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Out in Boston.

I posted this piece a couple of years ago. However, this photo by @thildem is epic, and is worthy of a repost!

#streetartists: Nychos
#streetart title: Translucent #Medusa
where: #Aalborg #Denmark

#who is the #global #artist: Nychos is an artist and #illustrator from #Austria from #Vienna. His interest in anatomy has greatly influenced his artwork. The #Austrian combines a #cartoon style illustration with an exploded view drawing technique to create intriguing and often larger-than-life #murals. Nychos is also the founder of the art collective and art space Rabbit Eye Movement (REM). He is also one of ten members of The Weird crew, founded in 2011. His work is found around the world in #Germany #SanFrancisco #LosAngeles #Miami #Berlin and many others. Check out and make sure you follow @nychos


website: http://nychos.tumblr.com


And where else can you see magic even on the road, no matter how in Florence?
И где ещё можно увидеть магию даже на дороге, как ни во Флоренции?
«Рисунок, который иначе называют искусством наброска, есть высшая точка и живописи, и скульптуры, и архитектуры» Микеланджело Буонаротти

Dali by @kobrastreetart Murcia, Spain
. . .
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#Repost @naturellementblonde_ #MTLstreetart
Tomber sur ce joli street art en se baladant 😍

you know that you're in #paris when you come across of a really big #spaceinvader @invaderwashere; #parisstreetart #pa_1295 #pistojainparis #pistojainfrance


I recruited some generals for my heartbomb army. This is General McHappy They were always sad. Nobody ever wanted to hire them because they were depressed and found it really hard to leave the house some of the time. They were an excellent piggy and had won many prestigious ribbons in their time. They always felt like if they could just work whenever they could and not when they had too they could be a really productive team member and an asset to any employer. But nobody believed them. So they stayed at home and cried. They now works for us whenever they chose too and our farm has never looked better!! We sold 700 pounds of apples this year at the market.
So proud to have you on our team!! Welcome!!!! 🎂🎂🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🍦🍦🍦💟💟🍄💘

🍓For far too long I let others tell me how to feel... my parents, my teachers, my friends, my boss, my culture, my society.... I would look outwards to them to help me write my narrative. I would read articles telling me how to feel, how to process my feelings, how to think about things...it never stopped. So much anxiety!! ..if I did something wrong I would automatically take all the blame...for 42 long years I did this. 💘I am an artist so I am a pretty sensitive person, the last thing in the world I want to do is hurt or offend anyone. I think about others feelings constantly. But sometimes by accident I do hurt someone and when that happens I am mortified. I panic. I want to just throw up all the horrible feelings of shame I am experiencing. I beat myself up and take all the blame. If something went wrong, it's probably my fault somehow so I better figure it out and make it better pronto. And then I put my life on hold until I can make it better. This also usually involves me beating myself up for not being a good enough person for days, weeks, even months. 🌈 However when other people needed defending, or forgiveness, or encouragement or love I gave oodles and oodles of it! I was/am the cheerleader of all cheerleaders. I was always able to and did defend others. Just never myself. That does not happen anymore. I write my own mother fucking narrative. I decide how to feel about things by asking myself " Hey Heartbomb how do you feel about things?" and then I figure it out by... oh I dunno.... feeling!! Then I start interviewing myself about my feelings. I ask a lot of questions of myself. I then read a lot or watch a ton of documentaries to learn more. Then I start talking to people about it to get their perspectives... never the other way around. I check in first and feel. Then I think. Then I share and get feedback only once I am secure in how I am feeling. Only during this stage can I handle others opinions. Once my feelings are dealt with. . Then I re-evaluate my position. Then I put the finishing touches on it and tadaaaa I understand my feelings and can now decide what to do. And that's how I write my own narrative. 💋💋

Bitme guzel tatli mis kokulu haftasonu
Hic gitme, gel kal enikonu
Rahat ettiriz seni bulup bir yolunu
Agirlariz esini dostunu soyunu sopunu 🎈

Someone spotted one my Lücky Gnomës.
•▪• Lucky gnome graphart stencilart luckygnome lincolnpark

Someone spotted one my Lücky Gnomës.
•▪• Lucky gnome #graphart #stencilart #luckygnome #lincolnpark

📷 @eka.street.art
Visitate la sua bellissima galleria
🎨 @afk_artworks
Foto scelta da: @solimano1
Segui @streetartorbis
Tagga #streetartorbis
F/A: @solimano1 @seatester
📷 #streetartorbis_ekastreetart
🎨 #streetartorbis_afk_artworks

#street #streetart #streetarts #streetartsf #artstreet #streetartist #streetartistry #streetartists #urbanart #urbanarts #urbanartist #urbanartistry #streetartphotography #spraypaint #artecallejero #graffart #travelphoto #murales #sprayart #graffiti #muralesart #publicart #mural #bridgeovertroubledwater #norway #bergenstreetart #streetartphotography

This picture was taken by @wrdwld the night after our first date (which started at udaberri & cuckoo and ended up at sugar). We skated to the beach with hangovers and talked about our dreams and how crazy it was we had never met. I played blackbird on his guitar and we wondered about the ocean, the stars and the big space (how cliche). We have not spent a day apart since and now four years later we are still talking about space, the ocean and the stars. We have become activists together, worked on our dreams 'together' and have enabled each other in the most positive ways; more imaginable than we could of ever thought. Now 4 years later we are about to go into partnership to open a business where we can write songs and make art about the ocean, the stars and the big space! Life is good. @cultandharper 🌹

I recruited some generals for my heartbomb army. This is General Muzzlemouth who has recently retired from a lucrative carreer in talking when he should have been listening. He is looking forward to spending more time listening and, learning. He isn't ready to lose the muzzle yet so don't call the cops ok?! He told us he would let us know when the time was right. . . So proud to have you on our team!! Welcome!!!! 🎂🎂🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🍦🍦🍦💟💟🍄💘
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Repeat after me... I will not criticize others .... I will offer feedback. I will offer support. I will help the person improve... but I will not judge or criticize anymore 💘... How the hell are we ever going to get a real heart revolution going if we can't get along? Huh?! Be kind. Be honest. Be helpful. Be firm. But don't judge and criticize. It ain't helping and guess what it's gonna do? It's going to make people give up and quit. . We judge. We criticize. We say it's for someone's own good. Somehow we feel the need to school people .. Well I have been teaching kids and adults for 25 years and I can assure you that using encouragement, honest feedback, support and kindness will not only make a person better at whatever it is they are trying to do, but it will. also make them a better, kinder, more loving person.. And isn't that kinda the whole point?
It's easy if you want to stop behaving in a judgemental way .... Just make an effort to notice how much you do it... Observe yourself. Watch yourself. Don't criticize it or judge yourself. Stop that dialogue and just observe it. After awhile you will naturally stop doing it because you will have studied it and understood it. When you criticize and judge yourself you bring emotion into it. Its hard to change when emotions are so intense. So detach yourself by observing. We all judge, self sabotage, act like assholes, feel like loosers, have huge egos, say mean things, fall in love, want to punch people, feel sadness, feel anxiety etc.. You aren't special. So stop thinking your feelings are bigger or more important that others are. We all have intense feelings because we are human so accept it, get used to it and learn to manage and understand them. This works for every behaviour you want to change. It's It's easy to do and it works. My therapist taught me this very easy technique and my husband and I use it all the time now. Feelings are normal. Stop being afraid of them they are just information. Face yourself and change. Judging others or ourselves just ain't cool anymore. Heartbomb out... Xo

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