Self-care is a necessity: it is what creates a grounded, compassionate and empowered humanity and we have to start collectively treating it as the priority it is. It’s so important to me that people start to understand that self-care doesn’t have to cost any money and that it’s something you can do in the nooks and crannies of your day. As such, I’ve created a free Magic of Routine checklist to help you create a bare bones ritual of self-care (link in profile).•

If we really want to look at true self care we need to unpack our privilege. The conversation around self care needs to change so that it’s accessible to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, disability, etc.•

The buzzword of “self-care” can sometimes be overwhelming, or even misleading. We often think of it as copious amounts of time and money spent on ourselves: vacations, spa trips, gym and yoga time, hours and hours spent meditating, wellness hacks, perfectly sourced plant based foods...so much so when things like jobs or motherhood and Life starts to happen, the biggest protest I hear is that “I have no time for self-care anymore! I have completely lost myself!!”•

The foundation of any true self care practice is connecting with yourself. Without that, the rest gets sucked into a black hole of lack. Whether it is 90 seconds in the shower or 12 hours on a mountaintop, you’ve got to go within and establish a connection with your divinity.•

The next level is self-management (making sure bills are paid, your relationships are clear, the house is clean, you’re eating right, etc.). This is the one most of us want to skip over because it’s not fun. But if your business isn’t taken care of to the best of your abilities (read: it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be happening) you’re doing a disservice to yourself because your subconscious knows what’s up and it won’t let you relax into anything until it feels at peace.•

The luxurious things that do take time or money finally come after all of that, and I would venture to guess that you might find you have much less need or desire to indulge once you actually “invest” in the basics. •

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The art of listening is not to hear what people say, it is to hear what they are feeling.
Ears open 👂, I’m feeling fierce💥

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An album I wrote and fully recorded on only an iPhone Searchpartyct.bandcamp.com

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Been trying to think of a good song to cover with a bass and what better than the wonderful @ingridmichaelson this has been one of my fav feel good songs for quite some time. #music #cover #bass #singer #songwriter #producer #selfmade #stopdropandlisten

Let's talk about the gift of listening. I work as a social worker in a hospital during the day. Whenever people ask me what I do at the hospital my honest answer is: I mostly listen. It still amazes me each day, and it's an awe that I hope I never lose. I am constantly in awe at the power of listening, and witnessing someone story. Listening is something that usually occurs for everyone daily, but it is a foundation of connection and I think often goes without proper gratitude. At nights I work at Starbucks, and I am, again, constantly amazed at how the power of listening intersects with my work. I have complete strangers who open up and share with me stories of how their day went, what's happening in their lives and what is on their minds. Just yesterday I sat in a hospital room with a woman and shared tears with her as she shared her story with me. Not more than five hours later I stood behind the counter, taking a man's order and listening to a story about his son as his eyes filled with tears. Do not underestimate the power of listening. At the end of the day we yearn to be heard, and to be seen.💜🕉🌻#stopdropandlisten #twoearsonemouth #listenmore #storiesareimportant #dontjusthearlisten #socialwork #yogi #yogiswhodosocialwork #socialworkerswhodoyoga #namaste #yogisofinstagram

✖️COLLABORATE✖️Stop Collaborate & Listen 🎤🎼 (now you've got Ice Ice Baby stuck in your head 🤣) Back when my new design was drawn up by the incredible @elliewhittakerstudio 4 months ago I knew straight away @concretejellyfishco was the girl to make the earrings to compliment this collection ! We got chatting and planning straight away and it's been super hard to sit in on this secret, not just the design itself but this amazing collaboration between Renee & myself
I could not be happier with what she has created and we can not wait to show you more! #stopdropandlisten#collaborate#womensupportingwomen#mumswithhustle#resinartist#floral#karla_cola#iceicebaby#vanillaice

Meet Kristyn. Wife, mother of 5, and Associate Director of Alumni Relations at William & Mary’s #masonschoolofbusiness. “I want to be still and really, truly, empathetically, listen. I just started doing this and it is a game changer. As mothers, we often have many things going on at the same time and although people think that women are great at multi-tasking, research shows that no one, not even Wonder Woman, can really do more than one thing at a time very well. If you want to hear what your kids are saying (verbal and non-verbal) you need to stop, drop, and open all your senses to the person in front of you.” Check out the rest of her #MomStory on the blog. Link👆🏻 #stopdropandlisten #momswhoinspire #almostemptynester #experiencedmom #momlife #momsofig #workingmoms #themotherhood #MomStory #threemotherhens

Umm, hello!
Are we listening?

Or are we getting caught up in things that make it hard to hear?

Groups of people who need our love and support, who have disproportionally received the complete opposite throughout the entire history of mankind, are trying to tell us something by taking certain actions-not out of malice, but out of the desire to BE SEEN AND HEARD.
And those who support love and support for these groups of people who may exist outside of them are also taking action for certain issues to come to LIGHT. Not to be picked apart, ridiculed, and judged!!! That gets us nowhere but where we have collectively been before and that cycle is in need of an abrupt halt!
Let us have conversations AND let us learn to LISTEN.
Egos aside. The time is Now.

This is my sanctuary. I find peace and can block out the craziness of our world. I hear the quake of the Aspens as I watch a hawk soar high above me. It's amazing what you see and hear when you pause to listen. #stopdropandlisten #wideopenspaces #mysanctuary #francisut #beautifulsky

Free your mind. Get back to ground zero. Stop the spinning for a while. Try to simply listen. Listening = Respect and Love for ones own self as well as for others and all of Life. Listen. Be a patient caretaker of Life. How will you realize that your prayers are being answered if you don't pause to observe?#StopDropAndListen #MeditateToday #LOVEisPRESENT #LoveisLISTEING #SitAndListen #TakeA5MinuteMentalVacation #Relax BeHereNow

🌧Just hang with me and my weather🌧
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