Y’all know I can’t keep this cuteness to myself! 👼🏻💙
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One aloe plant turned into 4 today and the bee pot wanted some jade. #stopgrowingsofast #beautifuldayinohio #houseplants

Happy Sunday, check out my super adorable mushroom Jammies 🍄 •
I’m feelin sappy this morning, as I scroll through and see other moms’ posts of their children talking and walking and growing it reminds me how quickly those moments are approaching with Everly. She already has such a silly personality and while I can’t contain my excitement about hearing her sweet voice say mommy and watch her grow..I just want to wrap her up and snuggle her as my baby. My baby who will one day be too big for me to wrap up in my arms and snuggle. Being a mama is the greatest adventure I’ve taken. #girlmom #motherhood #parenting #babiesofinstagram #sappy #jammies #blog #sunday #2018 #mushrooms #smiles #bestie #stopgrowingsofast #greatestadventure

"You'll be his first kiss, his first love, his first friend. He's your whole world. He's your little boy "❤️ #blessed #iloveyou #handsome #quotes #momandson #stopgrowingsofast #favsnapfilter #mybigboy #myson

Officially wearing 3mo clothes and he ain’t even 2 😩 #stopgrowingsofast #chubster #miguaguaestácreciendo #handsomebaby #happybaby #terecontraamo #mivida 💙💚💙 @bean1223

How is this gorgeous girl nearly two??!! 😍😍😍 #stopgrowingsofast

A mothers love for her child can never be explained, you have to be one in order to understand one. #mybabyforever #stopgrowingsofast

What can I say, the kid loves to read 🤓

She looks like she is up to no good right? She was playing with her feet. Everyday she surprises me with what she can do! She's getting so strong and independent when it comes to pulling herself up to a standing position.
As you can see, sitting up like a big girl. Her favorite word you ask? Ma-ma💞That just really makes my heart melt😭 She's been eating solids for about 2 weeks now. Not alot, but she's been taking small bites. Before we started solids, I would always get questioned "when are you gonna start giving her solids"? As if there is a magic time that they should absolutely be eating. I gave her solids based on her curiosity just like I started giving her sips of water a month ago out of her curiosity for it. Let me tell you she loves water💦
Don't let people pressure you into doing things with your baby based on their created timelines. Your little one will let you know when they are interested and ready to eat! The same goes for crawling and walking. My baby gets up on her hands and knees, but to crawl on them, she would rather drag herself forward🤣 Just like adults, they have likes, dislikes, and favorites. Don't be so hard on yourself if your baby isn't doing what your instafriend baby's doing! Its all about meeting milestones and baby growing happy and healthy that counts the most in my book!Happy Sunday 💕

Behind every little sister is a big sister. Standing behind her holding a racket saying:“You wanna say that again?“

💜 Spidey Heidi 💜

Where’s the time flying!? 1 month already! @antonio_larocca ❤️#nicolaadiel #onemonth #babybubble #timeflies #stopgrowingsofast #babyboy

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