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Opera di @alicecaldarella foto di @aninhas79

Artwork & Photo #Repost by NEMOs @whoisnemos
San Berillo is an historic district in the center of Catania. Today, the majority of these homes are uninhabited and often abandoned. In the 50s San Berillo became the red-light district of the city and nowadays it’s a very closed area avoid by the majority of people.
Some prostitutes have resisted the demolition in the 50s and now they live here with migrants, pushers and the new generation of prostitutes.
They are women about 60/70 years old that have lived the history of the districts and its trasformations. They are “consenting” prositutes and have chosen their profession. This women work jet, they stay outside home and wait their customers. The “historic” prostitutes are the real landlord of this district.
San Berillo is ignored and ghettoized by the citizens of Catania and so this area undergoes continuous speculative attacks.
Res Publica Temporanea temporanea is a collective from Catania that, from about four years, organizes interesting social projects. "Red Line Distreet" is one of this great project and it realized without permits or authorizations but only with the consent of the inhabitants. It’s gave life to the streets of this ignored district. the collective has invited many artists to paint on the walled doors in San Berillo, in this way all the pieces, inspired by the social context, constitute a sort of outdoor permanent exhibition.
I’ve rapresented a naked woman, a prostitute. The common ideology says that the dress describe the person that use its. I’ve reasoned on the idea of dress and work uniform that can distinguish a prostitute.
I wondered what is the dress of these women.
Substantially the dress of a prostitute is her own skin, her own body. I’ve rapresented the skin with buttons as if it were something to be dressed. Then thinking about what there is under this skin I’ve decided to represented the woman while unbuttons her skin and so under the dress we can see an heart.
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Opera di @alicecaldarella foto di @aninhas79

Nell'Ottobre scorso ho intrapreso un viaggio tra il sud Italia e la Tunisia dipingendo in varie cittá. Questo mio lavoro realizzato a Catania è finito inaspettatamente in questa guida alla ''Street Art in Sicilia'' #oniro #streetart #southitaly #suditalia #southerncolors #streetartcatania #streetartsicilia #streetartitaly #streetartsanberillo #catania #sanberillo #guida #spray #spraycanart #wallpainting #ruinedwall #ruins #italianstreetart #sicily #oldwoman #urbanart #book

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