Throwback when these 2 beasts killed REPZ game 🦍🙌
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@marc_anthonny_youssef is working hard for summer 😎🔥 He’s been training for 3 months in our academy💯
Its just the beginning 🙌
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Welcoming the great weather like 💪☀️ @lebanesecalisthenicsacademy 🌍

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life..⠀

As you can see I failed 80Kg dip on March 26.. Focused for 2 weeks straight on 40Kg DeadStops Dips and 50Kg Dips.⠀

Then after 21 days I tried 80Kg and did it on April 16. ⠀

I am aiming for more.. Just want to share the progress.
Rebuilding my pushing strength🔥
(I’ll be back to 90kg x 3 reps)

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With constancy and perseverance we all get the great results expected, which correspond not so much to the victories themselves, but rather to the progressive discovery of our limits. Follow now @the_god_of_fitness #dorsali #activelife #beasts #streetworkoutpromotion #streetworkouts #eatcleaningfoods #fitnessaddicted #fitnessfreaks #fitspo #getmovinghavefun #healthylifestyles #instadailypic #instafitnessmotivation #lifestyles #wellnes

#Throwback when our team had a show at @daltoncityfestival 💥

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I still have a long way to go..

But I’m already so far from where I used to be..

And I’m proud of that.

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The amount of reps shown in the video are for advanced level. Must be repeated for 5 sets.

For Intermediate level:
30 Push ups
10 Dips + 15 Kg
15 Triceps Extensions
10 Close grip bench dips
Repeat for 5 sets
For Beginners:
10-15 push ups
10 Dips (Bodyweight)
10 Triceps extensions
10 Close grip bench dips
Repeat for 4-5 sets
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One arm handstand by our champ @nadim__germanos 💪🙌 JOIN THE FAM @lebanesecalisthenicsacademy 🌍

Crazy Workout By Our Beast @halim_tannous 😨💪😱 Join The Family @lebanesecalisthenicsacademy 🌍

@streetworkout_bulz Pulling and Pushing static strength 🔥🔥

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