At first travel leaves you speechless,
And then it turns you into a #storyteller
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Modern men and women are birthed divided. Cast an iron on any hand that betray the oath. The oath of man has killed and stained the dirt with blood of gold. Don’t hold within the secret we hide for leaving the past a sin. The blind eye witnesses no lie if future promises of affluence. The influence of perpetuated wisdom from cloaked tongues keeps the ponders controlled. Don’t dare question the almighty sovereignty or surely you’ll end up in chains. They’ve stricken down for land and stolen men made castles from dirt. The blood of wars fought for pride enslaves the minds of loyal fools. The future will show, even if perceived slow, that karma’s aim is an impeccable reign. Rain feeds our soul and calms the woes but stories of truth remains stowed. History reflects perfection of no regret in language designed to deceive vulnerable minds. So i sayeth, unto you, unlearned lies opens an eye that the mind has yet to see. Albeit, we remain tangled in chains of forgotten ill will and monstrosities. Stand for love in moments of hate and negate indoctrination of blasphemy. -SoulWiseiii

Llegamos a este plano cero kilómetros, nuestros cuerpos al igual que todo lo demás "es flexible". Y traemos un recuerdo ancestral, un legado que nos regalamos antes de venir aquí. Antes de regresar.
Cuando reconocemos que tenemos dones espirituales o dones (en la niñez) ayuda mucho que los padres crean, que permitan y que no juzguen. Por lo menos a mí me sucedió. Tuve esa fortuna, me creyeron.
Era fácil hacerlo, ellos dos creían con más práctica que Fe en la existencia de lo invisible. No había predica, sobraba discreción pero existía pura acción. Con todo y equivocaciones. Sin señalar, dejando ser a los demás en sus creencias, jamás escuché de sus bocas exclusiones. Más bien ayudando si se podía, así eran ellos dos.
Pero igual me enseñaron a apartarme de mi misma, cómo decirle a los demás que era capaz de ver los finales? Si ellos mismos salieron corriendo la primera vez, porque superaba a su maravillosa intuición con detalles impresionantes.
Y si! Por lo menos yo, creo que todos formamos parte de la misma manada, y que venimos buscándonos en la tierra para seguir siendo familia. Para seguir aprendiendo otra vez juntos.
Y aunque había visto lo suficiente y tuve mis propias experiencias, incluyendo la partida de ellos dos, pude despedirles. Allí supe guardar la discreción que me enseñaron, con ellos mismos. "Porque las señales son sagradas".
Gratificante es estar hasta el final, "decisión" y una bendición poder decirle al amado adiós aunque sea con una mirada, o un vete de una vez y vete tranquilo, es maravilloso.
Pero también lo podemos hacer a distancia.
Lo único que hace falta es expandirnos y creer.
Esto no es exclusivo, ningún don lo es, lleva su trabajo, entre otras cosas el ser rechazado y no saber qué hacer para ponerlo siempre al servicio; porque para eso es que se nos dan. Y dirían los científicos requiere de formación.
Y así es!
Porque ningún herrero produce arte sin fatigarse, y si se trata de forjar como lo hace todo lo que pasa por el fuego, hay que buscar. Ser constantes, amorosos, honestos y respetuosos.
Cono-cimiento que deja atrás lo añejo, el ego y la separación. A-prender de los mejores.
Continúa 👇🏽

Just wanted to feed a little bit of Arizona vibes to you all!! LOL music playing in my car is good but doesn’t go with the serenity and spirituality of this place 😊 ————————————————————————————————————————————————-
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Pelangi itu indah.
Tapi apa yang terjadi jika mereka bertengkar?

Yuk, kita dengar dongeng tentang Negeri Pelangi bersama Kak Tania dan kakak-kakak dari @rumahdongengpelangi . Cerita ini merupakan sebuah karya dari Kak @ullybonita

Catat Detailnya ya:
📍 Sabtu, 22 September 2018
📍 Mall Ciputra Cibubur
📍 Pkl 16.15

Selain itu juga akan ada lomba mendongeng dan mewarnai untuk adik-adik lhoo. Kamu juga bisa ikutan langsung yaaa

Sampai bertemu nanti soreee.

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We accomplished a goal this week and I’m pretty pumped about it. For the past 9 months I’ve been working on showing up consistently, sharing more of myself to connect with you. It’s been slow yet steady growth- and I’m ok with that. ⠀

So today I’m celebrating you. Whether you follow daily, weekly, or monthly-Thank you for tuning in. 💕 ⠀

I truly believe the best is yet to come. What are you celebrating this week?⠀

📷: ⠀@jschafferimages
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#tbt Shopping with Gaga between soundcheck and our show in 2008. 💫

That was at a time when people kept trying to put her down. “Great voice, but you don’t have the look of a pop star.” “Maybe you could be a ghost writer?” Most people would have given up, but she focused on what she could do with what was right in front of her. And that night we had a show.
After soundcheck I asked if she wanted a ride home and she was ecstatic, “On the bike? I finally get to take a ride with you??” I gave her the passenger helmet.
It was a cold February. Valentine’s Day really, but we spent the afternoon riding around and getting stuff for the show that night. We stopped off for a tea to warm up before I took her to her parent’s house to get ready. From out of the blue, Madonna’s business manager Burt Padell called to say, “Jimmy [Iovine] played me your new record and I want to get on board with you right away.”
There was a lot of excitement and a lot of phone calls. We still had a show to get ready for. Finally Gaga blurted into the phone, “I’ve gotta go get on a motorcycle now. I’ll call you later on, okay?...You what?...oh.” She hands the phone to me, “Burt wants to talk to you.”
“Listen to me very carefully. You’ve got the future of music on the back of your bike and I know there’s no talking her out of it. Go slow. Go side streets. Just make it home safe. If I even *think* you’re speeding, I’m gonna come down to the Lower East Side and take care of you myself.”
That ride home we cut through Central Park and started plotting out the first music video.
Burt passed away in January at 84 years old. He had an incredible life: batboy for the Yankees at 14. Hanging out with Dimagio and Yogi Berra (later signing them as clients), impressing Biggie Smalls w his management prowess, married for 60 years.
So whatever’s going on in your life and career: go slow, take back roads, get home safe. The future will get here fast enough. One day you’ll realize that the ride home was the fun part. ❤️

INSANE WEEK: Deadlines. Deadlines. Essays. Speeches. Presentations. Nonprofit duties. School work. Video producing. GA responsibilities. ... wow, what a crazy week! Though I wouldn’t change it! I decided to treat myself to @kilwinsjax ice cream at almost 11 o’clock before I dive into my textbooks and prepare for a hectic weekend. 6am meeting on a Saturday. 😯 Woot Woot! I believe it’s vital we dream up big, hairy, & audacious goals that we’re passionate about and pursue them relentlessly. You have to begin with the end goal in mind, knowing that a goal is a dream with a deadline. Who doesn’t love deadlines!!?. #workingwoman #happiness #success #dream #goals #dreambigger #choices #decisions #endeavors #ambition #laughter #storyteller #medical #nonprofit #advocate #philanthropist #community #florida #Jacksonville #student #graduatestudent



What was the THEME of your love story??? 👂

The last time I loved someone, I called it: "ILLEGAL LIVIN'". Yup.

Blog post (original post on my website), visuals, video and music by @mental_influence

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Unbuckle your belt, Orion...🌹

your intuition is an EXPERIENCE…

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Understand and identify your Intuition.
How to understand your NOW moment.
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Put your gifts to good use with every part of your life. 💜
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Explore the unknown...of your gifts
I make learning how to tune into yourself super easy for anyone to understand and apply. 💜

Learn the steps it takes to live in alignment.
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Learn how to understand how stop perpetuating dysfunctional relationships in your life. 💜
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