There is beauty in my struggle (Just not in that face on the left 😂). From my life, to my weight, to my career, to my health, to my education, to my relationships...nothing has ever been easy because if it was easy, who would really want it. I got this thing. You do too. We aren’t our mistakes but we can be our solutions.
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Today's mantra 🙏 As cheesy as it sounds, we only get one life to live, so why live life wondering "what if?" Get out there and and get out of your comfort zone at least once today. What's the worst that could happen?

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Cancel out ALL fear. We have to pray harder than ever; we have to love harder than ever; we must create more peace now than ever. My prayers goes out to those families in Florida who were victims physically, mentally & emotionally. May the Lord be with you, in Christ Jesus’s Name.🙏🏾 Everyone, declare over your family, especially your babies daily Isaiah 54:17...No weapon formed against us shall prosper! #StompOutFear #StompOutViolence #LOVEMORE #WeMustForgiveAndPray

Important Post:
For the last 8 years I have pursued music and I have had many highs and also many lows. As I reflect though, I came to the conclusion that I’ve let fear hold me back. By the sense of I kind of wait for opportunities to find me instead of really challenging myself and stepping into a state of the unknown and the fear of you don’t know what’s going to happen. But, you know that this is your dream and that you want this more than anything and that this is what you were made to be doing. I know over the last 8 years I have auditioned over 25 times for reality music shows and I’ve messaged back and forth with music labels and I’ve really been strong in posting covers. But I feel as though I may have gone as far as I can with that in a way. So I am making a promise to myself and you all who keep me accountable and who constantly support and encourage me that 2018 is the start of taking risks, taking chances, opening myself up to new opportunities wherever they may come from in music. I’ll be working super hard to create original music and collaborate with those who want too. No more sitting back and waiting for my moment, it’s time to really put in the work and go hard or go home. So if you wanna work with me or write or collaborate or something, please let me know. I wanna push myself more than ever before. #music #life #mypassion #mydream #aintnostoppingusnow #nashville #crushfear #stompoutfear #countrymusic #countrysoul @atlanticrecords @capitolrecords @universalmusicgroup @radiodisneycountry @aimpnashville @bobbybonesshow @silveradorecords @picklerandben #picklerandben @cmt @cmtcody @bobbybonesshow @mrbobbybones @radiolunchbox @radioamy @alliej0308

#boxjumps #killfear #stompoutfear sometimes you need defining moments in crossfit to move forward . Box jumps have always been my fear . Make every rep count . This was my True RX today

"Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self. Clutter can rob you of your peace of mind, make you sick and defeat your purpose before you even begin." - Eleanor Brownn (©2014 Eleanor Brownn eleanorbrownn.com)

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Today’s free giveaway! This onyx mala is looking for a home. Comment below with why you need this “powerful warrior stone” (in 20 words or less). If you have a friend who needs this stone- tag them and tell me why. They could win too. I will pick a winner tonight and message you for your mailing address. #onyx #stompoutfear #destroynegativepatterns #makeitmeaningfull

If LOVE didn't create it, then its not real.
If love didn't create it... then its NOT. REAL.
In my experience "WHO or WHAT we really are" is LOVE. And we were created in LOVE and by Love. Oftentimes we mix this all up into a big MESS instead. We think we have *a need to be loved* or *a need to love* instead of just *BEING* love. We give into FEAR; we create a story of LACK, we try to CONTROL, we attempt to IMPRESS. 😦

We STRIVE & PUSH & STRAIN & CONTROL all in an effort to *create* love, when all we really needed to do in the first place was STRIP way the EXCESS & come back to who we are. 😍

Your fears won't EVER serve you. They'll hold you back, though, that's for sure. BUT, if you can separate yourself from your fear and realized that fear is not WHO you are, the power it was holding over you will dissipate faster than you could ever imagine. ✨

Our, fears, our worries about the future... they are NOT real. They haven't happened yet. They don't exist, except in your mind. You might be worried about losing your job & never actually lose it. You might be worried that you won't be able to see a heartbeat on your first ultrasound & never even have to face that horror. You might be worried about the results of your test & find out you passed with flying colors. Or, worried about another kind of test, & find out that it's just fine after all, everything is benign. 🤗

FEAR is praying for CHAOS. It's calling negativity into your life. Get rid of it. Focus instead on what is good, what is TRUE, & what is pure. (Phil. 4:8) FOCUS on LOVE. 🙏

YOU create the world you wish to see. Let's make it a beautiful one. ❤️ #MadeforBrave #FaithOverFear .
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FEAR... What a powerful word! With only 4 little letters but yet it can have such control over ours lives. Why? Why do we let fear take over and ruin the life we were meant to have.
I am excited to be starting a Bible study The Other "F" Word. Conquering Fear with Faith!
Does FEAR get in your way of living the life you want to live?

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We all have stories we live by... there are no good single men... I have no time to workout... let's rewrite these stories... tear down the fears and EXCUSES and start living life as your best self....as it was intended! #beyourbestself #stompoutfear #beatyourexcuses #health4life #letsmakenewmemories

Doubt & Fear (excerpt from my upcoming book) I spoke about this during my Mix & Mingle event today. Doubt and Fear are two buddiea that like to go around messing up people's lives. They feed off each other. Sometimes they work together, and sometimes they work alone. Whether alone or together, they share a common goal-----to destroy you. Destroy your potential. Destroy your dreams. Destory your goals. They take turns whispering in your ear when your guard is down. These two horrible creatures like to remind you about your failures, your mistakes, and your bad choices. They want you to believe your future is dark, gloomy, and filled with despair. Don't you dare believe a word they say. Keep your mind strengthened with life-affirming words.

Sometimes when I share Plexus:
People don't believe me. I still share.
People tell me no. I still share.
People ignore me. I still share.

When you believe in something, that can change people's lives for the better, you share no matter what.

This isn't about selling something ... once you try Plexus, you'll love it. I'm sharing because I believe we all need more energy, better sleep, clean guts and I WANT TO HELP OTHERS... and sometimes we get so stuck feeling sick that we think it's normal and we become complacent with feeling crappy each day. We complain and post funny Facebook memes that talk about our dreaded Monday's, Tuesdays, etc, and how we need coffee, and celebrate the weekend because we finally get to rest... PLEXUS CAN MAKE EVERYDAY FEEL LIKE THE WEEKEND. I don't dread Monday's anymore ... I have energy and feel great every day and I'M GETTING HEALTHY EVERYDAY!!! #plexusislegit #passionforplexus #guthealth #mompreneur #mlm #nofear #stompoutfear #probiotics #inflammation #bloodsugar #nutrition #lifestyle #wellness #inspiration #mindset #leadership #fearless #love

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