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Observing the weekend festivities like... (Ya’ll know I had to strike this pose at one point or another.) #pakuher #fashionblogger #styleblogger #fashion #style #fashionfeature #streetstyledaily #hmong #shorthairdontcare #allblack #blackonblack #zara #michaelkors #fashionista

Planning a relaxing day out with friends? Yesterday my friend and I went to @botabotamtl to enjoy Nordic Baths💕. It's a 10-15 minute session in the dry sauna (what the sauna does is that raise your body temperature, dilate pores and flush out toxins). The next part was to dip into the cold baths (it was so cold!) to get your heart pumping and close your pores. And then we went stretching out in one of the many relaxation areas😌. It was so relaxing and enjoyable! I can feel my skin softer and my muscles relaxed. Benefits--> assists in the elimination of toxins, helps restore skin elasticity and tone, stimulates the cardiac system, improves circulation, reinforces the immune system by promoting white blood cell production and releases stress and tension (my favorite). What's your favorite spa treatment? #happyweekend !

Denim jackets have probably become my favorite item to wear. I love how customizable they are. 💖 Each one tells a story.
What would your dream jacket look like?

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مد ،فشن و بيوتي نميتونه و نبايد محدود به يك كشور يا منطقه باشه ،براي كساني كه در ايران زندگي ميكنند محدوديت هايي براي استايل هاي خيابوني وجود داره كه من فكر ميكنم اگه با وجود اين محدوديت ها بتونيم خوب بپوشيم اوج هنر ماست ...
مانتوها و پالتوهاي خط دار گزينه بسيار مناسبيه كه توي بهار ميونه خطهاي ظريف صورتي و سبز داشته باشه ...زيبايي اين مانتوها به آزادي اونها يا همون oversize بودنشونه .شلوارهاي فاق بلند تركيب بسيار خوبي با اين مانتوهاست ...كيف و كفش رو ميتونيد با سليقه خودتون و همينطور فصل تنظيم كنيد ...
در اين عكس كيف و كفش هر در از برند Chloe هست و البته از كالكشن ٢٠١٦/٢٠١٧ كه به خاطر ظرافتش و استقبال زياد طرفداران مد ماندگاري پيدا كرده⚜️⚜️
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