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When you learn your worth you’ll stop giving discounts #stopbeingabitch

So my tribe has changed .... life is bit different than before .... my one constant this idiot .... and my family .... but Bremer is so much cuter than my hubby ! #stopbeingabitch

People will always bring you down no matter who the new face may be; it’s always the same game they play. It’s your job to realise before it’s too late, that they never wanted the best for you!! DEATH waits for no man. So why should you wait for death. LIVE XTREME because if you’re too soft, LIFE will be hard.. #stopBeingaBitch 🖕🏾🖕🏾

Week 4 Post Op & not going like I want it to. My complication that had set me back, keeps on setting me back 🤦🏻‍♀️ My progress so minimal that it’s hard to hold on to. My preaching to focus on progress falls short when you see none. 😢 It seems so straight forward when I want to lose weight or add muscle, the process is something I know how to trust, just not my patience. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess I have to be patient here, but having to fight against everything else is defeating. However, giving up isn’t an option, so I’m going to keep on trucking, hoping that once I start looking at progress weekly, versus daily, things be more clearer! 💁🏻‍♀️
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Its too bad the disappointment affects the kids #stopbeingabitch #manup #keepyourliesincheck #singlemomgrindin #itsafakemovietrustme 🔫🔫🔫

i think alot of people are really losing touch of what it means to be in the car game. niggas always bitchin about shit dont remember what the fuck its like to just chill walk around have fun, all you niggas who bitched about E-town not going no more cause you saw the same shit everytime etc. Now Etown gone and all of sudden yall niggas miss the shit🙄 fuck out my face, same with meets. my point is (if anyone is still reading) Just go out have fun enjoy other peoples build support eachother cause at the end of the day the car scene a giant fam. 💯 #stophating #goout #supportallbuilds #havefun #stopbeingabitch #spendsomemoney #siclubnj #2018sznyounotready

Just go for it, pussy!

Wednesday hump day 🥉3🥇1🏆..... 40 more days and I'm going to be back on stage with a new bikini 🙈🙈 this prep is FLYING by ... I'm not going to lie I'm finding it so hard to keep my training regime when I have sooo much uni work which involves me sitting down for hours when being on a cut I try and be as active as I can to burn more calories throughout the day 😢 you can only do your best I guess 👊👊 ... @massspc I'm coming for you !!! #bikini#humpday#bodybuildingscholar#unilife📚 #mass#bristol#stopbeingabitch#getonwithit

Seeing/hearing so much “treat your woman right” shit lately. It goes both ways! There are plenty of men that give the world & still get bashed for it. If he treats you right then treat him like a fucking king! My #womancrushwednesday is to all to women that know how to treat a man. Women who are loyal, supportive, positive, hard working & affectionate ✌🏼❤️ #wcw #love #allmenarenotthesame #getoveryourself #behispeace #stopbeingabitch

Week 3 Post Op & trying to fake that I don’t feel like shit 💩 Is it working? I think the filter is helping 😂 All these meds are kicking my ass & the fact that one day I do well & then the next is just crap, is really discouraging. 😒 However, I’ll keep trucking on & fake it till I make it. 🤓
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I honestly hate when people post these every week with “#transformationtuesday” but screw it. I’m pretty stoked with how far I’ve come. First picture was last Christmas (2016), the pic on the right was last night, literally 50lbs lighter and feeling a ton better. I was depressed i was medically retired from the military so i just became a fat piece of shit. One day i just got tired of my own excuses and decided to #driveOn through the injuries, pain, and terrible diet plans and here i am today. Thanks everyone who’s helped me a long the way and if i can do this, anyone can. 3am every morning at the gym pays off. #StopBeingABitch #stillALongWayToGo #gains #dietssuck #thesuck

Finally back home & my boy Bruno keeps me company while the Game Changer moves my knee for me, since I can’t do it on my own yet. He’s simply the best. ❤️
📸 @lillsa & 📱X

My old grumpy grandma. 3 years old and still a bitch. Always hissing at me. She's the only one that does it . #iloveyoutoo #stopbeingabitch #nomorefoodforyou #hissingcockroach

And sometimes it just rolls in when you are buying a cup of coffee #veryunexpected #plansforweekendcancelled #anxiety #sadnotdepressed #mustbethemilk #dontjudge #stopbeingabitch

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