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Our #WCW is Ravinnia Miles, a #gallbladder cancer survivor "Even if there's no cure, keep being yourself and stay positive. Live for yourself; live for your children." #cancersucks #staypositive #storiesofhope

We can't say enough about male volunteers that walk alongside our young refugee men.
They mentor, encourage, and support them, but above all else, they offer friendship.
#volunteersrock #malementors #storiesofhope #thankful #stillwestand

We first heard about @laurenscruggs only days after her fateful incident with an airplane propeller, where she lost her arm, eye and nearly her life. An organization @bethanyhamilton had worked with, called @iamsecond, sent out a prayer request for her family. We reached out with an Encouragement Package. Shortly after this, Lauren's mom, Cheryl followed up, and we set up a Skype call with Lauren, Bethany, and their mothers. The girls made plans to meet up with during a visit Bethany was making to Texas. She shared, "We were able to relate on so many levels—first, as fellow followers of Christ, then as sisters in tragedy." Just six months earlier Lauren had suffered tremendous personal loss, yet the God-given joy and strength that comes from trusting Him wholeheartedly emanated from her radiant smile.
Lauren went on to start the #BeautifullyFlawed Retreat and the @anchoredinlove_ Conference with FOB, and has continued to be a part of the annual events as a leader, speaker, and prayer warrior. She recently married @thejasonkennedy, launched her own foundation ( @thelskfoundation ) , authored 2 books, and continues her journey as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur. Bethany writes in her foreword for Lauren's first book, Still Lolo: "Because of Lauren's story, I have been freshly renewed, inspired, and motivated... She is a beautiful ray of sunshine, and I am glad to have her as a friend." That hope that Lauren and Bethany held onto amidst tragedy is found in Jesus Christ. If you're struggling today with hopelessness, turn to Him. #storiesofHOPE #friendsofBethany

This is Angelique from Rwanda. She’s only six years old but has been told she only has one year left to live. Because she has a heart condition. Because the heart condition might kill her. A life-saving surgery in Sudan is her last hope. But that means travelling 2000 km without her family. Head over to our YouTube page to witness her incredible journey to recovery. #africa #openheart #surgery #dwdocumentary #youtube #rwanda #roadtorecovery #lifesaving #storiesofhope #ngo #donation #charity #humanlife #fatheranddaughter #hospital #humanright #life #rwandaful

The remarkable Ly Pisith, extraordinary jewelry designer in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He suffered under the Khmer Rouge as a child; his entire family was killed. At the age of twelve, he lived homeless in Phnom Penh before walking alone to the Thai border, and then escaping into Thailand. He spent the next twenty-five years in France, and returned to Cambodia in his forties. All his jewelry reflects the years of extreme hardship and his search for peace within. The dove in this necklace represents freedom, as does the freely moving flower at the center. The necklace is a garden: his hope and belief that we all can cultivate our own garden - ourselves - as we wish, and be free to nurture what we grow. On assignment for @nationalgeographictraveler #cambodianjewelry #storiesofhope #siemreap @gardenofdesign

#Pledge your support to @cryindia_instagram at www.cry.org<http://www.cry.org> and ensure many such #storiesofhope #LetHerFly #InternationalGirlChildDay

7:00 am flight to New Orleans for Democratic Governors Association Holiday Party with the next Governor of Georgia Stacey Evans @evansforgeorgia. I won’t stop beating the pavement for the betterment of my city and state. #proudgadem #storiesofhope #evansforgovernor

Sharing a precious story of hope #ontheblog today...and this precious couples journey to baby ❤️🎄 #storiesofhope

After a full 4 weeks of being lost in the woods, my precious girl has returned 😭😍😇 she was out there in the worst storm in 40 years, yet here she is back at home safe and sound. A neighbor I have never met called me tonight after seeing a flyer at our local grocer. By chance I had gone to replace the flyers after the storm had wrecked them, and they were watered down but still legible. She said they had seen her off in the woods behind their house yesterday and began feeding her. She had a tick on her forehead and a few battle scars from her journey. She's very skinny and has already eaten two cans of wet food: but she's slowly coming back to life. Now she can't keep her eyes open lol This is an absolute miracle and I'm so grateful for all the support and stories of hope from those close to me. I never gave up hope, so let's add this tale to the story book. Hug your pets tonight 😊😇🐱#luckykitty #ninelives #lostsndfound #storiesofhope #nevergiveup


Did you hear the big news! A generous family has committed to funding Gbarpolu County, IF together, we can fund the county of Grand Cape Mount by December 31st. If we can do this, then 180,000+ Liberian men, women and children will be impacted by your generosity and all will be reached with the Gospel & Clean Water by the end of next year! #countyforcounty

We can't say enough about male volunteers that walk alongside our young refugee men.
They mentor, encourage, and support them, but above all else, they offer friendship.
#volunteersrock #malementors #storiesofhope #thankful #stillwestand

This is Angelique from Rwanda. She’s only six years old but has been told she only has one year left to live. Because she has a heart condition. Because the heart condition might kill her. A life-saving surgery in Sudan is her last hope. But that means travelling 2000 km without her family. Head over to our YouTube page to witness her incredible journey to recovery. #africa #openheart #surgery #dwdocumentary #youtube #rwanda #roadtorecovery #lifesaving #storiesofhope #ngo #donation #charity #humanlife #fatheranddaughter #hospital #humanright #life #rwandaful

So excited to announce the first episode of Join the Story LIVE with AJ DUKE!
Come join the story with me on Tuesday's at 6pm PST on Facebook live as we share stories of hope and encouragement. I can't wait to chat with you!


#ajduke #ajdukemusic #jointhestory #americana #country #indie #milspouse #militarywife #solidersheart #inspiration #hope #storiesofhope #journey #journeyofhope #preparetheway

Thank you @lorcia1cooper for sharing your story..#storiesofhope .....The Orange day at the V&A Waterfront, celebrating great spirits,survivors of gender based violence.Creating a life and finding your voice through fashion ...Fashion as a tool for the economic emancipation of gender based violence victims. Orange Day Campaign:End violence against women and girls...#OrangeTheWorld #orangecampaign #sustainablefashion #economicfreedomthroughfashion #GautengFashionCoucil #UNWomen
#ootd #ootdfashion #breakthesilence 🌹🌼🌷🍒

Homeschooling momma, Casey, 🙂 has this to say about her #RheumatoidArthritis diagnosis. "Who of my friends are struggling with autoimmune disorders? 🙋‍♀️ In April, I was blindsided with a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. After months of excruciating joint pain, blood tests showed my inflammation levels at almost 900 times the normal limit. Seriously, who has arthritis at the age of 35??! I eat good, I exercise, I work on lowering stress... What? I dove head first into research on the link between gut health and auto immune disorders.
The 2 pictures you see here are taken 3 months apart. You can literally see the inflammation in my face in the first one. Ya'll, not only have I been 90 days without a flareup, but taking measures to heal my gut has cleared up an entire score of other issues as well. Gut health is so important! No more

Anxiety ✅
Sleep Loss ✅
Hair Loss ✅
Exhaustion ✅
Daily Headaches ✅
Hormonal Imbalances ✅
12 POUNDS! ✅
Joint Pain ✅
Inflammation ✅
Stomach Aches ✅
Constipation ✅

I want to talk to you about what the doctors AREN'T saying! There is hope and you can feel better. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!"
#storiesofhope #day3 #rheumatoidarthritis #plantbased #supplements #lifechanging #guthealth #reducedinflammation #autoimmunedisease #homeschoolmom

What I heard that day back in August I never seen coming in a million years! Not even close to being on my radar!!!! Bryant had an appointment scheduled to get some ankle braces to help him walk. Yes, he had some gross motor & speech delays, but fine motor & cognitively he was amazing!!! So again I just thought we needed some ankle braces.
We walked in that office, were led back into a room and waited. As soon as our doctor came in I told her we were needing AFOs per our occupational therapist and she said " Actuality I'm thinking he has Cerebral Palsy!" What???? How could this be??? You see all I knew about CP at that point was severe CP.....wheelchair bound, stiff muscles, and not really talking! I'll admit I was devastated that day!!! Heartbroken, shocked, tears streaming down my face I went home to try to wrap my mind around what I had just heard! It took me a couple days to realize that a diagnosis didn't define our baby! He was still the exact same baby we had loved for 2 years and were anxiously waiting to adopt!!!Like our pediatrician said a diagnosis just meant that he would get the resources he needed!
We were referred to Children's Hospital Physical Medicine and in October we received the official diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy! Again that day on the way home tears raced down my cheeks.....not for me, I'm a strong person, but for our sweet baby! Things were just going to be harder for him, more work than the average 2 year old! He is a fighter that's for sure! I see it every day when he works so hard to pull himself up, or screams at me when he doesn't "feel" like walking anymore, or when I have to stretch his muscles! II'm continually reminded that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle and that He is in control of Bryant's story! decided to share Bryant story because my prayer is that our journey with Cerebral Palsy will somehow encourage and bless someone!
#cerebralpalsy #Bryantsstory #storiesofhope

It’s OUT! Thank you church for waiting - we’re glad you missed it! It’s back and it’s GOOD! Grab your copy this weekend! #LifeINKerith #uncoatedpaper #StoriesofHope

Happy Friday, friends!🤗❤️ We are honored to share Kellyanne’s Story of Hope and all the amazing shifts and changes that have emerged through her healing journey.

@kellyannekrier We are honored to continuously support you and all your health and healing aspirations. You are truly an Agent of Change on this planet ✌🏽❤️🌍 Your body is the BEST doctor in town!

#inspirelife #connect #empower #inspire #agentofchange #storiesofhope #loveself

Our goal: Raise $273,000 by December 31st of this year. If we do our part, the DC family will do their part and we’ll be able to reach two entire regions of Liberia with the Gospel and clean water – 180,000+ Liberians in total with half of those being children.

God’s latest miracle comes in the form of a family in the Washington DC area who has agreed to fund the entire county of Gbarpolu IF we all come together and fund a neighboring county called Grand Cape Mount! We’re calling it our COUNTY 4 COUNTY MATCHING GRANT CHALLENGE!

We're on @katutv right now! Tune in to hear #storiesofHOPE and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of those struggling with #homelessness and #addiction in our community. Visit www.PortlandRescueMission.com/KATU or call 800.3469256 to give the gift of HOPE this holiday season.

#TBT to our first #StoriesofHope post with @StratfordSTEM's 2017 #JAGGrad2017 Lionel Colas. This young man landed a job @StratfordSTEM Comcast even before the middle of his senior year! He credits Specialist Daniel Smith for his confidence and skills! buff.ly/2AMOkeq

If you're listening to these #storiesofHOPE on @katutv and feel called to give the gift of HOPE to those struggling with #homelessness and #addiction in our community, visit the link in our bio or call 1.800.346.9256!

This episode closes out Season 1 of the Child Life On Call Podcast. This podcast went from a dream to a reality thanks to the help of the all the courageous families who came forward to share their stories about having a child with medical needs. ❤️ Season 1 covered the spectrum in illnesses, diseases and conditions, and all episodes had a similar theme: children are resilient and teach us more about the world and ourselves than we could ever imagine. 🧡

Katie gives life updates and talks about her need to bring to Season 1 to a close, but gives a preview of what is to come next season. In Season 2, you can expect to hear more brave parents come forward and share their inner most thoughts and feelings. We will talk about routine surgeries and the stress they can bring, as well as not-so-routine surgeries that can be life changing. We will hear from a parent whose daughter spent months of her life in the NICU after a scary delivery at 25 weeks, and we will hear from parents whose children have chronic health issues. Regardless of the diagnosis, each of these parents have an important message and story to share. In this finale episode, you will also get brief updates about how Season 1 families are doing now. 💛
A big thank you to all those who listen, share, and enjoy this podcast. We are always looking to record and share more stories, and if you are interested in doing so, you can contact Katie at info@childlifepodcast.com.
Another big thank you to all the photographers who took photos of these families... you have given them and the world a gift that can never be replaced!

“How do we get young people downtown and how do we get them to think about Christmas? So many times, they hear about The Salvation Army, they’ll see the bell ringers, they’ll see the thrift stores but not really know what we do.” –Major David Harvey

On Dec. 1, we hosted our second annual Rock the Red Kettle Christmas kick-off concert at the Kansas City Power & Light District, featuring national headliners Switchfoot and Parachute. We’re so grateful to those who made contributions to our red kettles during the event to help our neighbors in need this holiday season and others throughout the year. If you missed this opportunity, there’s still time to donate at a local red kettle near you, or online atsalarmymokan.org.

#storiesofhope launch at the #EdconFinale so proud of being part of this and to have realised this booklet in such a short notice with the support of my amazing #UNWomen colleagues. I salute all the inspiring women I have met in the process and truly hope they pursue their dreams. #leavenoonebehind #breakthesilence #orangetheworld #16days @lauravrx @otaemkandawire

TODAY IS THE DAY! The new Missions magazine, Stories of Hope, is arriving today just in time for you to get your copy during the performances of A Crossgates Christmas this weekend! #OneHopeCBC #StoriesOfHope #Hope

"Always one of my favorite events of the year." - @bethanyhamilton

At our 2017 Beautifully Flawed Retreat, we hosted 20 young female amputees, many who lost limbs traumatically like Bethany, and others who were born with limb loss or lost their limb(s) for medical reasons. We aim to unite and inspire these young women; showing them the love of God and teaching them to find beauty in their stories!

Head to our Facebook or YouTube to check out the full video! #beautifullyflawed #storiesofHOPE #frindsofbethany

WOW! I was so excited for Jolene yesterday when she shared her results from her yearly check up!!! #PCOS #endometrios #autoimmunediseases
#health #storiesofhope "You may wonder why this smile on my face is so big?? Well I'll tell you it's not because of any gift under the tree, or because of huge fluffy snowflakes coming down. In fact it's pouring rain outside.
BUT ...it is because I just came from my annual female ob/GYN visit. . What did she find?? Well not #PCOS, or #endometriosis , though I was,diagnosed with both of those #autoimmunediseases in the past, and actually suffered from the pain, and effects for 18 years.. What she did say, you look great, very healthy.. your cervix looks wonderful, your breasts are perfect ( you may think that sounds odd, but I used to have fiberous tissue in there).. my blood pressure is at the very healthy low level.. my #menstralcycles are like clock work, and little to #nopain. #hormonebalancing is key, and I've achieved that.. So this is just another wonderful gift that I am experiencing everyday, true , natural health. From the inside out. ☆☆ I do have a few natural tricks in my pocket☆☆ P.s. I'll share a secret with you.. you can have it too."

Wednesday 6 Dressember. First day at the new @ijmaus office and I found this photo on my desk. She’s a survivor from the Philippines, where we saw a 75-77% reduction in the prevalence of minors in the sex industry within just a few years. In 2012 in Pampanga, 1 in 11 sex workers were minors; in 2016 it was down to 1 in 83! 🎉💪 Partnering with local authorities to enforce laws, rescuing victims and prosecuting traffickers actually works.
That’s why I’m proud to serve at IJM and pleased that Dressember fundraising will support our efforts to fight sex trafficking.
📷: @esandrussi
👗: @kathmandugear 2016, B+ in the @baptistworldaid 2017 Ethical Fashion Report. You can’t see much here, but you should know it has POCKETS.

Thanks to Ms Paula and Betty and Antonius at Hillside House and awesome friends and family for their help. First session down....planning for session 2 in 2018! SOH TV in the works #justgettingstarted #buyintohealing #hopeheals #hopethroughit #storiesofhope

Maybe you can't relate to stories of serious, 180° shifts in your life, but there's a good chance you've offered a friendly smile or a genuine hug to someone in the midst of such a transition in their life. It may have seemed simple to you in the moment, but you'll never know the true impact on that person. In a recent story from Open Doors, we read about Rubén* and were inspired by his transition from 7-year-old child soldier with the Columbian guerrilla army to 15-year-old Pastor on the run. The part of his story that really stood out though, was the incredible support he received along they way from Christians who were simply living out their everyday lives with love and intentionality.
There are so many amazing layers and details to Rubén's story that we believe you will be blessed and encouraged by reading. This story of hope is up on our blog today (link temporarily in profile).
#hopedelivered #storyofhope #storiesofhope #opendoorsusa #persecutedchristians #persecutedbelievers

7:00 am flight to New Orleans for Democratic Governors Association Holiday Party with the next Governor of Georgia Stacey Evans @evansforgeorgia. I won’t stop beating the pavement for the betterment of my city and state. #proudgadem #storiesofhope #evansforgovernor

Hope is what sustains a heart waiting to be healed. - Todd Hunter⠀

My pastor said that quote during service yesterday. It was one of those quotes that echoed through the core of my body when I heard it. It is still echoing. That quote is what Tears of Gold is about...sharing stories of HOPE that sustain our hearts in a broken world that is waiting to be healed by the power of God. To fill our minds and hearts and bodies with the HOPE that one day everything will be made new. One day every tear will be wiped away. One day death will be no more. And these are trustworthy and true things to believe in, to hope in, to wait for. That day may be tomorrow, it may be in the life to come, but we can have confidence it will come. ⠀

#tearsofgold #storiesofhope #hopeheals #hopeinthewaiting #healing #revelation21 #everythingmadenew

Picture 1: Anirban Gupta on podium of Thinking social, organised by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) in partnership with TATA Group

Picture 2: Anirban Gupta
Telling his story as #Socialentrepreneurship and lessons learnt from failure #ThinkingSocial

Picture 3: students at International Management Institute, New Delhi paying attention to @anirban2802 story at #ThinkingSocial
#iimcip #tatas #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneurship101 #EntrepreneurAtWork #successstories #ThinkingSocial #IIM #inspirationl #storyofentrepreneur #storieswetell #storiesofhope #tatagroup #IIMCalcutta #IMIDelhi

Anirban Gupta shares his experiences as #footballer turned #socialentrepreneur.
1. Three phases of an entrepreneurs journey- Energy where mistakes don't matter, Aspiration to grow which could lead to stagnation, Carefree where goal is important not the means.
2. Entrepreneurial success is about being close to basics. Other factors can only facilitate growth.
3. Innovation should not just be market driven but also passion driven. That will help the entrepreneur survive in the long run.
#iimcip #tatas #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneurship101 #EntrepreneurAtWork #successstories #ThinkingSocial #IIM #inspirationl #storyofentrepreneur #storieswetell #storiesofhope #tatagroup #IIMCalcutta #IMIDelhi

Happy birthday to me.... To many many more years.. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Wow! Love reading ❤️ this mama bird’s story of hope after being diagnosed with an autoimmune problem!!! 😍

Here’s sweet Julia’s wonderful story... "I took a chance on this pink drink and vitamins, stayed consistent, pushed past the 3 month mark onto 5 months and am going strong. This doesn't replace meals, it's not a diet plan, it's a system for long term preventative health. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune problem. 2 months ago my rheumatologist gave me the approval to bump my meds from weekly to biweekly. This week he gave me the ok to reduce to one a month 🙌🏻 with the goal to be completely off in a few more months because my labs look great.

He originally said I would be on these meds for the rest of my LIFE. Friends, this is huge. This stuff works! It's not magic, it's science, and proven by person after person who sticks it out. If you could see my once painfully inflamed joints, red spots all over my face and core, today it looks and feels like nothing ever happened. So grateful I stalked Brooke’s Facebook page and reached out!!!" There is hope through health struggles, friends!!! You only have to take a chance, too, and borrow my belief! 😘


“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
#refugees #refugeesrights #refugeescrisis #storiesofhope #hope #help #sos #child #war #humanrights #riphumanity #duinkerke #france #photography #ducomentary #life #love #peace

STYLEStars keep shining bright! More great stories unfolding in today’s Daytona Beach News-Journal. Girls with S.T.Y.L.E.S. member, Sydney White, was featured in today’s paper. We are so proud Sydney and her accomplishments! Way to go ✨STYLEStar✨

Guys, meet my friend Molly. God gifted me so many "kindred spirits" when we moved to Pennsylvania in 2016, and I am so glad Molly is one of them. We worship together, take our kids to preschool Spanish lessons together, share recipes and borrow ingredients from each other (it helps that we have a similar cooking style and live less than 1 mile apart!), split bulk herb orders, and commiserate about life, faith, marriage, parenting, etc. Like me, Molly waited and prayed for a child for years, and understands the pain and longing that waiting can bring. She also intimately understands the challenges of silent health struggles, having gone through her own season of excruciating pain, impaired mobility, and other issues. I didn't know any of this until a few months after we became friends, because when I met her she had made significant strides in that regard and appeared very healthy. It wasn't until after I started using my now-favorite supplements (skeptically but with a sliver of hope, I might add), that I found out she had already been using the same supplements for over two years, and credited them with supporting her body so it could heal. She at that point shared her story with me, and I was blown away. Some day soon I will share her story with you, after I sit down with her and fill in some of the details. In the meantime, I pray that each of you has or finds at least one "true blue" friend like Molly in your life. 💟

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