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Domestic abuse
Financial abuse
Molestation by church
Child abuse
Albino persecution
Police brutality
Sex trafficking

What has Our World turned into... #Deep_Meanings...
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I salute The Frankel 8 for their voices, courage and determination!
This is a victory for all.

Allegations of sexual assault can be pursued at any time and are no longer restricted to 20 years‚ the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has ruled.

Eight alleged victims of the late philanthropist Sidney Frankel‚ who accused him of assaulting them when they were children‚ have won their case to change the law that limited sexual offenses other than rape to a prescription period of 20 years.

The eight have an ongoing civil case against his estate.

Section 18 of the Criminal Procedure Act imposes a prescription period of 20 years in which to prosecute a sexual offence other than rape.

Acting Judge Claire Hartford found this restriction to be "unconstitutional". The Constitutional Court now has to confirm this high court order to make it law‚ said attorney Ian Levitt. The confirmation is expected very soon.

The judge has given parliament 18 months to remedy the law that has a statute of limitations on sexual offenses.

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Our video is finally up. In this video is a real life based story where a victim is still recovering from abuse that happened to her, we also interviewed the public on their thoughts of abuse, on top of that we included our own reflection that we have learnt what abuse really is.
Share this video if you are against any forms of abuse.

Dont Be Silent; Stand Up Against Abuse

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This has been around IG and Aunt Bea and I want to express how sad this makes us feel. Pray for Max. Mommy gave us extra hugs.

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Thank you to everyone who made yesterday's #StopAbuse March a huge success. Read more on http://m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/abusers-are-trash-poster-at-anti-abuse-march-20170527

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Congratulations to @reeceodum and @th_authentic "The Last Time" team! This was such a great movie about domestic violence and the issues of physical, verbal and emotional abuse. As the counselor in the movie stated, a victim of abuse must understand the abuse is not their fault. Often times abusers were exposed to abuse themselves as young children and the abuse they dish out to their victims is a mechanism to cope with their own emotional pain and damage caused by abuse they themselves suffered or witnessed long ago. Abusers are often extremely sensitive to criticism and want to prove they are worthy of everyone's love and admiration. They often employ various triangulation tactics (using other women or other men) to create feelings of jealousy, rivalry and insecurity in their relationships and often use everyone around them as pawns. (Emotionally healthy people don't purposefully invoke feelings of physical pain, jealousy and insecurity in their relationships, flaunt affairs, or have little empathy for their victims). In some settings such as the workplace, flattery is the best method to deal with abusive individuals in an effort to simply avoid conflict. If you find yourself struggling to leave an abusive relationship please know that loving or caring for an abusive man or woman doesn't mean you should stay around and continue to be abused. When toxic people leave your life, so does negativity, fear, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. You deserve to live a life full of peace and joy. Emotional and physical safety is extremely important. Help is available 24/7 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
#thelasttimemovie #thelasttime #domesticviolenceawareness #stopabuse Thank you @officiallydaitime for the picture and your great journalism skills on the red carpet!

HELP BRING AWARENESS!!TEAM UP & BREAK THE SILENCE!!! The world must see this!! MAKE IT GO VIRAL!! 1. #Repost this image 2. Create a caption for these illustrations 3. Hashtag #Breakthesilencechallenge & #artforacause


What's your story? Hear more from survivors of sexual abuse on 16th September. Link in bio

Good morning,

If you have ever experienced secondary victimisation from SA police or the South African courts, POWA can assist. This Saturday they will be hosting a session with attorneys to address your concerns.
Make an appointment: reception@powa.co.za

Secondary victimisation relates to further victimisation following on from the original victimisation For example, victim blaming, inappropriate post-assault behaviour or language by medical personnel or other organisations with which the victim has contact may further add to the victim's suffering.

Victims may also experience secondary victimisation by justice system personnel upon entering the criminal justice system. Victims will lose time, suffer reductions in income, often be ignored by bailiffs and other courthouse staff and will remain uninformed about updates in the case such as hearing postponements, to the extent that their frustration and confusion will turn to apathy and a declining willingness to further participate in system proceedings.

Rape is especially stigmatising in cultures with strong customs and taboos regarding sex and sexuality. For example, a rape victim (especially one who was previously a virgin) may be viewed by society as being "damaged." Victims in these cultures may suffer isolation, be disowned by friends and family, be prohibited from marrying, or be divorced if already married.

The re-traumatisation of the sexual assault, abuse, or rape victim through the responses of individuals and institutions is an example of secondary victimisation.
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WHY DOES SHE HATE ME. (Swipe to see what I was trying to do before my "loving" mother beat me with a drawer)
Addition: for every like this gets, we, together, will petition to fire Amy. #stopabuse

✨Force for Good collection✨. Proceeds for this charm go to Childhelp.org to aid in the prevention and treatment of child abuse.
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Being emotionally picked up, thrown down, lifted up higher, crushed back down further, rescued and loved again, pushed away rejected. This cycle actually triggers chemicals in your body which soon realizes to get the wonderful loving high, you have to put up with the horrible soul destroying lows. Hence when you break free it's so hard to get through because you are literally addicted to your partner. Just do your best. Be sad. Eventually happiness will return. #healing #happiness #narcissist #selflove #stopabuse #breakingup #heartbroken #addiction #selfworth #love #narcissisticabuse #breakingthecycle #positive #bethechange

It's the saddest dog in the world because Leah's not home yet #stopabuse

Art Therapy is one of the many programs we offer survivors of sexual violence as a way to find their voice. Help us keep up the great work https://neighborhoodassist.com/entry/1996947 #arttherapy #supportgroup #stoprape #stopabuse #shareyourtruth #speakyourtruth

Offering a new service promoting healing from parental narcissistic and emotional abuse from someone who has experienced it first hand #healfromabuse #narcissisticabuse #narcissist #narcissiticmother #narcissiticfather #freshstart #love #selflove #emotionalabuse #stopabuse #holistichealing #youdeservebetter #peace

Exactly. Men, don't treat the person you're suppose to love, badly. Ladies, don't allow a man to treat you bad. But at the same time, women don't treat the man your suppose to love, badly either. If you truly love someone, you won't try to hurt them & you definitely don't destroy them or that love.
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Domestic abuse
Financial abuse
Molestation by church
Child abuse
Albino persecution
Police brutality
Sex trafficking

Many people have a strong grandmother, aunt, mom and godmother. Did you have someone if it wasn't your mother to be strong around you? Are you a maternal figure for someone? Maternal figures are so strong in a young woman's life. That figure teaches her how to be a woman, mother and friend. When we have to find that out on our own we stumble around and eventually figure it out. Cheers to every maternal figure in our lives.

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