When you see a fork in the road, take it!! When you see a fork in the river, uhhh, take a picture? PC: @andrew_timoshin
We hope you all were able to #takeahike today!! And enjoy some unique views, not unlike this one. Whether you did or you didn’t, the next time you’re out there, make sure to tag us. #StrayTgthr
Editor’s Note: (You know, it’s probably the same fork)

Blue Skies and mushy waves 🌊 #straytgthr

Haven’t been creating much this week...just working a ton and making some plans. It’s been good but I miss creating and especially miss my photography tutorials. A new one will be coming tomorrow for sure though. Thank you all for 4000 followers. Pretty neat. These shots are from earlier this year when I summitted Mt Adams. Much love XOXO

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By the light of the river, we wish a Sunday funday to all! Don’t get lost because this is not how you hold a compass. Remember to tag us! #StrayTgthr 🍂🌊


Autumn, a peaceful uplifting inspiration.
PC: @hungqta
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#StrayTgthr 🍁🌲

We love this shot of the Lyre River in @olympicnationalpark By @steelheadgal 📸👍 The colors may be lost in translation but these iridescent currents reach a calming green. You all have any escapades planned for the weekend? Quick or otherwise? Let us know and tag us!! #StrayTgthr 🌊🌲

“Morning fog drifting and lifting,” clear blues to turn you right around, And that forest just booms, the adventure begins!
Elk LAkes Provincial Park, BC
PC and quote: @mrbronjames
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We don’t hire models, like most of you we’re just really attractive people who love the outdoors, and the arts. And adventure.
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Model: @nahom_p 📸 @genayab.photo

Have you tried looking cool in our gear? It’s really hard not to. Exhibit A 👆And it’s way more fun. Our all-time best seller next to Spaceman, the Roam Raglans Always up for the Next great Adventure. Maybe even before you are 😂 Versatile and online now. Find it up at the link in our bio. And don’t forget to tag us! #StrayTgthr 🌲🍁⛰

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