The Brown Bears far cousin(American Black Bear), can smell a human or any animal in general from up to 20 miles away.
Which is the main reason why this species is far away from entering the endangered list.
They are far away from that.
Their population reaches near 2 million in America.
And Asia holds thousands of Asian Black Bears as well.

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A wonderful gift for Christmas: survivor Thandi and her rhino family are in our Special Adoption Programme! Read more in the adoption center on our website. ⠀

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A volte l attrezzo giusto fa la differenza... 😎

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Via OECD Governance on Twitter (@OECDgov): "The illegal #wildlife trade thrives on #corruption. To help #EndWildlifeCrime, governments need to promote integrity in vulnerable sectors including police, military, customs, and government officials."⠀

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Poison Dart frogs from the rainforests of Central & South America make their powerful poison by eating toxic bugs. Their bold colors warn most predators to stay away, except for humans who seek them for decorative purposes.
The illegal trade in poison frogs for pets has pushed many to the brink of extinction. The illegal wildlife trade generates an estimated $20 billion annually, making it the largest illicit market after guns and drugs trafficking. The dire situation faced by poison frogs in Colombia has prompted an animal scientist to start Tesoros de Colombia, an organization with the objective of ending illegal frog smuggling. Learn more about this unique conservation angle through Tesoros De Columbia Sustainable Farm, which is helping preserve wild individuals to sustain the natural balance of it’s ecosystem. #StayWild #PoisonFrog #Nature #Herpetology #IllegalTrade #Poaching #StopPoaching #StopTheDemand

Undoubtedly one of the best days of my life ... so far! 🦏 very lucky that my veterinary career has allowed me to work with these magnificent animals, and even luckier to be able to share it all with this special man ❤️
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@stop.ivory evening this Thursday 13th Dec - 6-730pm @osbornestudiogallery london. All welcome. Small talk and a variety of 60 wildlife paintings hanging #africanwildlife #wildlifeawareness #wildlifeconservation

Pengarah Eksekutif  Tabung Hidupan Liar Sedunia Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia), Datuk Dr. Dionysius S.K. Sharma berkata, terdapat kira-kira 3,000 Harimau Malaya dalam tahun 1950, sementara kira-kira 500 harimau  direkodkan  dalam 1990 dan anggaran terkini antara 250 hingga 340 harimau berada di Semenanjung Malaysia.

Lihat sahaja hutan-hutan di negara kita, kebanyakannya ditebang tanpa perancangan betul, lokasi pembangunan dan pertanian diwujudkan secara tidak terurus, ini menyebabkan harimau kehilangan tempat tinggal. “Meksipun pelbagai penguatkuasaan dilakukan, kita tak boleh nafikan aktiviti pemburuan haram masih berleluasa, haiwan seperti babi hutan, kancil dan rusa, semua yang menjadi makanan utama harimau diburu secara melampau. "Ini juga menjadi punca kemerosotan populasi harimau di negara ini,” katanya ketika ditemui sempena sambutan Hari Harimau Sedunia bersama 130 murid dari 11 sekolah seluruh Perak di Pusat Menyelamat Hidupan Liar Kebangsaan (NWRC), Sungkai, semalam.


Tiga spesis telah pupus: Bali, Caspian, Java

Enam spesis masih ada: Malaya, Siberia, Sumatra, Bengal, Indo-China, China Selatan
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Any good mother will tell you she doesn't have a favorite... Any honest mother will admit that she does... BETH! One of our oldest residents, Beth has been at the center for over 10 years. She was caught in a trap and lost a leg, as well as the use of one of her wings. However, she continues to live a happy life, getting lots of love and attention from the volunteers as she hops around on her specially modified cage.

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So sad 😓 Don’t go to shows!!! 😤
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Excessive Aggression - Severe Incidents (Part 2)
More recently, in September 2012, 11-year-old Nakai was participating in a special night show for corporate groups with his half-brother, Ikaika, and tank mate, Keet. During the performance, the trio of males began fighting with one another without warning. Although an instigator could not be determined, Nakai split into a back pool whereas Ikaika and Keet returned to their trainers resulting in the continuation of the show. It was only when trainers called Nakai over for a final feeding that they realised a “dinner-plate-sized” chunk of flesh was missing from his chin – the detached flesh was later retrieved from the bottom of the pool. The severe laceration exposed underlying tissues and bone. SeaWorld provided little information regarding what caused the injury, simply contending that Nakai “came into contact with a portion of the pool” during a “normal social behaviour”. An investigation the USDA launched following the incident concluded Nakai’s injury appeared to have been caused by his jaw scraping the recessed track that holds the watertight gates between two of the pools at Shamu Stadium.
Although Nakai’s injury was not directly caused by another orca, it was a result of an aggressive encounter between an artificial arrangement of animals. Although Ikaika is Nakai’s half-brother, the pair met each other for the first time less than a year prior to the incident. Keet, on the other hand, is unrelated to Nakai and is an Icelandic-Southern Resident hybrid. Earlier in the year, Nakai injured Keet by biting his erect penis during an artificial insemination procedure. The bite caused a lengthy period of extensive bleeding and resulted in Nakai being banned from being in the pool with Keet during AI procedures. Evidently, the trio of young males lacked the strong social bonds required for social cohesion in orca society leading to a severe outburst of aggression.
Caption: @inherentlywild
Photo: Ingrid Visser

So horrible for to see many wildlife in laos has been caught and killed and very minute. The illegal wildlife trade is cause of thousand species in laos are disappearing from the nature
This photograph was collection illegal wildlife trade in Bokeo province ( north of laos). ມັນຄືເຫດການທີ່ເສົ້າຫຼາຍສຳລັບຂ້ອຍ ທີ່ເຫັນສັດປ່າໄດ້ຖືກຂ້າໃນທຸກໆນາທີ, ການຄ້າຂາຍສັດປ່າທີຜິດກົດໝາຍແມ່ນສາເຫດທີ່ເຮັດໃຫ້ສັດປ່າຫຼາຍຮ້ອຍສາຍພັນຢູ່ໃນປະເທດລາວເຮົາຫາຍໄປຈາກທຳມະຊາດຢາງບໍ່ມີມື້ກັບຄືນມາ
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Nesta sexta-feira, o @globoreporter traz as histórias de preservação que fomos buscar na África do Sul. É a primeira de duas edições que retratam um país de imensa diversidade cultural e riquezas naturais.
Reportagem: @chicojosedebrito ❤️
Imagens: @jrmaff e @fbmediahouse 👏🏾
Edição @claumartinsguimaraes e Dimitri 😍
E produção minha, pelo projeto Globo Natureza. 🌿
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