one of our team kids, zach, pullin’ on some send city routes- the routes are still up, so send your projects!
#stonesummit #ssclimbing #sendcity #kennesaw #climbing #rockclimbing #sportclimbing #stonesummitclimbing #stonesummitclimbingteam #climbingteam #atlanta

Fun comp at high point today #stonesummit #stonesummitclimbingteam

snacking and training with caleb from our summit elite team at saturday practice. #priorities

Competition season is here...

Thanks to the folks @highpointbirmingham for snapping this rad pic of me from the Vulcan Cup last December! I'm looking forward to attending as many of the national cup series events as I can this boulder season.

In the meantime I'll have plenty climbing events to occupy my time, like Chuff Fest @escaladerockclimbing tomorrow! It's gonna be a good one, so don't miss it...

Missed these ones a lot, even just for two weeks.
Sorry Olexiy's head got blocked. You're in the mix too, buddy!
#stonesummitclimbingteam #crazyeyez #newuniforms #lookslikeasoccerteam #butwaylesscoordinated


What an amazing day!!
1) Tried a hard boulder in Chattanooga. Made some good progress on it but cooler temps are definitely needed!
2) Drove to Dayton Pocket and bushwhacked my way to an awesome viewing spot to watch the eclipse at 100% totality. Enjoyed a ripe Ga peach during the event too 👌🏼#greatamericaneclipse 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔
Literally one of the prettiest things I've ever seen!
3) Coached an awesome climbing team #stonesummitclimbingteam
4) Finished the day off with some moderate training (love-hate relationship). Although feeling progress is so rewarding!!

Not a great photo but I don't think any photo comes close to how beautiful it actually was! But please enjoy a screen grab from a time lapse I tried to shoot. This is right before it got really dark.

Sharks and Menos for the warmup! #stonesummitclimbingteam

Promoting straight arms and climbing with your big toe and heel with coach Caleb! #stonesummitteam #stonesummitclimbingteam #stonesummit

The ants are actually campers #bugslife #teamsummit #stonesummitclimbingteam

This picture was actually taken in 2017, not 1995... summer camp Show-and-Tell rules #stonesummitclimbingteam

Just after boulder season this year, @zachgalla made a couple changes to his competitive climbing. He ditched his blonde hair and started training with us on the #stonesummitclimbingteam.
Sport and speed climbing have historically not been his jam. But he's been putting in the work in the form of laps, commutes to Kennesaw, and taking beatings from Claudiu.
Some of the qualities that make Zach exceptional at climbing are his stubbornness and drive, but they can often keep him locked into habits and styles that don't push his competition training. That being said, we want to take a break from burning him to commend his recent change in disposition. Over the past couple weeks and our #prenationalstrainingcamp this guy has made a decision to take coaching and training with a different attitude. He takes suggestions and direction and really applies them. In some subtle ways and not. This is a hard thing to accomplish while keeping intact the things that make you great.
We're excited to watch you compete this weekend at #usacsportspeed, Zach!

#usaclimbingtakeover #pointyourtoes #bringbackthehighlights

Meet #stonesummitclimbingteam member Ella Tillery.

She rolls into practice in basketball shorts and a smile, asks everyone else how they're doing(and mines them for gossip), then gets down to business. What's most special about her lately is the work she has put into her mental game and competition preparation for #usacsportspeed. Our juniors look like noobs when they step onto the wall next to her.
It's not often you find so much personality and drive in such a young person, and a list of adjectives would not begin to describe her. So we'll leave you an assortment of photos instead.
#tryhardface #dontmesswithherlittlebrotherorelse #usaclimbingtakeover

Getting excited for our teams as Nationals are just around the corner! #stonesummit #stonesummitfit #stonesummitclimbingteam

Alrighty parents who is paying attention? What does this spell and which one is your camper!? #stonesummitclimbingteam #stonesummit

Alrighty parents who is paying attention? What does this spell and which one is your camper!? #stonesummitclimbingteam

Ropes on ropes! They'll be ready for bed after today parents.. I can promise you that. #climbingfordays #stonesummitclimbingteam

Channeling our inner monkey at Stone Summit Atlanta Summer Camps!!! #stonemonkeys #stonesummitclimbingteam #ssclimbing #stonesummitteam #summercamp

Climbing games and auto belays 💯#stonesummitclimbingteam

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