#truetalk #straightfromtheheart #gathsygallery Your answer is the enemy's defeat particularly when you start living what you believe knowing who you are.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.... Push harder πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ _____________________________________________
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When your son tells you that he's going to get a tattoo in memory of his grandfather - your father - on #fathersday... My son never knew my father as an able-bodied, speaking man. He only knew him post-catastrophic stroke. .
It broke my heart that my children would never know my father as he *was." But I would learn, moment by moment, that they would make their own way. My son learned how to throw a ball to "Grandpa's good arm." When he would ask for a snack, he'd ask for one for his grandfather, too. Many years later, he would join his sister in taking turns caregiving for his grandfather - giving him meds, taking him for walks in his wheelchair, doing puzzles with him, giving him meals... .

The last time my children, husband and I were in a room with my father, my father was so joyous to be with us! He also seemed to see "Invisibles" in the room, joining us, who brought him additional joy, and peace. .
I know my family's Story very well, and I am beyond grateful to see and feel that my family, and in particular my son, on this day, knows it, too, straight from the heart. .
Blessings, love, and gratitude to my beloved father, and to my husband, daughter, son, and brother, who bore impeccable witness to my father's protracted death, and who continue to honor my father in so many deeply meaningful ways. Dad/Grandpa *saw* you when he was here, and I know he sees you now. I believe he is well pleased, and that his love abides. ❀️ .

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@lexthehexmaster is killing it again!
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A picture I didn't know existed until recently with my only hero and only person from my lifetime I imitate. People that knew my Grandfather who died 7 years before my conception would say I even more so have ways of his.
But they are both dead.
Every single male on my paternal bloodline on my way up is dead. There are none beside me. None below me.
I had to watch my only hero get killed right in front of my own eyes.
And what's worse I didn't understand what was happening at the time and didn't even understand any of all of this until just recently.
So all my heroes or dead. And the genocide of my linage will be completed if they kill me too.
So I treat life that way.
I give love because that's all I've got. God made me give up EVERYTHING else.
And without that, no material makeup to compensate for my adversities, financial shortcomings, or deemed status by society's standards, you get the realist most concentrated version of love in me that can ever be found on the planet. I stopped dating and physically went celibate almost 7 years ago just to see if anybody can love me like I love me.
I have LITERALLY had to watch my hero have to die trying to love me.

It would be hard for anybody to one up that.
But I'll die trying.
Because I'm better than that.
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Love, it could be the strangest feeling in the world, could be the best or the worse feeling and sometimes the most dangerous feeling.

Love, could make one cry, laugh suffer or even die
Before I die, at least let me know if I actually lived in love or just stayed wait without knowing.

For love makes us blind to the truth, blind to our suffering and the fact that we have only been waiting in love instead of loving.

So "dis moi," yes, it's French, let me show myself small, use Google translate to understand the French my heart speaks here.
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Dis moi

Aishathestoryteller @2018

#truetalk #straightfromtheheart #gathsygallery We celebrate you!πŸ™‹

#truetalk #straightfromtheheart #gathsygallery Doubt your fears and don't allow unbelief steal your joyful faith for a better tomorrow as we step into a new week of greater things..🚢

De mis cantantes favoritos @bryanadams aquΓ­ recordando un rato los β€˜80s. #straightfromtheheart Sorry Mr. Adams I messed up the lyrics at the end but hey, it still kinda works. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

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