Making assumptions is complicated. Sometimes could be very painful because for sure you are missing information or are judging based on your past experiences. You might be right but in many many cases you jump to conclusions that are always wrong. We should go in life lifting, building, caring, and most importantly loving. I’ve seen so many young adults suffering in life... individuals responsible are very close to them. Good intention couple with ignorance is harming. Nothing substitute the goodness and a sincere heart. We still need to be careful but don’t judge without filling the blanks. Deep your compassion for others by understanding them. You’ll be more positive, life will be more fun to be around. Forever with God ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Asumir es complicado. A veces doloroso. Deben evaluarse tantas cosas antes de juzgar porque la falta de información o las experiencias pasadas influyen de forma muy directa. De vez en cuando se tiene razón pero en la mayoría de los casos nos equivocamos. Debemos ir por la vida construyendo, levantando, apoyando, dando, entregando y por sobre todas las cosas amando. Nada sustituye la bondad en nuestros corazones. He visto tanto sufrimiento de jóvenes directamente relacionados con sus seres más cercanos. Las buenas intenciones deben estar llenas de conocimiento de lo contrario son errores que nos pueden costar mucho. Levantemos nuestro lado humano, infórmense, aprendamos a querer desde el corazón, a ser compasivos, por supuesto siempre con cautela ... pero sin juzgar porque nunca se sabe que está viviendo quien va a tu lado. Con Dios siempre! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisgood #becompassionate #sincereheart #love #stopassuming #dontjudge #value #embrace #empower #miami #minnesota #houston #weston #dios #goodness #caring

internally suffering. 🌼
🌼 🌼 🌼
#quotes #notbrokenhearted #stopassuming

I didn't make a march but I stand in solidarity with every woman who has been blamed for their own attack. Still so shocked, angry and upset that not only a barrister brought underwear into question hut a jury thought "sure makes sense so" #thisisnotconsent #believeher #timesup #metoo #trusther #stopvictimblaming #stopassuming #nooneaskedforit #mybodyismine

Be a Trans Ally, they need us more than ever. |Hate crimes are up all across the country and here in Seattle by 41%! Please check on your trans friends and stick up for those being bullied! Their lives depend on it!| #transrights #lgbtq #transyouthneedallies #allies

Gm...Stop assuming everyone knows ur problems , stop assuming everyone know how u feel on certain days , stop assuming the people u might think don't give a shit don't have problems of their own..Its also ur job to communicate with someone that cares or someone with a open ear...Someone have a Antidote , Band-Aids , shoulder , tissue , bible etc.. its up to you what u want to use.. #Dontgiveup

If you still believe in Santa and thinking that branding can be overlooked as it’s just a logo with matching colours and fonts - you are sooo behind schedule! Did you ever wonder how “they” perceive you? Hmm.. exactly) We recommend starting early, as it’s not an overnight item. 
Thank you #JeremiahGardner for this valuable toolkit for the #startup #community
Goodbye #oldschoolbranding

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Stop making everything about you...stop assuming shit...check on ya friend or loved one... #everythingisnotaboutyou #checkonafriend #stopassuming

I am phenomenal. Your jugdement of me is a non- f#%*in factor bih on God.

I have heard this so many times. What does "sick" look like? What does chronic illness, chronic pain, underlying conditions, what does that look like on the surface? It looks like me. It looks like you. It looks like any and all of us. People don't believe me. I've been told I'm making it up by my own family, while lying in a hospital bed with tubes in my chest. That I wanted this for attention. That I wanted to be sick so bad, that I somehow CAUSED myself to be this ill, all for attention. Attention that I don't get. Attention that is negative or maybe its the relationship issues it causes, self esteem issues, or maybe its the fact that I feel totally useless, maybe that was what I wanted. You don't look sick. Even when I lost all that weight and was 5'8" and 100lbs, it wasn't they thought I was sick. They all thought I was on drugs. Drugs. Yeah. I wish. They all talked and rumored and no one came to me. No one asked if I was okay. No one said they were worried. No. They called me a junkie and watched me suffer my illness alone. "Well we didn't know. You don't look sick." No you didn't ask. You assumed. Now my heart is failing. My aortic valve is malfunctioning and my aorta is dilated enough to be an aneurism that now requires consistent attention and testing. They said optimistically 5yrs before I need full on open heart surgery. Realistically between 6mo to 3yrs. I'm 33. I didn't ask for this. I just want to see my babies grow up and graduate and have kids of their own and be successful. I wanted to be an old woman baking cookies, getting high and kissing my old man husband someday and I'm not sure I'll ever get to. Its hard enough to reach out and tell anyone my story let alone to ask for support, love, patience, understanding. Its hurtful and damaging that when I do, I'm told I'm exaggerating. I'm told I'm fine. I'm treated like they don't have time to listen to me, I am a burden to be bared but I am the one who is always there for everyone. Who is there for the person who is always leaned on? I don't get to lean, I BEAR IT, OR I CRASH AND BURN. So when you catch me crashin remember to tell me I still don't look sick when I'm a wreck.

Don't get shit twisted if yhu don't know the real story 💯(.) #StopAssuming Shit From Yhu Got To Turn Out True When Yhus Always speaking LIES since the very start !😴

"The curious mind naturally makes assumptions based on what it sees, but instead of satisfying its curiosity by asking questions, it chooses to believe its own assumptions and completely disregard the actual truth. In the end, it wasn't the curiosity that needed satisfaction but rather, it's the ego that found satisfaction in boasting about knowing something "better" than anyone else, even though what it knows is only assumptions, not the truth." #stopassuming #askfirst #choosethetruth

If you are not living your best life emotionally, physically, spiritually,mentally,and financially then mind your own business and keep your opinions to yourself. “He say she say is annoying” Your main goals should be you! Honestly I don’t care what’s going on in other individuals lives because I am so busy keeping mind on track. Therefore unless you come to me for coaching and guidance”purpose and passion” I and not sitting around concerning myself with other people lives. Individuals spend so much energy assuming and minding other people business that their own lives are HOT mess. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and focus on becoming a better YOU.#mindyourbusiness #trusttheprocess #opinions #lifecoachro #becomeabetteryou #stopgossiping #stopassuming #stopjudging #liveyourbestlife #happiness #mentallystrong #spirtualawakening #trustgodsplan #knowyourway #protectyourpeace #protectyourself #protectyourenergy #focusonyourself

What media 📺shows you VS the reality📍
Look closely👀
🙄This is what happens when u dont research n just believe whatever u see on the #socialmedia 📲or #news .📰📺
You gotta look at the both sides of the story.

Guys please #research 🌐💻📚before u believe. Use the brain💆‍♀️💆‍♂️we all have one🧠😉 #stopstereotyping 🚫
#stoplabeling 🚫🏷
#stophating 🚫
#love 💚
#peace 🕊
#dispellingstereotypes #stopassuming #stopjudging #lovenothate #brain #commonsense #exploretheunexplored #travel #wordsofwisdom #racism #islamophobia #gunvoilence #foodies #story #believe #beyourself #reality #standupforstandingout #bewise #instagood #wisdom

Yes someone is born as a male or female but that doesn't mean that not how they feel 🚻🚫🌈

#stopassuming #gender #sexisdifferentthengender #betrueandbeyou

This is confirmation! I was talking to someone about this earlier. Just because she wears makeup that doesn't mean that she's fake. Find out what's going on in her heart and head. And just because she doesn't wear makeup does not mean she has a pure heart....stop assuming and start having a real conversation love! You'll never know what a person is truly thinking, feeling or battling. #stopassuming #startasking #freeyourmind #letstalkforreal #seriouslythough #grownfolksaretalking #matureconversation #digdeeperhomie #shallowthinking #whosthesuperficialone

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