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What are people's preference over or under? I prefer over, I find it dead uncomfortable having the bag under but jeans don't sit right when the bags over because my bag stops me being able to pull them up enough. Is it something you get use to over time? I don't really wear jean anyway cause there uncomfortable with the swelling so if I do wear trousers it's jeggins but there no more comfier, I've tried the comfez belt/tube thing you put over your bag but I don't like any pressure being on my bag .. What are people's preferences/experience? Still getting use to dressing with a stoma because I've never been well enough since the surgery to get dress 😏
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Comming soon
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So here I am packing for 2, me and Roo. On Friday I will be going away for a week (for the first time since my surgery 3 months ago) am I nervous hell no! I would have been if my bottom was still attached to the toilet and I had to some how make a 5 hour car journey to Wales without shitting myself. I bought this fold up, hangable cath kidston case with lots of different pockets just before my surgery thinking I'd have to carry this big thing with me everyday. Oh I was wrong. I do think I've been rather lucky when it comes to leaks, well amazingly lucky I've had no leaks since my surgery which is fab because prior to surgery I was informed I would leak everyday and ruin my best tops. I do think it's all down to working with your stoma nurse straight away and finding the best products for you. It's still a little daunting going away from home, your stoma nurse, all your pack up products, your local hospital, surgeon and consultant but at some point you have to start living. I'm taking away with me, double the amount of bags so 14, 60 dry wipes, 15 skin cleansing wipes, stoma powder, 14 slim rings, 14 poo bags, my scissors, 1 adhesive remover and my stoma paste. I'm not going abroad this summer I think I'd have a panic but I feel secure enough to leg it to Wales and I know my boyfriend will immediately drive me back home if anything goes wrong. Just because I have a little bowel hanging out my tum doesn't mean I'm going to stay in Sheffield my whole life. Right now I feel as free as a bird. So bring on the cold sea, sand and most likely pouring rain. #ileostomy #ileostomylife #ileostomyjourney #stoma #baglady #stomaproducts #baglady #packingfortwo #roadtrip #roosfirstholiday #roothepoo #lifetakesguts #invisibleillness #crohnsdisease #perianalcrohns

I’ve finally gathered the courage to write something Ive wanted to for a while… Im struggling to hold my tears in right now but I am seriously finally happy with my life and so grateful for getting this second chance at life.
I had all of my colon removed in January 2017, at the age of 17 because of ulcerative colitis which is a form of IBD - inflammatory bowel disease. I was diagnosed in September 2016 and was in hospital 3 times as a result of flare ups between September 2016 and January 2017. One in every 100 people are diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. UC comes under the same umbrella as Crohn's disease.
No type of medication could help me, so I had no choice but to finally accept the thought of living with an ileostomy for the rest of my life.
I was really really depressed in hospital because I thought my life was going to be the worst thing ever.
To start with It wasn’t nice seeing a see-through bag holding my poop attached to my abdomen with no way to get rid of it. But I’ve grown to love and be so grateful to my ostomy bag because It really has saved my life and it has given me a future.
When I was sick I was going to the toilet more than 20 times per day, bleeding like there's no tomorrow, not sleeping during the night because of pain and I thought there's no point me going to sleep as I'll be awake soon needing the toilet. I really thought there was no way on earth my life would be the same. 
The Doctors in Aberdeen royal infirmary were amazing, they managed to treat my disease eventually after numerous scans and camera tests and managed to find a cure that agreed with my body.
I started going to college again and have recently achieved my HNC in childhood practice and got myself a job 😀. I also have the best most understanding boyfriend anyone could ever ask for! @neckysimms 🐧 I don’t have to take any medication anymore which is amazing as before I was on over 20 tablets a day. I just have to go to the odd blood test here and there. I feel so good about myself and I’m just so happy my life is back to normal. 
People may find it weird or strange but I love my body and my stoma 💜
It saved my life. #illeostomy #stoma #colitis

I woke up like this 💁. Anyone else Fart like crazy in their sleep?! I emptied before I went to bed, in the night and still this morning I was ballooning!! To be fair I'm a pretty Trumpy Ostomate and my little bag always makes baby Velpciraptor noises ❤ Anyone else a Gas Bag?! 😂💜
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Make your own normal and go your own way! Has anyone today told you how absolutely amazingly awesome you are! Cause you are! #strongerthanbefore #insideoutostomylife #stoma #ileostomy #insideoutostomy #ibd #motivationalquotes #quote #stomawarrior #nocolonstillrollin #lovelife

Another day another barbell! Leg days kill me. But I can't help but push it to the max #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #legday #squats #barbell #instafitness #ostomy #ileostomy #crohns #crohnsfit #stoma #nocolonstillrollin #powerlifting

Day 205: Well, I am starting to envision a future in personalized #ostomy bag covers! Thanks @deniseprimes24 for spending the day with me and making my vision become a reality! 💜my new @g.i._jen bag cover!!!

It's pretty wild to think that six weeks ago today I was in a hospital bed meeting Olly for the first time. Here we are, 56 days later, and still going strong. We've certainly had our ups and downs, from enduring mid-sleep leaks and burning skin and mini-blockages to finally expanding food horizons and feeling healthier and going days without excruciating abdominal pain. But I have a feeling that even when he gets on my nerves, I will always be thankful to have him because he gave me my life back. He may not be super beautiful when he's in a bag, but I thought it was time to introduce the world to exactly how he and I look together. Happy six week anniversary Olly ! #mollyollyostomy #ileostomy #ostomy #getyourbellyout #chronicillness #invisibleillness #ostomates #stoma

This photo was 18 years ago, I can't wait to go back to Florida next week, can't believe how much has changed since this photo. Things are definitely different that's for sure! ✨✨

Always give yourself some #love ❤️💋 the green love-monster is back for this weeks #facial And I'm getting so much love from all off you guys and this community ❤️❤️❤️ so I'm sending some love your way!!! Together we can make the world a better place for all - especially us with a #bag 🤣🤣🤣 we are #fierce 💪💪💪💜💜💜 #ibd #ileostomy #ibdvisible #ibdawareness #ostomy #ostomybag #ostomate #stoma #thursday #crohnswarrior #stomiliv #stomie #crohn #crohns #chronic

Today I saw nanny and my cousins I had so much fun! I got to play in the big play arena and I got icecream! #hirschsprungsbaby #hirschsprungsdisease #stoma #stomababy #hirchsprungs

So today I realised that it's ok to cry and that I don't always have to be brave and paint a smile on my face. That you can and will have bad days, where all you think is why did it happen to me?! I need to remember that Ive been through so much these passed 4 months and not really spoke to anyone about it and how it's made me feel, But today I did and it broke my heart. I need to remember that Ive been threw 2 major operation and it will take time to heal and Ive come out the other side. I will only get stronger. 🔴💩🏥❤️ #badday #stoma #ileostomy #bag #nocolonstillrollin #cry #hospital #thisisme #strong

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