Who knows what this is if you do post repost this lets do something good #stopthebluewhale

Hello everyone! Reason I made this account is to STOP the Blue Whale Challenge. We, in this community need to see our action's, and stop this challenge. So the younger generation wouldn't become what we see on the news. Im going to help me and my peers to stop with this problem and show some tricks to stop it, also ill update everyday and make your dose of happiness! I look forward to making this community grow and stop the blue whale challenge! #Dispersion #riseup #bystander #stopthebluewhale

I am absolutely heartbroken and sick sickened to see this blue whale challenge. If you don't know about it you can look it up on The Doctors YouTube channel and it gives a good description about it. Basically it's online Anonymous bullies telling you to hurt yourself and if you don't then they're going to track you down and hurt your family. There's 50 steps in this whole so-called game and the last step is you have to commit suicide. As a person who used to self-harm and be very depressed, this is insane and hurts my heart to see and hear and I can't believe this is a real thing. I guess the more people that know about this challenge or game the sooner we can stop it from happening to anyone that we love.
#bluewhalechallenge #stopthebluewhalechallenge #stopthebluewhale #bluewhalegame #friends #lovedones #family #lovedoneslost #selfharm #depression #mentalillness

#stopthebluewhale Drawing is mine

#stopthebluewhale #dontkys Repost this to stop it

#stopthebluewhalechallenge #stopthebluewhale #suicideawareness I was once a young teen who tried this suicide. We didn't have this social media crap back in my day. We didn't challenge people to #suicide #itswrong I could have missed being a #mom and #sister and #aunt and even #greataunt #lifeisworthliving #domesticviolenceangels #suicidesurvivor

well i have not been posting alot but i heard about the blue whale game or and its just so freaking messed up there has been alot of teens who have killed their self because of this its just so messed up , but if anyone reading this is thinking about playing this please dont ik someone cares about you and its not the way to end anything ~Sleeping with Veils #thebluewhalechallenge #stopthebluewhale

Day 12 #brownowlchallenge #brownowl #stopthebluewhale Wer ist dein Vorbild? Ein reales Vorbild habe ich leider nicht. Mein Vorbild ist Uzumaki Naruto. Er gibt nie auf, findet immer eine Lösung, versucht immer zu helfen und lässt seine Freunde nie im Stich. Deshalb bewundere ich ihn.

#brownowlchallenge #brownowlchallenge #stopthebluewhale Day 10 10 Dinge die ich an mir mag: 1.Ich mag meinen Humor 2.Viele meiner Narben die ich mir zugezogen habe, wenn ich irgendwo gespielt habe. 3.Meine Haare 4.Meinen Musikgeschmack irgendwie kann ich alles hören 5.Meine Fantasie 6. Meine Augen 7.mein Interesse an Themen die andere langweilig finden 8.mein niesen :'D 9.meine Neugier 10.meine Kreativität

#brownowlchallenge #brownowl #stopthebluewhale Day 9 Mein Dad ist das wertvollste in meinem Leben.

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