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Hold tight lil finger, lost but not forgotten 2K17

You can allow yourself to be soft. Your softness is where the core of your truth resides.

Flower people dream while awake. They dream that their millenary jungle will continue to be there for their children and after them forever. But the forest has unfortunately a value , which puts at risk the flowers, the trees, the forest, the people and the dreams.
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I'm going to tell my story today... Stay tuned.... #storyteller #behindthescenes #morethanyouknow

Confession: I am not well read.
I studied English Literature at GCSE, A Level, Undergraduate Degree and Postgraduate Masters so you would think that when it comes to the classics I've got them nailed. Nope. Don't get me wrong I have read a fair few books over these years of education, but when I stopped studying I had a total backlash against books. Constantly being told what to read, reading list after reading list, essay after essay... I needed a break and when I returned to reading for pleasure I did it on my own terms. I read total 'trash' and loved every page. For reasons I'm still not sure of, and with absolutely nothing against any of the authors, I refused to read Twilight, The Hunger Games, Dan Brown, Gone Girl and any other sort of trilogy or new reading sensation taking the bookshelves by storm at the time. Maybe I didnt want to enter into a dialogue about books for a while, I'm not sure. I also didn't touch a 19th century classic for years. I've STILL not gotten round to Wuthering Heights. However as I gradually reintroduced reading into my lifestyle, this quote by Roald Dahl is exactly how I felt and still feel, and how I want others to feel when they read my stories. Reading is special, books are wonderful and stories are magical. Find your own way.

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🌹 Random Thought: I realize the more I tell my stories, the more I attract similar experiences. I have to find a better ending. #TheLawOfAttraction #TheArtOfShinuh #OnceUponATime #StoryTeller #ArtImitatesLife #Trance #NewMusic #StudioVibes w/ @jlaceforever

|The Engineers of the Future Are Poets and Scribes|
Anyone that has known me over a given span of time, knows how much I value the art of transformation. In high school, my teachers would hire me to give them makeovers and I even had women from the neighborhood as well as friends coming to my makeshift "in home salon" and paying to have their hair styled by me. 🤣 The bottom line is that I never look at a face and see only what is in front of me. When I look into a person's eyes, I see the vast possibilities of what could be.
Over the last two years, I've harnessed those skills to not only write and construct the stories of my clients but also to implement key strategies for the construction of their brands. When I look at a face, I don't just see a story, I also see legacy. I'd be remiss if I didn't do all that I could to help build it. As I see it, we should all one day become legends and our stories should be the proof. 👑
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Stairway to Heaven:)
( well, almost... I’m sure a temple comes a close second to heaven ;))
The eastern gateway which is the main entrance to the temple compound, is decorated with Gajasimha (Lion upon an elephant) images, with outward faces, installed on two high stone benches on either side of the passage. According to the Hindu mythology, the lions resemble the pride, elephants resemble the wealth and both of them kill the human. The entire figure is made out of one piece of stone.
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"There 's daggers in men's smiles". - ( Quote Act II, Sc. III). Macbeth #readers #reading#hotinthecity #pets #love #soulphotography #photography #storyteller #books ##mood #sense #happyme #photographer @claus_jares

...And her whole life changed for the better.
I have been through it all. Still standing but one thing kept me through it all.... *Grace * (My favorite word)

The question that keeps replaying in my head when I wanna throw in the towel and give up "How will my Grandma feel knowing I went all the way to quit at the point"
Grandma, didn't raise no quitter... She raised a fighter, an AlphaWoman and in that order I just pray and give it my all!

One day I will let y'all in bits by bits on my story... in short I will do a video.(Watch out for my mini videos 🎬) Remember, God didn't say the weapons wouldn't form but hold firmly to the part that says " they wouldn't prosper"💎

“Un alma perdida en aquella vieja plaza que evocaba tantos recuerdos, sentada en un banco en mitad de aquel lugar que tanto significaba para mí. ⠀

Allí conocí el mundo, fue el primer sitio al que me llevaste una tarde cualquiera de hace muchísimos años. Perderte hizo mella en mi emocional corazón y me ha hecho perder el norte por instantes. ⠀

Aún sigo yendo a aquel lugar, a observar a todas aquellas personas que atraviesan la plaza para ir de un lugar a otro de la ciudad, mientras imagino como serían sus vidas, si serán tristes, felices, melancólicas, o quizás un poco de todo. ⠀

Ahora ya no estás y tu ausencia cada vez se nota más, aún sigo mirando al cielo como tú me enseñaste, sé que desde ahí observas todos mis pasos, los errores que he cometido y también las batallas que he librado y conseguido ganar. Quiero creer que estarías orgulloso de todo lo que he conseguido hasta ahora. ⠀

Todavía recuerdo aquellas tardes en el viejo café en la esquina de la plaza en las que nos pasábamos a saludar a mi tío cuando era pequeña, los miles de momentos que vivimos juntos, las miradas de complicidad y las risas sin ninguna explicación que a veces nadie entendía, que sólo tú y yo comprendíamos. Porque sin duda, formábamos un equipo de valientes y humildes almas, porque tú, abuelo eras especial y me entendías mejor que nadie.⠀

El cielo de vez en cuando aún llora tu ausencia y no puedo evitar sentir nostalgia de ti y de los momentos en los que conseguiste hacerme feliz con alguno de tus mimos o de tus chistes. ⠀

Ojalá no me doliera tanto tu partida, pero sé que estarás junto a mí en los recuerdos que permanecerán para siempre en mi memoria. Quiero agradecerte que me enseñarás a vivir a mi manera sin importar lo que los demás pensarán de mí, a brillar a pesar de todo y a descubrir la magia de los pequeños detalles. Te quiero abuelo, tu querida nieta.” #historiasemocionales #historiasconalma 📝 ©Beatriz Infanzón

Wake up with a grateful heart ❤️ After you give thanks and take care of your morning routine, be sure to review your goals and lastly, don’t forget to be awesome! 😉

Morning y’all 👋🏾

One noticeable thing about China is their attention to detail in the things that are important to them. From the ornately detailed temples, to the granite and wood carvings to the incredible street mural of Bruce Lee... So many rich textures and designs!

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