I don’t talk about this often but this came up on Timehop and I wanted to just have a reflection about body positivity and share my story..
I’ve had a battle for many years with my weight - when I was a teen I was very skinny. People made passing comments “omg you’re a stick.” “How do you eat so much and stay that thin.” “Ew I can see your ribs.” “you won’t stay like that forever.” “You’re like a plank of wood.” “Ew you’re too skinny” Etc & it really got to me. I felt too thin and no matter what I couldn’t put on weight. Then I got so depressed I stopped eating much & was obsessed with losing weight - A borderline eating disorder which thankfully didn’t last too long. But I was less than 9 stone with a goal of 8st 4lbs and I’m 5”9 so ya know. Skeletal & unrealistic goal.
when I started to put on weight I was feeling better - but then came the “Omg are you pregnant?!” Comments - “you’re getting a belly” “bye bye thigh gap” “oh is there something wrong you’re putting on weight” “you need to join the gym” “you need to stop eating so much” “no wonder your clothes don’t fit” “paige you look fatter in the face!”
Being in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship caused me to gain weight, I went from a size 8 to a size 16 in those three years and boy did he remind me of it every. Single. Day.
I lost so much confidence & felt like I was so ugly and disgusting. It took me a long time to realise that it didn’t matter if I was a size 8 or a size 16 - people will always have something to say about it.
Now at the age of 26 I still struggle - I’m a 12-14 & I cringe every time I can’t do my jeans up or I put a top/dress on and my boobs don’t fit (being busty can be difficult too) and I often feel a bit shit about not being chubby enough for “plus sizes” but being too chubby for the non plus size (I don’t have the right shape for bodycon okay) but I’m finally ok with having a belly that sticks out & double chins and stretch marks EVERYWHERE - I know I don’t have typical “bikini body” but I wanted to share this photo cause I know I’m not perfect but fuck it. I wanted to share some body positivity. The only validation I need is my own. Thanks.

People like this are the living embodiment of Monday’s.
There is something fundamentally wrong with you if you get off on hurting others. What do you get out of it? One fleeting moment of power?
That’s both sick and sadistic...
And that’s why you’ll never be happy, because instead of staying in your own lane and fixing whatever is wrong with you, you find joy in making other people as miserable as you are.
That’s no way to live and flourish and grow... that’s a sad, empty existence... and I pity you. #stopit #benice #fixyourself #stopbullying #shutyourmouth #stayinyourlane #mindyourbusiness #createhappiness #dountoothers #goldenrule #bekind #stophurtingeachother #lifteachotherup #dotherightthing #dontbeadick

Terrible loss, I feel for the families.. but can we please stop glorifying suicide. It leaves people broken and you loose the ability to be able to help your loved ones, friends and family. Stop hurting others because you are hurting. It is not brave, it is not a way out, it is a way to hurt and scar the people that love and care for you. Feeling bad, having issues? It is ok! Seek help! Don’t create hurt! #seekhelpdontcreatehurt #bethechangeyouwanttosee #stopglorifyingsuicide #stophurtingeachother #seekhelp #itisoutthere #theyneversaiditwouldbeeasytheyjustsaiditwouldbeworthit #love #bethehero #;

What u need to know;
Hurting yourself is not always by knife scratches or skewered by the spikes, it's not also by say no for the foods when you are on diet.
Hurting yourself can be as you love somebody who careless for who you are.
Hurting yourself is when you force yourself to love in someone more than you can give, until you get hurt, until you get loss.
Oneday i want you to fall in deep deep deeep deeeeeeepppp love, with nobody, but your own self.
Until you make peace with yourself, until all things under the raindow is completed.
#story #storyoflife #lovestrory #lovestrong #quotestoliveby #quote #quotesoftheday #quotestags #loveyourself #stophurting #stophurtingeachother #youarethebest #youareprecious #iamprecious #liveisprecious

#Lavendar 💜 #Hosta 💚
I'm loving the variety of textures in my garden right now.
If we accept and encourage variety and contrast as desirable design elements in various art forms, why are so many resistant to accept #diversity in our fellow humans? 👥👥👥 #wearealldifferent #allyouneedislove #loveyourneighbor #findvalue #stophurtingeachother #onesizedoesnotfitall #loveyourself

We all deserve to be happy but not at the expense of others #toxicrelationships #Womentoo #stophurtingeachother

So true so learn how to share them with others cause you just don’t know who it can help Amen 🙏🏼 #wegothroughittogether #weareallconnected #weareallhischildren #stophurtingeachother #startlovingeachother #belovedearthangel

The logic behind the way I'm using social media. Yes that is my story. And yes being that I'm still alive, it happened trying not to dwell on to much but that is a human condition. This is a disgraceful time in history for this country. I genuinely feel and represent the causes and issues talked about. Im really out here wondering, wandering and trying to understand stuff in the 3 dimensional world. But to address how come my profile is such a shit show. It is not always pleasant leaving my tent with Ohkahomeys love. Or the home my family and favorite people are. Most times it's the last thing I want to do. There's people out there. Some good some not so good, depending on so many variables I can try to relate but that's not always met with a positive and it's weird. Therefore, it's inevitable to run into meanies. And absorbing that energy and misplacing it onto other people would be fucked up. Especially when maybe they're just wandering around trying to get by and find a friend to relate to themselves. So I shout things into the internet void. It's safe. It maybe things that aren't wanting to be heard, but many of them need to be said. Rather than not doing that n redirecting the distain people have for each other at another person in real life. The void can't feel my punches. And sometimes punches need to be thrown, but not at another life. So feel however you want about the personal things I say or go through. We don't have to agree on everything to coexist, but know that when I get it out, I can walk around smiling having not taken out my aggression on others. Like what happens when I step out n meet a meanie thinking they are better or entitled or gods gift to nothing, the fuck. I don't want a sugar coated profile of bullshit, to get attention and validation to walk around like the biggest jerk, I release a lot of things thrown at me on here, and information I find, to get it in the real world, in all my 3dimensional humane awesome. Would rather speak and lash out on here than at the 5 year olds I help coach, and treat them how other adults treat me. That will not happen. #fuckthevoidover #stophurtingeachother

When you speak up against bullying you could save a life. #antibullying #nobully #nobullying #gracecommunityservices #GCS #13reasonswhy #13reasonswhyseason2 #stophurting #stophurtingeachother http://13reasonswhy.info/

What I have been witnessing this couple of days are painful to watch and hear as a human being.. we supposed to be a better generation, but instead we have a major set back in humanity..we have no shame at all in hurting each other just to get what we want, we forget what is actually the most important thing in this life..HUMANITY above anything #humanity #behuman #stophurtingeachother

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