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this reminds me of some of the misandrists out there

fidget?? kiss him?? im lost😂
have you had your first kiss? 💙

lmao yes ! 😂
sorry tag buddies, cant today :(
WARNING: long caption
okay omg ty guys sooo much for 10k !! when i started last may 24, i never thought my account would reach 10k or i didnt think i would still continue but you guys and my ibs kept me going for these pasts 2-3 months, and im vv thankful for that. yes theres some days where i can act bitchy or something, but please dont take it personally, i probably was just very stressed or had a bad day, remember i luv u still(: i remember when i got excited when i got 50 likes, now i get excited when i get 5000 likes. crazy. i honestly cant wait for the journey we are ALL gonna be going thru in this account! i luv you guys sooo much, dont ever forget that :)💓

Me though 😂
Q: When's your birthday?
A: April 10th

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The Hobbit
by J. R. R. Tolkien
📸: Rosie Hardy

not at all 💛


тот же самый дьявол

our backs
tell stories
no books have
the spine to
-women of colour; rupi kaur
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Estratto di "Cybernetical Love" - Pretty Guardian Sailor Andromeda series 💫
«Credo che debba lasciare la squadra...»
Usagi mi guarda stranita, improvvisamente si avvicinò al mio viso, le labbra a pochi centimetri dalle mie. Che voglia...?
«Cosa stai dicendo, Vicky?» la sua voce era fioca, inudibile.
Non so cosa fare, rimango paralizzata, la schiena contro il muro e il respiro tiepido di Usagi contro la mia pelle. Mi sento... strana.
«Non PUOI lasciare la nostra squadra!» grida improvvisamente e d'un tratto il cuore comincia a palpitare. Cosa mi sta succedendo?
"Cybernetical Love" arriverà a novembre con tante nuove novità! Seguitemi su Wattpad, mi troverete col nome @Gloria_Lovely! 😘

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А на даче подмосковной
Флоксы расцвели давно.
Удивительно красивы
Таз,корыто и ведро.
Правда,выросла крапива ,
Не прополот огород .
Черт возьми,но как душевно
Соловей опять поёт.
Поленница дров в углу.
И на рваной раскладушке
Я весь день лежать могу. –––––––––––––––––––––
Стихи: Ирина Туманова Из книги "Тонкая нить"
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Part 8
Lucious "Is everything alright what's up Taz "
Taz: "yeah it's cool I just need a favor if you can drop me off at bullets spot, chimmey got my car at the moment"
"Yeah I got you give me 15 minutes"
Taz: "alright good looking shawty I owe you one"

As soon as I got off the phone with Taz I felt relief. I thought he found out his money was gone and probably suspected it was me that took it. After I got out the bath I put on my jumpsuit and headed to Taz house. It only took me ten minutes until I arrived. I honked my horn to get his attention to come outside. 5 minutes later he came out with a bag and a safe in his hand, I was kind of confused because I thought he only had one safe.
"Hey bae"
Taz: "hey ma, bullets place is only 20 minutes away it's over by that chicken shack we always go to"
"Okay I know where"
After Taz got into the car I pulled off and headed to bullets place. I was still trying to figure out where that second safe came from because it looked identical to the other safe except it was gray instead of black. I tried to not be suspicious and asked Taz about the safe.
"I thought yo favorite color was black, what's up with the gray"
Taz: "oh this not my safe this bullet's, I relocated my safe and changed the color a month ago. That black safe you saw me with that one time is bullets brother, Gunz, safe.
When I heard the words "Gina Safe" I almost shit myself. Gunz is worse then his brother and more ruthless, he will kill anyone who steals from him or fucks with his shit and after he kills them he kills their family one by one. I knew then I fucked up big time.
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