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"Momma prayin got me thru the roughest years"... #StreetSurvivor

Haciendo cumbre con la Dolores 🚲. Fiel compañera de ruta y de porrazos. #bronceadodeciclista #ciclistafurioso #summer #urbanlife #streetsurvivor

2/3 Dolci推出慈善月餅小兔禮盒套裝,內有手工奶黃月餅兩盒,以及來自印度西孟加拉非牟利婦女組織Street Survivor的傳統針織小兔一隻,而5%收益將撥捐婦女基金會。


Blood test, dental and more for Wyatt, aka Bare Belly. 3/9/17 He would have had his dental sooner, but he was too frail. I had to fatten him up some first to handle anesthesia. I got him 2/24/17. Two weeks of eating several times a day. Royal canin ad recovery food only. He was a stinker about that! #CelebratingLife #newlife #cats #kittens #coicommunity #communitycats #Changing1Life #LifeWithCats #ShelterSurvivor #StreetSurvivor #TeamWyatt #deathrow #survivor #ItTakesAVillage

From 1977, Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Street Survivors". My first Lynyrd Skynyrd album. I always loved their sound but never bought any. This has "What's Your Name" and "That Smell". Good album! #lynyrdskynyd #streetsurvivor #vinylcollector #vinyl #vinyljunkie #vinyligclub

So yesterday I got to check off an item on my bucket list, visit the famous "3614 Jackson Highway" Recording studio aka the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio run by "The Swampers." Here many would drop to by to have these "hit recorders" play on their tracks.. probably the most prominent-- The Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar" and "Wild Horses" from the album "Sticky Fingers." Yesterday, I found out that my favorite Skynyrd album "Street Survivor" was recorded there too. The Swampers influenced music history throughout their 9 year run at the studio. So let's talk about these pics: the first one is me holding Sticky Fingers in front of the building, the second is Cher's cover album that was recorded in this famous studio (see Sonny wearing a Bear Bryant shirt if that's any relevance to you 🤷🏼‍♀️), the third pic is me sitting at the original piano where the greats such as Rod Stewart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and so many more cut singles (the first few verses of "Free Bird" were written on that piano, no big deal), the fourth pic is me sitting at the sound bar that was owned by Chet Akins (not the original one that was in the studio but it's probably even more incredible than the one they had before, I mean Chet Akins ...), the fifth pic is the sound studio 😱, the sixth is me and @gabriellat standing outside before we literally were almost killed (not being dramatic, it actually almost happened), the seventh pic is of the world famous sign that labels Muscle Shoals the hit recording capital of the world (which yes at the time it was over 75 hits came from this studio, and there are two others that recorded just as much and even more), the eighth is the pic of the receipt given to The Rolling Stones for the cut of "Wild Horses" and the ninth pic is me awkwardly standing in the door way of the bathroom where legend states Keith Richards finished the song and the last pic is a piano that has been used by in many sessions including Rod Stewart and The Black Keys "Brothers" album
. .
#musichistory #musiclover #muscleshoals #vinylcommunity #vinyligclub #vinyl

Thank you to the following people for their donations. @galpatty @otto_von_katze and @beefstew34 for the food. @tracy for the hammocks. If I forgot someone I'm sorry. There were some cash donations as well. Will list those separately. So grateful to all of you. #fooddonations #donatefood #savethefelines #savethecats #deathrow #survivor #streetsurvivor #feralcats #feralfriends #ourvoicetheirlives #kittens #kittykabin #Changing1Life #catloversclub #catlover #rescuecatlife #IWantAFamily #INeedAMommy #AreYouMyDad #family

We gotta do a regramm of this handsome hound MILO who was rescued by Mia (@balidogphotography) and helped heal with donated @kindogfood and foster love by Jafar!
MILO was found walking the street aimlessly with hardly any hair and a broken leg! Mia reached out for help and so his healing story began 🙏🏻
MILO spent several months at out sister project @thebalidoghalfwayhouse where he waited for his forever home, but alas, his princess rescuer decided she would keep him! It was fate!
Adopt don't shop where ever you are in the world.
Because every rescue mission is possible!

A freshly groomed Shaun ❤️🐩
#houndsofhoperescue #shaunthepoodle

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