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Once you realize how absolutely precious and powerful your thoughts and emotions are you'll stop letting certain people take them over. They are only messing with them, polluting them taking up space in your head that you could use to create the life of your dreams. Take control of your mind and vibration! #happysunday #letgo #stopobsessing #youarepowerful photo by @ecclesinephoto :-)

Is FAT the worst thing a human can be? Is it worse than being vindictive or jealous or cruel or shallow or vain? I think not. - J.K. Rowling πŸ™„
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So I don't often post about this because other than being healthy, I don't like to focus on numbers. However, I find this test is pretty accurate and also it's good for me as a trainer to use this to learn. In the last month, I've just eaten very simple foods and only measured amounts to make sure I'm eating enough. I actually have not counted macros at all, not that counting them is bad, it's just a good mental break. I've counted macros for years so it's good for me to take a step back And I can measure protein to make sure I'm getting enough. **
I'm also doing a different 6 week training program also for research purposes. This test shows that body fat and weight went down and muscle mass went up. I was concerned muscle mass might be going down so this is a good indication that what I'm doing for my body is pretty great. Granted, that's something you don't HAVE to do a test for but it helps solidify things. And I guarantee I'm eating well above 1500 calories. #nutrition #muscleforthejourney #simplify #stopobsessing

Looks pretty eh? Thanks for stopping in the middle of the road and letting me click this Prar. #thingswedoforinstagramaesthetics #stopobsessing #bleh

You're probably spending too much time in your head obsessing about something that already happened or worried about what will happen in the future. Has either of these activities ever made a situation better? Spend today - just today - only thinking about what you're doing right now. Today. Everything else will fall into place. #justbe #stopobsessing #everythingwillbeok #yourneedswillbemet

Got to randomly see Dream Catcher today! There are some weird ass fans out there
#StopObsessing #DreamCatcherKpop

One of the photographers at @hellonthehill captured this shot during the event this summer. When I first saw it my honest, initial reaction was "Yikes, what a gross picture." My brain immediately saw everything I hated and critiqued about myself. I just happened to scroll past it again today, about 6 months later and I thought to myself, "You know what, f*ck that." This body does WORK. Yeah, sure, there's really zero six pack here. I've got scars and my skin isn't so tight and kind of twists and folds when I run. And I'm pale as hell and have red rashes from the heat and trying so hard. But screw that. This body ran 8.5 miles up a goddamn hill. This body made it through college soccer. This body wakes up and grinds. This body stays on its feet, and doesn't quit on me, and carries me through events and workouts that my brain doesn't necessarily think it can withstand. This body has been through more shit than it looks like and I feel like I should have a freekin bodybuilder's rock solid body despite the fact that I eat WAY too much candy. And I could sit here and pick apart this picture til the end of time, but instead I choose to be proud of this body. Why is it our first gut instinct to look at something of ourselves and immediately obsess over what we don't like? We've gotta stop that shit. Being proud should be our first thought. Always. πŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’­ #beproud #stopobsessing

These 2 girls next to me at a #deadandcompany show have taken over 75 and counting selfies! It started at 7:00 and it's intermission and they are still taking selfies! Really? Mind blown! Stop focusing on yourself! This generation needs a wake up call! #growup #stopobsessing


Are you someone who has huge fluctuations in your weight? Are you someone who has tried and tried again to cut calories and exercise more? Has that strategy stopped working for you? Can you see yourself doing what you are currently doing in 10-15 years? .
I have 2 spots remaining in our 12 Week Hormonal Fat Loss Program. .
Program starts Monday!!! Message me for details.
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Want a little secret to overcoming your food "issues"? Stop relying on FOOD to bring you pleasure. FOOD is meant to FUEL us. Do I want my food to be delicious? YUP. Do I need every meal to be a gourmet experience? NOPE. So these days I eat a LOT of the SAME things. Yummy, but simple and I might eat the same thing for breakfast every day. My goals are more important thank my former screwed up relationship with food. So while I do "love" food - I also choose food that will LOVE me BACK❀️ #stopobsessing #eggs #sweetpotato #spinach #dontforgetthecheese #notboring #becausegoals #loveyourself
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I may not be the leanest and I don't eat a "perfect" diet. I stopped caring about those little imperfections and focused on being #strong #performingbetter #cleaneating #fitness and doing the things I love. Bodies naturally develop as a result. #mommuscles #fitmom #stopobsessing #loveyourself #strength #gymtime #metime #nofilter

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That's all folks! No more scales!
12 week challenge complete...
Love and treasure my body ✌
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I learned that I have to do better. I have to be better. I can't allow my daughter to think that stepping on the scale and obsessing over the number is okay. What you see here is my 3 year old daughter weighing her baby and saying, "oh no!" Her baby is laying down exercising. She said that was a bad number. How do I explain to a toddler that she is more than a number. I can't. She doesn't understand that. I can however, live and show her what making better choices and not obsessing about the scale looks like. #morethananumber #healthylifestyle #emmanicole #bebetter #rolemodel #godmadegirls #agirlandherdoll #stopobsessing #bemore

It's ridiculous how we are being brainwashed to think that beauty has this definite size.. a shape, a colour .. and so on ! Beauty is much deeper than that ! It's intangible sometimes! #takeprideinyourself #stopobsessing #startliving #beautycomesinallcolors #beautycomesinallshapesandsizes #beautycomesfromwithin

Don't worry! They'll snap back...or not. Either way, remember to love yourself #realtalk #realoptions #stopobsessing

Got to randomly see Dream Catcher today! There are some weird ass fans out there
#StopObsessing #DreamCatcherKpop

When leg muscles start peaking out 😎😍 I used to be soooo insecure about my short legs, I was so mad when I was done growing because I always wanted long legs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ isn't that SO DUMB? Why do we criticize such small parts of ourselves that have nothing to do with WHO we are? Why do we obsess over how things look when they're meant for a more important purpose, like uh, walking and running!!? All this to say, I workout because I am ABLE, God has blessed me with the ability to thrive in this vessel, so I'm taking care of it and making it strong so I can walk out His will better in my life. Oh and side note, I happen to love my legs now - hard work and my positive self talk changed thatπŸ€›πŸΌπŸ”₯ What thing are you obsessing over that you need to be realistic about? Is there something you need to shift your mindset about? Are you working for what you want, instead of wishing and whining? .
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