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H Cafe!! @supabaiku line up.
Wanna rode with us ? DM me !!

Haha mais quelle idée j'ai eue !!! (Sur route fermée je précise) #StreetTripleR

Flashing back to when I bought a bike and had a hell of a time riding 8,000 miles cross country. Riding in all kinds of weather and temps. Nothing like 90° in Times Square at 11pm or a humid 85° at 5am in Memphis,TN. In the end though, the adventure was totally worth it 🏍🏕 #Montana #Triumph #StreetTripleR #RoadTrip #Sunsets

Top: Stock - Bottom: @competitionwerkes slip-on. Think it's lighter!?! Wahoo!! #projectbike #triumph #streettriple #streettripler

Optimal riding conditions, weather, and roads so close to home! Oh wait...Got about 6 miles down this crazy ridge road to find a locked gate. Oh well. Follow the curvy routes all the time and this is what you end up with. Any bike is an adventure bike if you treat it like one. Have tons of video from this. Will come back with the WR250. Next stop, home! #triumph #streettripler #mototravel #advrider #ktiega


Fin de préparation tardive, mais ca y est, c'est terminé! Prêt à prendre la route demain après midi pour rejoindre les potes du BTR sur le circuit de Magny-Cours pour ma 1ère journée de roulage depuis l'espagne et le circuit d'Aragon, le 1er également avec cette moto. 😀🚀 #triumph #streettripler #trackday #circuit #motorcycle

💥#Supabaiku Hastings Run💥 - 2PM - @acecafelondon_official - Leaving 2:30PM Sharp!! Any questions, comment below - @supabaiku 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 The Supabaiku team are planning to chill in Hastings for most the afternoon/evening, get food etc and just relax. Anyone is welcome, but we are partly using the motorway 😎😎

Practice photo-shoot of the STR at Skye lookout.

Just installed the SHiFT Dynamics quickshifter on the triple and F*ck Me !
It's totally come alive and feels like I just scored an additional 18-20hp! The thing pulls more than a teenage boy left at home with the internet and a fresh box of tissues!!
Seriously though, for $130 if you Street owners don't get on this, then you need your freaking head read! - Pics because I cleaned it, so it'll probably rain now :/

H Cafe!! @supabaiku line up.
Wanna rode with us ? DM me !!

#wheeliewednesday do I book a wheelie school or just trial and (possibly very expensive) error it??

Getting the two out to play together 🙌 #mybabies

part 3 of 3 !! the bike kings rideout!! don't forget the @supabaiku Hastings ride is this Sunday!! DM myself or @supabaiku to let us know you are coming...ill come and say hello! 🤙🤙

Ready for scrubbing in.
#metzler #roadtec01 #streettripler

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