Does he looks like a Vespa rider?

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A sunset is proof that good things come with goodbyes.

Typical Taiwanese market view.
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It was never the same

Roll player. 🌿🌿 @thedannywilliams
Thank you @art_gangatl @andrewoconnor_artgang ❤️ for supplying the props! All the weapons 🔫 and cash 💰 are not real FYI:) and @dormilong for lending the sexy coche! 🚙


It wasn’t in this or that, here or there, her now and your soon, that she held faith and concourse in; she simply absurdly despairingly amazingly had not one thing to be desired or worthy enough to be called upon, things in which people find comfort in labeling or speak purpose in possessing, and but yet she lifted her ache in the mornings and ran dry it to it’s bitter triumphant of a closing. / 2017

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