Here’s our NYC subway map and bridge Tee.

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thank you for 900 followers babies omg!!🙈♥️😛
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Aquí una colección de LOS bolsos DEL Verano!☀️👛👜 ¿Cuál escogerías?!

Sipping or spilling tea? ☕️...

Wandering around with camera is my second favorite passe-temps only to getting myself drunk(oh nothing beats that). I pick an area, say, hmmm today I'll go check out this quartier and let my gut take care of the rest. If I was not in an exploring mood, I loop my go-to places where I might've been a hundred times and have just as much fun. The buildings and the streets aren't moving but people are, which is all that matters. So ready to go out and witness how those embodiments of Montreal spirit slaying the city? Hmmm I already smell the chemistry.


made in venezuela.

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