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We stand in solidarity with our Haitian brothers and sisters. As much work and programs we provide for many communities in the Dominican Republic, we do not support the bullshit. Self Hate and cultural hypocrisy (unfortunately) runs deep in many Caribbean countries and only perpetuates the white supremacy machine. So, fuck corrupt politicians that are too afraid to take a stand. And fuck your super dark skinned abuelita that swears she ain't black.

My face 👉🏾😒 . It’s self hate at its finest, you’re not fooling anyone. #stoptheselfhate

Happy girls are the prettiest 🌸what are you doing to bring the happy in your life? stop depending on others to help get you there, sometimes we need to be our own hero🙏🏼🙌🏻#onesavior#stoptheselfhate#digdeep#

I see many that are bound and enslaved by their own rules. This is impeding their happiness. Go, instead, in the direction of your heart--and stop the rule madness.
#rulesdontapply #stoptheselfhate #freeyourmind

Taking the girls to the water park today. Still wearing a bikini still zero fucks given. Girls stop hating your bodies. It's exhausting and pointless. ☀️🌊🏄‍♀️ #bootyrevolution #thisbodyismyhome #stoptheselfhate #bikini #playinthesun

Nothing wrong with being who you really are. Nothing wrong with adding a little extra to make the ordinary, extraordinary! #beyourself #stoptheselfhate #myownbestfriend

#lovetheskinyourin post
#stoptheselfhate #wobblybits are the new black 😂✌


I got out of my own head FINALLY! Putting all the excuses and negative self talk aside was harder than the run itself. 2.6 Miles and it felt fanfuckingtastic! #runwild #motherrunner #runway #noexcuses #skysthelimit #stoptheselfhate #nonegativity #feelslikehome #beattheconcrete #trailrunner #nevergivein #motivated #resultstofollow

It’s #mentalhealthawarenessweek & it’s time to talk about how social media and the beauty industry feed negativity that can cause displeasure with our skin/bodies, unrealistic expectations of perfection, and beauty “standards” that shuffle everyone into uniform looks. It unhealthy, it’s damaging, and it has an effect on your well being. I’m sure we’ve all seen someone who looks way better than we think we do online and close our Instagram apps feeling disgusted, sad, or anxious about ourselves. Myself 1000% included. •
According to @ywcausa- 39% of women have concerns about what they eat or weigh that interfere with their happiness || Research links sexualization with eating disorders, low self esteem, and depression/depressed mood. || The association between self-objectification and anxiety about appearance is high || Aggressive bullying based on physical attributes or social status between girls has risen in recent years || @time found that social media posts can set unrealistic expectation and create feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem || Filters, photoshop, and other editing tricks used for posts on social media reinforce the idea that your body isn’t good enough and that they have to do something to look perfect •
It’s time to get real about these negative effects and encourage more #positivity on social media. Social media has so much power to do good. We should be using social media to #stopthestigma, #stopthebullying, and #stoptheselfhate. •
If you’re struggling with a mental illness, please stay strong. I hope to be an ally and friend to anyone who needs one, whether I know them or not. I urge you all to do the same. I’m going to try and do my part to make @instagram a place to talk about our struggles because this is real. Be bright and bold, do not hide your feelings in the dark. #nomakeupforayear #makeuplessmaura

No Filter #Fridays #nff throw your most recent (with the real date- no cheating 😂included) unfiltered picture in my comments below!!! COPY & PASTE OR SHARE 🤗

This is to promote SELF-LOVE💜💜💜 Your beauty does not always NEED a filter. Your face IS BEAUTIFUL because it's not like everyone else's 😘😘😘 #nff #itsathing #selflove #encouragement #promotelove #stoptheselfhate don't worry about the likes, it's not about who likes your photos- it's about being true to who YOU are every now and then....UNFILTERED 😁😘

Nothing wrong with being who you really are. Nothing wrong with adding a little extra to make the ordinary, extraordinary! #beyourself #stoptheselfhate #myownbestfriend

On the blog today - How I beat the battle with my hips. Turning one of my greatest "shames" into one of the things I loved about myself. /// www.heatherelizabethboudoir.com/blog

Its 2017. Can someone elaborate wth is wrong with dark skin? I need answers!! But u want me to accept Deen for Dina? Foh no offense to lgbt community. My point is ppl cant control their sexuality they were born that way but I was born THIS WAY! DARK PPL WANT TO BE SEEN AS BEAUTIFUL TOO. IM OK I DONT NEED SOCIETY TO CONFIRM WAT I KNO. BUT FOR OUR YOUTH STOP THE BRAINWASHING! ! #stopcolorism #stoptheselfhate

We all get carried away from time to time so I try to not feel too ridiculous posting this especially because it is something I really need to tell myself right now.
I've been very strict with myself the past few weeks and I just had to admit to myself that it was killing me more and more day by day. Diets aren't necessarily evil but they are when they're becoming an obsession, when they're taking over your entire life and especially when you're risking sliding back into the eating disorder it took you years to get away from. Love is the answer, always was and always will be 💕
Recovery is hard work and even after years you'll still have setbacks just like I experience right now. I knew from the start it was a stupid idea to start a full blown diet because it always ends up in a huge relapse and I'm at a healthy weight so ?????? Enough with the babbling, all I want to say is: #fuckdiets #everybodyisagoodbody #loveyourself and #youreafuckingpieceofart

Why do people keep hating on themselves how about #stoptheselfhate

You cannot erase or change your past. Stop blaming yourself, mistreating yourself, & allowing others to mistreat you. Learn from your experiences so you don't remain in the same or similar events. God's not tripping. He's knows all about you, forgiven you, & loves you dearly. Now, that's a wonderful reassurance. Stop being your worst critic. Wipe your tears, clean up, walk up rightly, put a smile on your face, & go make things positively & successfully happen in your life. #stoptheselfhate #stoppunishingyourself #stopdemeaningyourself #loveyourself #youregoodenough #yourebeautiful #dontquit #dontgiveup #keeptrying #youcandoit

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