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Fight Racism

“Slut” “whore”...My clothing damn sure is not my consent. This is my body, not yours! #stopslutshaming #loveyourself

Finished this 11"x15" might do prints of this one! #adidas #stopslutshaming #stopkinkshaming

Kvinnokroppen är konst, den är vacker, i alla storlekar och former. Vi är inga sexualiserade objekt!!!! Jag lägger upp denna bild för att jag KAN för jag har rätten till min egen kropp så som du har rätten till din kropp. Jag kommer aldrig sluta kämpa mot sexismen, kommer heller aldrig sänka rösten om hur viktiga vi kvinnor är. #stopslutshaming 💪🏽

So yesterday I posted a pic of me in a dress. I bought the dress liking how soft the material was and thinking it would make really comfortable pajamas. I posted that I was in pjs all day because it was a high pain day and my skin was super sensitive. So I was surprised by a number of inappropriate comments about my appearance. I thought I looked cute (and it's okay if you did too. But come on!!). .
I almost didn't post this pic. I thought that for some, seeing a pic saying no fuckboys across the chest could be confusing, cause...well, I'm a girl and that's where the boobs are! But the point is that my appearance doesn't matter. You are in charge of your behaviour, not the length of my skirt nor the crop to my top!!! So I'm posting it anyways and if you are not a decent human being about it I will continue to block and/or report you. .
For those of you not confused because you actually read my bio and/or respect women, stay awesome!! We need more ppl like you!! You are so very appreciated!!💜❤️ ✌️#mycurvesarenotconsent

Girl, let the girl suck the dick/clit and mind your own. 👋 #stopgirlhate #stopslutshaming #hoeislife #lol #repost

I am a passionate, creative woman. I don't have all the answers but I know my worth. It took me a long time to accept me for who i am. I will not tolerate being around anyone who makes me feel anything less 🖕🏼#beyourself #stopslutshaming


There is the ex-boyfriend who threatened to get me so drunk I wouldn't be able to stop him when he anally raped me. I was 16. He was 21. • There's the guy on the subway who tried to shove money into my bra so he could have sex with me. I was wearing a work shirt, trousers, and it was 6pm on a crowded train. No one helped me. • Or what about the guy one summer's morning who followed me on the street for 10 minutes trying to get me to go to a hotel with him. He'd pay me $20. • Or those guys who stopped their car late one night and tried to get me into it, and only stopped when it was clear I was going to fight with everything I had. • Then of course there's the countless number of catcalls, comments, gropes which started when I was around 11, none of which I ever asked for or invited. • Drunk, sober, in a dress, jeans, tshirt, shorts, in a city, on a beach, morning, afternoon, night. It doesn't matter - it's nothing that I did, because the problem isn't with me - how I behave or how I dress. The problem is with certain men who think it's okay, and other men who do nothing to stop it when they see it happen • If you're a woman - speak up. Don't be silent and think you are somehow to blame because you're not • If you're a guy, speak up when you see it happen, or when your 'buddy' is 'joking' about this shit. It's not funny. And if you're actually a guy who does these things, who thinks he can get away with it? YOU'RE WRONG. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.
#MeToo Use this hashtag to show if you have been sexually assaulted or harassed. You don't need to give details. If everyone who has experienced changes their status/writes a post, maybe finally the world will take notice and do something. .
#survivor #notavictim #standtogether #strongwomen #stopvictimblaming #nomeansno #supporteachother #mentalhealth #yogini #stopslutshaming #stopthisshit #standupforsomething #yogagirl #yogasavedmylife #bodypositive

Today i appreciate how pretty the sky looked on my way to work. These pics were taken on Friday but i decided to use them for today's post. I get really happy when i see the moon and the pink clouds made it even better. I don't take photos often but this made me stop for a moment to take a few pictures and appreciate how beautiful the sky is.
Idk if i'm gonna remember to do these daily but i will try to do this pretty often bc i think it's important to take a moment and just appreciate the small things around us most people take for granted. Feel free to comment what you appreciate today. Love u lil bugs so much.💕🌙☁️

One time for the people who can’t mind their own goddamn business; if you see me clubbing and my bra is showing or my nipple is seethru or my tatts are showing - IT does NOT mean you are allowed to give me ur damn opinion on it. my tattoos do not mean yes; do not mean tell me what u think about it. my boobs showing in anyway does not mean im asking for it. im not cold i dont need ur goddamn jacket. STOP telling human beings with boobs what to wear and how to act! STOP SLUTSHAMING. stop talking to me in any way that is offensive. if i dont know you keep ur goddamn shit for yourself. Thank you and goodbye. #stopslutshaming #mybodymychoice

Our sisters over at @revolutionartoffensive have this design available by @illustrationsbyanniee funding @ippf_global AKA @plannedparenthood, Puerto Rico along with a few others. Not only is #puertorico in dire need of aid after being decimated by #hurricanemaria , but women’s bodies, souls and rights are under constant attack from lawmakers, Hollywood Executives and people who have no idea where a clitoris is. Stand up, monetarily support two important causes, and morally support survivors and victims everywhere with a nice “We believe you and fuck you, we’re not backing down” message. ***revolutionart.threadless.com*** #endrapeculture #allies #womensrights #feministasfuck #girlpower #stopslutshaming #wewontgoback #standwithpp #plannedparenthood #mybodymychoice #pussygrabsback #uterus #rattlesnake #donttreadonme #timetochange #witchcraft #thefutureisfemale #ibelieveinyou

Fight Racism

i made a twitter! @/theirishfemme. go follow me!

whether you've shared your story under the #metoo hashtag or not, i'm proud of you. no story is too big or too small to be heard, and your experience is valid, whether you were harassed or attacked by a stranger, or someone closer to home. sexual harassment and sexual abuse are violations of the body and that is not something to be swept under the rug - it's a scary thing, and the immense number of people that have spoken out through the #metoo trend just shows how big a problem this is. for example, did you know that 1 in 4 women will be sexually harassed or assaulted before the age of 22? (although let's not forget that this can affect men too). and what's even scarier is knowing that so many people will still choose to heal in silence because victims are so often faced with shame, ridicule or complete dismissal when speaking out. we need to do better. no one asks for sexual assault, and no one deserves it, and i hope that society will one day evolve into a safe - or safer - space where people can come forward and not be accused of lying or overreacting.

#feminism #feminist #intersectionalfeminism #intersectionalfeminist #equality #equality4all #rapeculture #stopslutshaming #sexualassault #rape #sjw #socialjustice #activism #activist #bodypositivity #selflove #mhawareness

... worüber wir dringend reden sollten: Sexuelle Gewalt definiert sich nicht ausschließlich über (physische) Übergriffe. 'Nein heißt: Nein!' ist super, aber auch selbstverständlich - dass dies gesetzlich festgelegt und abgesichert sein muss ist beschämend...!
Allerdings möchte ich hier über eine andere, subtilere Form der Verletzung sprechen, die strafrechtlich nicht relevant ist - und da ja bekanntlich erlaubt ist, was nicht bestraft werden kann: Bleiben die Betroffenen mit ihren unguten Gefühlen häufig allein zurück.
Es geht darum Sex gehabt zu haben und dann ausgeschlossen zu werden... Funkstille!
Dies kann beim 1. Treffen oder nach längerer Bekanntschaft der Fall sein.
Die Person spricht nicht mehr mit dir - oder schlecht über dich...
Angeblich bist du dann auch noch "selber Schuld", denn "du hättest dich ja nicht darauf einlassen müssen".
"Wer so leichtfertig sexuelle Kontakte eingeht, muss doch damit rechnen so behandelt zu werden. "
"Das hättest du dir doch vorher denken können. "
"Das ist doch nicht so schlimm - ist mir auch schon passiert. "
"Da musst du einfach drüber stehen. " Usw. Sind dann auch noch häufig Kommentare, welche manchmal vielleicht sogar gut gemeint sein sollen!?
Zwischen den Schenkeln von Frauen liegt nicht der heilige Gral - außer sie definiert es so!
Frauen sind sexuelle Wesen mit körperlichen Bedürfnissen, außer sie definiert sich anders!
Alle Frauen sind gute Frauen, außer sie definiert sich anders!
Sexuelle Kontakte, in welcher Art auch immer, auf freiwilliger und selbstbestimmter Basis, gibt keinem Menschen das Recht sich (hinterher) schlecht zu äußern, zu stigmatisieren und/oder schlecht zu behandeln - denn auch DAS IST GEWALT!

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