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I woke up this morning feeling a bit anxious. I've had a lot on my mind about ambitions, goals, purpose, and life in general, but I've been so stimulated by all the new people and new things around me that I've been ignoring these things. This morning I think my mind finally demanded I slow down to consider these thoughts. I took the time to sit quietly, then went for a long walk by myself exploring the little town I'm in. I'm an introvert by nature, and I discovered that what I really needed was time alone to nurture my feelings and re-center. No matter what stage of life you're in, be it a really hard time or a really exciting time, or maybe just a seemingly mundane time, you need to continue listening to the voice that tells you what you need day by day.

Balance is 🗝. A buddy of mine recently asked "are your unhealthy habits balanced out with your healthy ones?" I thought this was such a great question since You are the decider of this balance and I think we all subconsciously know when we are out of alignment. It's whether we listen to ourselves or not is when we start to live a more consistently healthy and happy lifestyle. Ask yourself this question and answer truthfully 🤔 @acrosprout 🌱 and I playing with balance ☯️ photo by @kestyoga

|| MOVING THROUGH MONDAY || In order to fit in meditation, yoga practice and a workout today, I knew I needed to be on top of my timings and also create more space in my day if possible. That meant going to bed at 9:30pm and waking up at 5:30am this morning, something that I'm more than happy to do if I know that it'll keep any stress away. Sometimes we forget that making such simple changes can have the biggest effect on our day. Going to bed early doesn't mean you're "boring", it just means you're in tune with what your body needs and you are setting yourself up for a more productive day. 🙏🏼😴
Wearing: @aloyoga (shorts from @sportseditteam) on my black @yogi.bare mat. ✨

Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren't your problems. You stay kind, committed to love and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say, don't you doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep shining like you always do. ✨✨ .
All white in @aloyoga
Photo @bentleycreativeagency

Today was supposed to be the day for my brother's race (he's a triathlete, the strongest I know😘 @gipsy_runner) but an awful storm made it impossible to continue. They could just swim and when they came out of the water it was raining like crazy, the streets were completely flooded...so they had to cancel for the athletes safety. I felt so sorry for them even if it was the right thing to do in that moment...All I could think about was all their efforts that were vanished in a few minutes, many of them trained all the year just to make this difficult race and they couldn't do it, even the team whom organized the event was so very sorry...So our day has been totally different from how we expected to be but well...life is so unpredictable and I think the only thing we can do is to decide how to react to those situations and take the best out of them even if sometimes is harder then others.
That said, after a nice nap this afternoon I went for a short power walk with my sister and we hiked up to this hill where a gorgeous view was waiting for us😍So magical✨

Top I'm wearing: @satyayogawear
#stopdropandyoga #yogasana #splits #breathtakingview

If you don't t share good knowledge in our dark time, it's also if you hide from the hungry in the ruthless desert the location of the source of life-giving water 🐫🐳🌴🌎🌞 • Thank you dear @zorba_reborning that you tag me to #stopdropandyoga 🙏🏼 Passing the tag to @v_to_the_ickletoria @yoga.reills @daniielaa_sk @jaziiyogi7_ @omwoods @theyogilina 🌙 Не делиться благими знаниями в наше тёмное время это как скрывать в беспощадной пустыне от жаждущих источник живительной воды 🐫🐳🌴🌎🌞 • #tolasana #sdy #yogateacher #hathayoga #namaste #iloveyoga #yogalife #myyogalife #yogagirl #yogini #omm #aum #yogadaily #yogainspirations #indialove #namaskar #yogagram #yogalove #yogalover #yogajunkie #yogaposes #намасте #осознанность #йогакаждыйдень #йогажизнь #аум #хатхайога #всебросьийога #толасана

🙏🏼 namaskar done right 😘 #tamilyogi

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but a good amount of it actually is. I've written a few chapters in my life on loss, pain, and darkness, but this chapter of my life, it's called happiness. I have a feeling it's going to be a long one 🌞🌊 | pic: @apolloer

🇦🇹 Asanas (= Yogapositionen) sind Werkzeuge, nicht Ziele. Mehr Kraft oder Flexibilität können Ziele sein, die man durch Yoga erreichen möchte. Aber um das zu erreichen, braucht man andere Qualitäten wie zum Beispiel Geduld oder Akzeptanz. Ich kann eine Asana lernen - aber es wird der Tag der kommen, an dem ich sie vielleicht nicht mehr machen kann… und was dann? 🤔☺️
🇺🇸Asanas are tools, not goals. You can have goals of flexibility or strength… but to reach it, you gotta practice more subtle qualities like patience or acceptance. I might master an asana one day but the day will come when I cannot do the pose anymore… and then what? 🤔☺️
@lisabreckner.fotografie #yoga #doktoryoga #yogavienna #yogaeverydamnday #fitflowfly #stopdropandyoga #training #fitness #bbg #handstand #armbalance #yogawien #jedentagyoga #yogaösterreich #yogaoesterreich #fit #strongisthenewskinny #workout #health #picoftheday #vinyasa #vinyasaflow

#std #stopdropandyoga для @yoga_malina 🖤
Передаю эстафету всем желающим 🌟🙌🏻
А по промокоду "kim" вы можете получить скидку на чудесный йога коврик в @art_yogamatic 🖤

Tagged by @markbendy 🤸🏻‍♂️ to talk about 10 non-yoga facts of myself 〰
1. I love sugar! I could eat processed sugar all day all night long. I’m talking desserts and drinks such as waffles, ice cream and sweet cold drinks. All that sugar go to my stomach despite me looking skinny (true story lah!).🤰🏻
2. Matcha For The Win 🍵
3. I have the best sister and family in the world. I could talk all shits and bananas with her and doesn’t get judged. Love you so much @msrinasim 😘❤️
4. I used to dance hip hop for awhile. Champion of 2 Para Para Dance Competitions. 1 in which I appeared on Channel U (before Mediacorp’s integration) when I was 16.
5. I majored in Communication Design and worked a short stint as a Graphic Designer before transitioning to marketing and later managing students in the education industry. Thinking the corporate world didn’t quite suit me, I left to pursue teaching yoga full time. 🙏🏻
6. Self-taught photography as a hobby and enjoy snapping pretentious artsy shots. If I don’t do yoga, you would pretty much be seeing me messing with my gears or sing. 📸 🎵
7. Enjoy messing my hair with my own hands — from cutting/trimming to colouring and dyeing since est . 2015. 🔪✂️👨🏻‍🎤
7. Love Neko Chans (Cats 🐈)
8. Tech Geek — I may not look like it but i’m pretty good in techie stuff from assembling computer peripherals to tech news (of cos must be something that interests me lah).
9. School bully victim ➕ broken family — growing up was never easy for me but I pressed on and grew up becoming the person I am today with terrific support system from people whom love me and people whom I LOVE — I don’t drown in self-pity, I became strong, tougher and happiest! ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
10. Introvert — as outgoing as I may be seen, I never used to speak more than a sentence to strangers/acquaintances but only opened up more in my uni days. I would totally enjoy my own me-time occasionally just eating alone, shopping alone, dazing alone. Staying true to the roots of an INFJ. 👨🏻‍🎨😉

Tagging ❤️✨ @branstands @_thetravellingyogi_ @the_bluehanuman @colourrun @brandyontherock to 参加 in this IG sesh only when you all have the time. ⏳

- 🎨 a r t n o t a d s 🎨 -

PROGRESS | After my operation, 6 weeks ago, my wrist felt like never moving right again, but now it’s regained most of it’s rom and is well on it’s way to practicing arm balances. Chaturanga is about as close as it gets. On top of that, yesterday I rode my fixie without any pain ☺️
#yoga #stopdropandyoga #selfie #asana #chaturanga #fourlimbedstaffpose #flexibility #strength #balance #ashtanga #yogaeverydamnday #fitness #justdoit #inspiration #vsco #vscocam

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf 🌊 -
#yoga #yogagirl #yogapractice #yogaeveryday -
Wearing @beyondyoga
Practicing on my @liforme mat

Ну я как всегда. Ещё месяц назад пришла #всебросьийога от @torako_ren, а я только сейчас отдаю. Да, эстафета не простая, а #минуткапоэзии.
Оставлю стих современной поэтессы Граты:

Мне не стоило быть человеком, я это знал.
я смотрел, все смотрел на величие бурых скал,
что отныне и впредь настала моя пора –
я теперь гора.

облачился в гранит и мох на себя надел,
я теперь выше всех, и небо лишь – мой предел.
мне не нужно теперь ни жить, ни любить, ни ждать.
я могу теперь не дышать.

я гора,
а горы не могут думать,
им не снятся сны, их не хлещет сумрак.
я гора,
а горы не могут плакать.
только камнями – камни не нужно прятать,
и лавинами – их можно сеять всюду,
и никто не поймет, почему, откуда
столько снега сошло на безликий город
в этот дикий собачий холод.

я гора.
я стою. меня лижет солнце,
со своими ослами здесь бродят горцы.
перелетными стаями кличут птицы.
я гора,
а горы не могут спиться
от того, что кем-то они забыты.
я гора –
центральная часть орбиты,
по которой слоняются люди, кони,
и на чьих валунах столько гнезд вороньих,
что не вижу ни в солнце я, ни в грозу,
что творится вон там, внизу.

я гора.
у меня родники по венам,
вместо крови людей, одиноких, тленных.
я гора.
меня бьют, меня хлещут ветры,
обдувая мои восемь тысяч метров,
но старания их пропадают даром –
я не чувствую боли от их ударов.
я гора.
я огромен, велик, недвижим,
и на склоны мои само небо дышит.
мне не нужно ничто, и никто не нужен,
я могу говорить прямо Богу в уши.
я гора.
я останусь горой навеки,
лучше быть серым камнем, чем человеком,
не искать, не бежать, не любить, не верить,
не считать, как камни мои, потери.
чтоб не чувствовать.
просто вдыхать просторы.
а вокруг
только горы,

Передаю эстафету @shilkomylko 😉

Teaching yoga at music festivals is about as well-organized as you might expect.

Which is to say, it’s less organized than Waynestock. Now, for a tightly wound, Type A Scorpio, and I’m the worst of the bunch, it’s literally the worst thing in the history of anxiety-inducing professional freakouts.
But you may as well #strikeapose.
#yoga #yogateacher #mensyoga #mendoyoga #menatyoga #brogi #imaginefestival #stopdropandyoga #backbends #backbend #dancerspose #natarajasana #atlanta #atl #atlyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaguys #vinyasa #vinyasaflow

☁️1️⃣2️⃣: 2️⃣7️⃣☁️

Let’s start our 2nd week for #startupsidedown 😍 we are soooo happy to see all your posts & comments 🔝 THANK YOU 🤗
Today it’s time for the asana that we practice for sure every time we do yoga 💕 #adhomukhasvanasana 👉🏼 foundation & alignment 1️⃣ From 4 points of support, align your wrists just below your shoulders and place your knees to the width of your hips
2️⃣ Inhale paying attention to each of your fingers and exhale as you feel the thrust of the palm of the hand with the floor elevates your hips. ↗️
3️⃣ Stretch your elbows, rotate your upper arms outward, and guide your shoulder blades toward the center of your back
4️⃣ Press your heels to the ground and turn the ischium towards the ceiling as you lengthen the trunk, open the chest and direct it towards your thighs
5️⃣ Keep the abdomen active but without tension.
6️⃣ Lightly rotate the outside of the thighs inwards
✨ enjoy this pose & feel how some micromovements allow you to feel more comfortable & free in this asana 💕
🦄Hosts: @erica.acroyoga @mariona_ventura
🌈Sponsors: @shambhalabarcelona @espaioga @picupicuyoga 💫Special guests: @ainania_yoga @arigadoryoga

Another variation of Titibhasana which always freaks people out. I love this deep hamstring stretch haha.
📷: @myp.photo

Surround yourself with positive and beautiful energy! 💗 ✨✨🙏Love you @_mayraochoa .
PC 📸by the beautiful @yokini_yoga

México lindo y querido si muero lejos de ti, que digan que estoy dormido y que me traigan aquí ❤️🇲🇽💚 Espero de corazón que todos Ustedes y sus familias se encuentren bien y a salvo, gracias a todos por sus mensajitos para preguntarme cómo estaba, yo y todos mis seres queridos nos encontramos bien y a salvo, muchas gracias!
Desafortunadamente hay muchos hermanxs mexicanxs que perdieron la vida y muchxs otrxs que han visto destruidos sus hogares y todas sus pertenencias, y por ello hoy quiero pedirles a todos Ustedes que por favor no dejen de ayudar, debemos estar unidos y ninguna ayuda es pequeña, todas las donaciones son de gran ayuda y serán agradecidas con el alma 💕💛 Hay muchas maneras de ayudar y yo te invito a que busques en tu comunidad de que manera puedes brindar apoyo a las comunidades afectadas del país, recuerda que este es el momento para estar unidos y demostrar de que estamos hechos los mexicanos, porque somos fuertes, solidarios, trabajadores, chingones y estamos llenos de amor y esperanza. No dejemos que los pocos hechos negativos que se han suscitado en esta situación manchen todo el esfuerzo y amor que hemos mostrado ante esta tragedia, no dejemos que nos dividan, ya nos demostramos que unidos podemos TODO 🙌🏼✨🙌🏼
En beneficio a las victimas la tienda @verdeamormx y yo nos unimos para hacer un taller de pan de muerto vegano el sábado 14 de octubre en su sucursal de Zona Azul en Ciudad Satelite. ⭐️El 100% de las ganancias será destinado a las victimas afectadas por el sismo, si les gustaría obtener más informes pueden mandarme DM o mail a theveganbooty@gmail.com ⭐️
Lxs quiero bootys y ánimo, mantengamos una actitud positiva, la frente en alto y amor en nuestro corazón 💖✨ PD esta foto es de hace casi un año en Monte Albán en Oaxaca, uno de los estados más hermosos de este país y también de los más afectados por los sismos, una vez más ayudemos 🙏🏼💕✨

#всебросьийога для @polly_yoga. Наше семейство все никак не может успокоиться после #hanumanasana_flow 😂 суровый двойняшный аджастмент в деле😎 Всём желающим присоединиться к игре - велком!
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Tomorrow is our 4th day of #ProgressTo8 its #elephanttrunkpose #ekahastabhujasana 💪🏽 One of my favorite arm balances 🐘. And how fun to have @YOGISURPRISE boxes as my yoga props! 😆so useful!! Check my sweets @ashley.yoga for her variation
Mesh panel zippered leggings @FLO_ATHLETICWEAR
Arm Mala from “For the Love of Yoga” September jewelry box from @YOGISURPRISE
Headband from @MAVIBANDZ use CRIZIAYOGA for sweet discount
Tank top @awakenthepeace
To play 👉🏻 Repost flyer and follow all hosts and sponsors. Be sure to use #progressto8 and tag us so we can see your beautiful photos

Day 24 - Sunday’s are for sunshine, nose strips and EAGLES. The light in me honors the light in you all. 🌞🙏🏼 #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlchallenge #empowerthenow @yoga_girl

I flew around the world twice, looking for answers. Looking for a place to call home. Till I went back to my roots. A small mountain place in the swiss alps. A place where the air is fresh, where the water is ice cold because it comes from the glacier, where community means living and supporting. A place I used to dream about but I was to blind to realize I have already found it. Life is a journey and step by step we figure it out. Nobody has the answers it's your life your journey. Be courages, go explore, get lost and find again. Nobody is going to do it for ya. So, stop thinking everyone knows better and don't listen to society. Because at the end you have all the answers deep inside of you. Sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogagirl #yogalife #yogachallenge #yogaeverywhere #yogainspiration #igyoga #yogaeveryday #instayoga #yogapants #yogapose #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogaaddict #iloveyoga #yogajourney #yogagram #myyogalife #yogadaily #yogafit #stopdropandyoga #yogafun #yogalover #yogafam #yogawear #yoganature #yogaoutside #yogajournal

Как же быстро пролетели эти выходные!💨 на одном дыхании
Так всегда случается, когда собирается классная компания, когда не скучно, когда все время занят чем-интересным😉 а так и получилось на этом загородном йога-уиенде. И вчера вечером совсем не хотелось домой😢
Поэтому главным инсайтом уикенда стало: хорошего должно быть больше! А йога-уикенд - длиннеееееее😎
Спасибо всем ребятам, с которыми мы так классно отдохнули и пойожились 🙏 с такими выходными - никакой понедельник не страшен!
#йогауикенд #ишварайога
А еще это эстафета #stopdropandyoga для @yoga_malina ❤ Передается красоточке ишварайогу Ане😘 @ishvaranna

#йога #йогакаждыйдень #асана #йогакиев #киевйога #Киев #зож #yoga #yogagirl #yogagram #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #instakiev #instayoga #asana #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogachallenge #stopdropandyoga #всебросьийога #йогавбольшомгороде #лето #мотивация

Guzel bir gunu, guzel bir haftayi gunesin☀️enerjisiyle baslayalim!! Herkese simsicak gunaydin💟☯️🕉 #yoga#yogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #yogapose #myyogalife #stopdropandyoga #feeltheyogahigh #yogalover

i was tagged by @markbendy to share 10 non-yoga things about myself! nothing exciting but here goes lol:
1. I am the youngest child although I try not to behave like one lol
2. My elder siblings excelled in school and it was stressful living up to my tiger mom's expectations. Being pressured to do well in school took away a lot of joy from learning. I kinda snapped in junior college and lost all interest in studying since then, haha
3. I played netball for 10 years as a student from P3 to J2. Netball was my form of yoga as a student. The focus needed on court helped me cope with academic stress off the court.
4. I started doing random part-time jobs (sales, admin, relief teaching at YMCA, and night waitressing) at the age of 17 during school holidays. Night waitressing was my favourite because I got to learn a lot from the exchanges with people I met.
5. I'm a licensed TCM practitioner in Singapore. Yes, I'm certified to prescribe TCM medicine and perform acupuncture on patients. No, I'm not practising TCM right now and will not consider it any time in the near future.
6. I'm an introvert and making small talk with acquaintances makes me anxious. I am perfectly comfortable with "awkward silence" if I have nothing to say to people.
7. I spent 2 years in Beijing and being a part of a volunteering project at an orphanage (that takes care of children with special needs) opened my eyes to a world I was never aware of.
8. After graduation, I got a job at a centre that specialises in teaching children with special needs (mainly autism). I loved the job but hated the politics so I left after 2 years.
9. Ken is my first boyfriend! We were housemates in Beijing and living together showed me the side of him I grew to love 😍 I went out with a few guys (jock types) in college but couldn't commit to anything more than a friendship. Ken is the first guy whose intentions felt genuine ♥️
10. I struggled with bulimia for >5 years and my teenage years were difficult with a lot of physical self-harm and bad thoughts, exacerbated by certain people in my life. I'm forever thankful to my younger self for hanging on BECAUSE LIFE IS SO AWESOME WHEN I LIVE ON MY OWN TERMS NOW 👊🏻

monday blues may blur your vision. I'd say this calls for a little change of perspective & facing the new week full on. go for it!

montagsblues & die leicht verschobene wahrnehmung. das schreit nach einem perspektivenwechsel & einem kopfüber-start in se new woche. nicht denken - tun.

17:00 vinyasa flow @oneyogawien 👌🏼

#yoga #yogi #yogafam #yogadudes #yogapractice #igyoga #instafit #fityog #igfit #handstand #adhomukhavrksasana #inversion #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #yogayeverydamnday #yogaoffthemat #yogaaustria #igerswien #igersvorarlberg #igyogi #asana #stopdropandyoga #yogaforlife #pose #montag #motivation

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