, 495x6 beltless
Front squats 135x5
Foam Roll

Stuck at 135 BW. Haven’t used wraps in a year and worked up to a few singles:
Chatted w/ people. Body cooled down.
Going to start squatting 2x a week again. ———————————————————
Note to Self (Ignore):
1. Using wraps to build back confidence.
2. I think I had 385 with a grind, but spotter was looking out for me so didn’t get to do all the work.
3. Distance between toes were about 18-20” apart with slight outward ~15 degree angle.
4. Belt was kind of loose. Location of holes on belt = too loose or too tight.
5. My back didn’t round with wraps @385 but rounds with sleeves @335. Leg strength correlation or breaking form to make up for weak legs?
6. Normally, my squats w/ wraps are 10# more than STrong sleeves. W/ SBD sleeves, I can’t even touch 365 atm. Does that mean I need an XS?
7. Remember to do elbow-wiggle move.
8. Legs are looking skinny. I need to get back to some bodybuilding exercises

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