The next time you are in #LA and you feel the need to go to #church be sure to stop by the @thechapelweho and admire the #canvas by @ozmontania #celebrating the new @stoli #harveymilk #limitededition #bottle and enjoy a @stoli #cocktail #meetmeattheabbey #skyentology2018 #skyentology #stolipride #instagay

So happy to have such amazing friends at the Chapel @theabbeyweho tonight for the Harvey Milk mural reveal and SoCal celebration of the Stoli Limited Edition Harvey Milk Tribute Bottle! @theabbeyweho @outmagazine @katieoconnorr @skyentology @brucevilanch @officialjairodriguez @debbyholiday #meetmeattheabbey #stolipride#raisingthebar

#everytime I see this #amazing #woman it brings a #smile to my face! I ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 @debbyholiday #stolipride #skyentology2018 #skyentology #instagay

Enjoying a @stoli #cucumber and soda with @tajinusaofficial @tajinmx_oficial seasoned #rim while @ozmontania recreates his #harveymilk image on canvas to be revealed tonight @thechapelweho dying the @stoli #limitededition Harvey Milk #tribute #stolipride bottle #launchparty #meetmeattheabbey #pride #skyentology2018 #skyentology #instagay

Paraguayan artist @ozmontania hard at work on his second mural this week celebrating Harvey Milk and to be revealed along with @Stoli’s Limited Edition Harvey Milk Tribute Bottle at The Chapel @theabbeyweho this evening at 6pm! Come join us in celebrating the visibility Harvey himself championed along with special guests @cassandracass21, @officialjairodriguez , @vilanchb Bruce Vilanch, and performing live @debbyholiday ! Www.HeroesRaisingtheBar.com to RSVP . #raisingthebar #stolipride #meetmeattheabbey @rpareti @walshalison @dj_doublel @iloveeddierey @skyentology @katieoconnorr #hope #visibility #pride #lgbt @outmagazine

Awesome to run into our reigning Los Angeles @Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic champion Jon Tantype @revolverweho ! #stolikeywest #stolipride @skyentology

Join us tomorrow at the Chapel @theabbeyweho for a special Stoli Limited Edition Harvey Milk Tribute Bottle launch event and custom mural reveal by Paraguayan artist Oz Montania! And it may or may not also be a little birthday celebration for me!!!Stoli drink tickets while they last with rsvp and check in at door at 6pm, plus special performance by @debbyholiday Holiday and guest hosts Bruce Vilanch and @officialjairodriguez Jai Rodriguez!

#meetmeattheabbey #stolipride #raisingthebar

What a day yesterday! Thank you to ALL the amazing people who helped celebrate Harvey’s birthday with us and the reveal of the @Stoli Limited Edition Harvey Milk Tribute Bottle and gorgeous mural by @ozmontania @thecafesf ! Such talent in Leanne Borghesi, @debbyholiday , and wonderful guests @stuart.milk , @sachetdonna , @dj_doublel , @walshalison , Russ Pareti, Christine Pelosi, @audreyjoseph , @mangojmango , @iloveeddierey , @nikkobritto and so many more. #raisingthebar #stolipride @crazyborghesi @rpareti @christine_pelosi

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door in the country.” Hope will never be silent.

Happy Harvey Milk Day everyone! #stolipride #raisingthebar

Come to @thecafesf Tonight!
Unveiling the Harvey Milk Mural by @ozmontania famous Paraguayan muralist | Celebrate #HarveyMilkDay and The Limited Edition Harvey Milk Tribute Bottle from @stoli with @sachetdonna @stuart.milk @debbyholiday @walshalison @dj_doublel @russpareti and more 7pm reveal and 8pm celebration at the cafe! #stoli #stolipride #raisingthebar

Here is is @ozmontania , famous Paraguayan muralist working soooo hard on an almost- completed mural to be revealed tomorrow to celebrate Harvey Milk and @stoli’s Limited Edition Harvey Milk Tribute Bottle! All will be revealed tomorrow, Harvey MilkDay, @thecafesf - join @sachetdonna , @stuart.milk ,@debbyholiday, @walshalison , @stuart.milk @dj_doublel , @russpareti, and more 7pm reveal and 8pm celebration at the cafe! #stolipride #raisingthebar

2018 Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic fan favourite voting is now live!
Fans can vote once per day, every day, until voting closes on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM ET. You must log in with your Facebook account in order to vote.
The two bartenders with the most votes when voting closes will receive immunity from elimination in Key West. They will bypass the semifinal rounds and automatically advance to compete on the Main Stage Finale on June 9. The bartender with the most votes overall will be revealed as the Fan Favorite live onstage during the finale and presented with a special trophy from OUT.com. Th fan favourite winners then have a far greater chance of winning the 2018 title and prizing including 10k for their hometown charity and choice of a trip
To either Vancouver or San Diego Pride 2018!!! How do you vote?
Voting will take place at https://www.out.com/2018-fan-favorite-bar-star.
Anyone with an internet connection and a Facebook account can vote for their Fan Favorite Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic Champion.
Please see this information sheet for easy instructions for how to vote! #stolikeywest #stolipride

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