Why is it that life seems so complicated sometimes? We often want or try to be this imaginary perfect image of ourselves.

But the truth is the beauty of YOU is exactly what ISN’T the perfect image of you. The you who snorts when you laugh or the you with 75 double chins when you accidentally open the selfie camera(happens to the best of us sister.)

I met some amazing people from all around the world last night at @influencer.collective & we were discussing how important it is to share & promote what you LOVE. Share your truth. Share your quirks & passions. DO YOU, unapologetically.

Focus on what you LOVE & you will surely manifest more of it. I continually am amazed at the true power of leading with YOUR HEART on and off the gram. I promise to stay true to myself here in these weird little squares of social media & IRL. I encourage you to do the same!

Fun fact: I was born with a little unibrow! #fridawatchout What is a funny quirk about you most people don’t know? 😜🎉💃🏻✨#doyouboo #icbristol #ensusiasm

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