A straw art festival is held annually in Niigata, which is very famous as the place of production of rice in Japan.
In September last year it celebrated its tenth time and various works were exhibited.
The material is only the framework tree and straw. Even all the strings for connecting straw and straw are made of straw.
Since it is on Youtube that shows the state as a movie, please watch a movie first.

It's truly amazing that all these are made of straw.
The delicacy of the work is amazing, but its size is also very big,
It is a huge straw art with a total length of 10 m and a height of 5 m.

It seems that it is making skeletons with many trees so that the tree of the framework does not break by the weight of the straw.
If you say that it is just making art, nothing you do with this, it may be so,
I can feel the soul of "professional" to them.
Since it is held every September, I hope to see what this year's work will be!
It is a bit far to go from Osaka to Niigata, so it may be difficult to go soon,
Someday I want to go see this straw art!

Spotted this art using plastic straws creating a 3D effect. At least these straws have some purpose and hopefully won’t end up in the ocean. #plasticpollution #plasticispoison #nostrawplease #strawart #strawartphotography

This guy is weaving the straw to make a little home for chickens. A talent passed down thru the generations.
#belmullet #heritageday #ireland🍀 #weaving #craftsman#erris #forgottentreasures #talented #strawartphotography#heritageireland #visitmayoireland#wildatlanticway #mayoireland #irelandimages

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