I felt very overstimulated in this city in the best kind of way. My eyes would just keep bouncing around.

After a little over two weeks in Thailand, we're finally headed to Myanmar. We didn't do enough planning and missed the flights we had booked to Myanmar a few days ago because we didn't have visas. We needed to buy flights to Bangkok to visit the embassy to rush our visas before buying new flights to Myanmar. Sometimes not planning is incredible, but sometimes you get bit. We definitely got bit but these last two days in Bangkok have been incredible. Thailand has been our therapist, our teacher, our officiant and our comedic relief. It took us three neighborhoods to find a place we loved and now we realize that we've just scratched the surface. Thanks for the lessons, Thailand 🙏🏻

Well hello there, Florence 👋🏼

It was in my best interest to find a partner who loves to carry things haha I always want to pack a lot and then get so tired of carrying it but this man never minds carrying the load. Swoon. Also, every structure we eat/drink/stay in has me dreaming of what our life is going to look like in Atlanta. It's so weird leaving home and not knowing what the home looks like that you're going back to. But today I can dream about a greenhouse 🌿

Brace yourself for all of the canal photos because I'm totally smitten 🚤

We made it to Italy! ✌🏼🍷🍕 The official honeymoon begins!

Jonathan has become so proud of his own Polish heritage. I think my favorite part of this trip has been sharing that with Jonathan and watching as he falls in love with this place on his own terms.

A quick breakfast every morning here each morning with the Wilsons 🍳

@bexwrecks, I really need to get a good red coat 😍

It's amazing to walk around and realize how much churches in Kraków actually reminds us of churches in Guatemala. Sometimes places in this world aren't as different as we originally imagined. This street scene is a block away from city center.

As we walk around these streets I can't help but to imagine my mom walking around here when she was in university. ✨

When we finally noticed we were hungry, it was midnight. The sun had only recently set so we had no clue it was that late. We asked someone in our neighborhood where to find food and he told us that every Sunday night there is a concert in the old factory. If we just walked down hill, crossed the river and then followed the live music we would eventually find a Thai woman cooking food under the stairs. Surprisingly the directions were perfect and led us here 🍜

On the way to the islands

This building really is fascinating. You can walk all over the roof. Jon and I tripped about three times each but it was stunning (and also a lovely place for an afternoon sun baked cat nap). What's crazy to me is how many cranes are all over the city. It looks like many new buildings are popping up, one of which is a new Munch Museum. 🤗

This might as well be a self portrait of Jon and me in twenty years. Maybe more realistically in five years...

Angry bird 📸 #fujifilm_id

Ketika senja datang,mentari pun menghilang
Dan ketika kau datang maka kerinduan yang kutahan segera menghilang
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