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Harley Davidson Breakout
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Danke ah @buendnerbike_harley_gr_sg wo da mögli gmacht het!!!😍

Klasselager 2k18, isch schön gsi🏔🏡 #klassenlager #stoss #bestie #2k18

Located in the South Texas Sand Sheet, the East Foundation’s El Sauz Ranch has some good examples of both migrating and stabilized dune systems. When you look at an aerial image of El Sauz, it is apparent that the southeastern two-thirds of the property is a patchwork of stabilized dunes scarred by the movement of migrating dunes blown northwestward by prevailing southeastern winds. The front end of these migrating dunes, known as the “lee side”, is continually encroaching on the mixed live oak-mesquite woodlands to the northwest. Migrating dunes are mostly a mass of pure sand without much stabilizing vegetation. Migrating dunes in the sand sheet can be quite large – for example, several migrating dunes at El Sauz are more than 250 acres in size. When wind speeds exceed a threshold velocity of about 6.2 mph, the top layer of fine dry sand is transported upward along the windward side of the dune (the “stoss”). This only occurs down to the level of damp sand. Once grains go over the crest of the dune, gravity takes over and the sand cascades down the lee side of the dune. In this fashion, the front of these dunes can move at a rate of 8 to 10 feet per year. This windmill is shown in the first photo during the Winter of 2013, with the crest of the dune approximately 50 feet from the windmill. By the Spring of 2018 (second photo), the windmill was overtaken, and the crest was within 8 feet of the windmill. #eastfoundation

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