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We will not stop fighting. Happy Holidays Myisha ✌🏼 enjoy it for now. We coming for you January 22nd, 2 days before our boys bday. He will get justice for his 21st believe me. We love you bubs💙👼🏼 #kw4l #defendkaulana #stopdrinkinganddriving

Moving from Palmdale to Camarillo has been a spiritual journey and one I don't regret taking, it just sucks to hear the news in the 805 like the news I heard tonight.. I send my most meaningful prayers and uplifting blessings to Rio Mesa High School and Fernando's Family.. #StopDrinkingAndDriving all over social media and support in anyway you can, as an outcome I felt inspired to write and record this just now. Still chasing my dreams everyday I wake and hoping opportunity knocks on my door so I could lead the way for others to believe not only in their dreams but in themselves. Get with your boy and collaborate on a track, I love working with unique style and even better I love to win especially as a team! Let's get these hashtags poppin' and let's appreciate life every second we can because you never know which moment will be your last. #PrayersForLife #DrinkResponsibly #ChangeTheWorld

Today she would've been 33, I should've called you and sung happy birthday to you loud and off key by now... And hear you laugh and say Thank You Shannabell!... I love and miss you. #tashatuesday #tashas33birthday #stopdrinkinganddriving #forevertasha🙏🏾👼🏾❤️

#100kicksadaychallenge day 2 of the challenge I nominated my class the best way to keep them motivated #rememberliam #inmemoryofliam #drivesober #stopdrinkinganddriving @duanebangcom

Be aware of the legal limit of BAC in your state. Just a couple of drinks can create an infinite amount of problems. #stopdrinkinganddriving #becomeaware #followthelaw #besafe

My heart has been shattered in a million pieces. My baby cousin was taken from this earth too soon at the hands of a drunk driver. I'm speechless, frustrated, and completely devastated. I remember singing to the Spice Girls and playing with Barbies. Rest in Paradise until we can embrace again. #stopdrinkinganddriving

This picture was taken two hours before our lives changed forever. The last time I would hold my son. Two hours later his life would be taken and my dreams would be shattered by the hands of a drunk driver. Today we would be celebrating his 22nd birthday. I'm sharing my pain in hopes of saving lives, let's put an end to drunk driving - Shawn #RIP Jakori #stopdrinkinganddriving #driveresponsibly

This is the car of the drunk driver that hit My boyfriend, my sister, and I head on lastnight. He fell asleep only two minutes after he had left the Bradford Tavern where was drinking before he got into his car. He was completely on our side of the road heading straight towards us and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. Thankfully we are doing fine and only have minor injuries that we know of. Not only us but two more of my friends got into Seperate car wrecks lastnight, as well, do to drinking and driving. Please people even if you have had a only a few drinks, don't get into your vehicle and take other human beings lives into your own hands. Spread the word.


We will not stop fighting. Happy Holidays Myisha ✌🏼 enjoy it for now. We coming for you January 22nd, 2 days before our boys bday. He will get justice for his 21st believe me. We love you bubs💙👼🏼 #kw4l #defendkaulana #stopdrinkinganddriving

This morning I walked out the front door and thought someone stole my van and then I saw my van and thought I'm going to get this guy before he drives off with it and then I realized this guy hit my van!

He hit it so hard that it was in part of my neighbors driveway. He was drinking and driving and is okay.
The scary thing is I could have been hurt really bad or killed this morning. I was running behind and was leaving late, if I had left when I normally do I would have been getting in the van or just got in. It happend minutes before I walked out the door.

I'm so glad no one was hurt because I love my little family way too much to leave them behind now❤
#jacksoncooper #johnnykingston #alliegrayson #ilovethem #ayersfamily #familyphotos #summernight #pnw #stopdrinkinganddriving

It's 2017 & people still acting like drinking & driving is some sort of joke. Jokes over bitches. I'll hold it down for you forever Lana. Defend you till the end. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I love you with all of me. #KW4EVER #Stopdrinkinganddriving #dk_365 #april242016

This is #bullshit #alchoholic #drunkgovernment #drunks Las Vegas marijuana businesses warned not to advertise for 'activities'
Abby Theodros|11 hours ago
Officials in Las Vegas are warning the recreational marijuana industry against any advertising that can be considered promoting public consumption.

Las Vegas marijuana business owners last week received a letter from Department of Business License Director Jaqueline Holloway reaffirming marijuana regulations.

The letter issued Monday threatens to suspend or take away licenses of dispensaries for any involvement with non-licensed pot businesses and anything "that promotes public consumption." The letter says pot businesses can't publicize marijuana yoga and swimming events, nor parties and dinners, "even if the events are held in a private residence." Holloway also labels pot consumption on tour buses and limousines "unlawful." Mike Eymer of Cannabistours.com brought his marijuana business to Las Vegas when recreational sales kicked off. "It's kind of a bittersweet or jagged pill," Eymer said.
When the county issued the warning, he temporarily shut town his events. "Some businesses or some individuals are turning a profit off the legalization of marijuana or trying to connect those activities but that's simply illegal," Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said. "The key is for sure you can't charge to provide something with marijuana," Sen. Tick Segerblom (D) said.
"They're charging to do it on private property, so if I invite you to come over to my house that's fine. But if I say come over for $25, then that becomes a public use because you're advertising to the public." But they allow beer gardens, beer festivals , and for f***ks sake they are having a Las Vegas Daiquirita Block Party knowingly the people who drive to these events will be driving drunk after. You can also put your animals into danger at the Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting. Get drunk and drive home with your pet. This government has its priorities all mixed up and need to crack down on all the idiots that are leaving these bars, casinos and drinking events drunk.#thc #bud #cannabiscommunity

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