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Earning this shirt by talking to these legs! 20 miles this morning, but it was tough. At mile 12, I wanted to quit. Then again at mile 16. 😜 But then I asked my legs. They talked back and said "We are fine. Keep going." Encouraged, from there until the end, I kept checking in with those legs, when my mind told me it was getting tough. They could keep going. My mind clearly wanted to quit before my body. The mind is a muscle too, but not all of me. I kept remembering a quote from one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle, "The voice inside my head, is not who who I am. I am the one who sees that." 😊


Love this comfy shirt from @goneforarun They have the perfect gifts for runners! For 15% off your total purchase, use promo code "JENNA15" πŸ‘πŸΌ

It was good to get some sun on the legs yesterday, they certainly need it. Today it was back to full winter kit for the commute to work #lategram #ridelife #giantbikesaus

@tsh_women + @amelia.strong, 99.99% win... Ok the combo produces πŸ’― win.
This is a new one, available now.
#kitwatch #tenspeedhero #ameliastrong


Still love the old @rapha supercross jerseys. They've aged very well...much like @breakaway12 πŸ‘‘

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