Fancy some Kanelbullar? Swipe to let me feed you! Soft, just sweet enough and incredibly fragrant; could not resist the spicy aroma as I stepped into the bakery. Stay tuned for more food adventures in Stockholm, mother of the best cinnamon buns!

🍴 Kanelbullar (Cinnamon Bun)

📍Bageri Petrus, Swedenborgsgatan 4B, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden.

🕜 Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm, Saturday 8am - 3pm, closed on Sundays

💵 25 Kr


The breakfast bowls in Stockholm cafes are to die for! Here’s a little snack I snuck in to fuel up for our day of exploring; would love to go back and try their to-die-for bowls with the most exquisite toppings. Think: chia puddings and Nice-creams with baked plums and grapefruit, cardammom, lemon verbena, tahini maple syrup, whipped coconut milk, and lots of nut butter 🤤

🍴 Banana Split greek yoghurt with toasted coconut, almonds, maple syrup, cacao nibs & chocolate granola

📍Pom & Flora Cafe, Odengatan 39, 113 51 Stockholm, Sweden.

🕜 Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 4pm. ⠀
💵 65 Kr


Missing our oh-so-dreamy breakfasts at Stockholm’s most charming cafes. Look at that Matcha porridge and avocado-rye bonanza! Just reading the menu made us drool, how bout you?⬇️

1️⃣Overnight oats with apple compote, tahini drizzle, matcha, sesame, pumpkin seeds
2️⃣Avocado on roasted Danish rye toast, Za’atar, egg, lemon
3️⃣Greek yoghurt with raw cacao granola, blackberries, orange-blossom honey, bee pollen

📍Gast Café, Rådmansgatan 57, 113 60 Stockholm, Sweden.

🕜 Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm.

💵 75 Kr, 59 Kr, 75Kr


Shanti, Touch of Bengal 💎💎💎💎 They offer a long list of lunch options. The food taste great. Mango lassi is available for drinking. Lentil soup as starter. Always full, but the wait is bearable. The group gives it 4/5.

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A few weeks ago, I went to try @philsburger new ”crispy vegan burger” (109 SEK). It made of Seitan, which makes the texture similar to chicken.
I added some guacamole to make it extra juicy and it’s a great combo, guys! Over all a very tasty burger.✨
Got a vegan friend? Tag them and let them know! 💞
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This might be one of my favorite fish and chips ever. The tartare sauce was a bit sweet, so good! Another reason you should definitely check it out is that the line was so long, everyone wanted some fish and chips. If you’re ever in Stockholm and find yourself in Grona Lund, eat some fish and chips.
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The one best way to beat the Monday blues? Takeout pizza from @vapiano 🍕🤤 (and wine, of course 🤷‍♂️) #vapianosverige

The happy ending to celebrate our happy ending.
🍯 Tea, milk and honey.
🥄 Chewy beet, liquorice bavarois, black currant and aged violet vinegar.
🍈 Cantaloupe sorbet, aspic of oxidised wine and toasted buckwheat.
🍰 Wedding cake a la @cespedes.louis xx
❤️ Fresh from the oven Madeleine cookies with cardamom and beurre noisette. #Frantzen #MichelinGuide #ThreeMichelinStars #DessertPorn #SweetTooth #FoodAdventures #Stockholm #StockholmEats #WeddingCelebration

@mminnii told me to go to this place for “the most instagramable food.” Boy does she know me well

The story continues.
🐟 Baked turbot, Alba truffle, matsutake beurre blanc, kalamansi vinegar and walnut.
🍃 Vegetables [hommage satio tempestas], whipped buttermilk, mortar herbs, fish scales ‘furikake’.
🍞 French Toast ‘Grand Tradition 2008’: truffle, ‘vacche rosse’ and vinegar aged on juniper wood.
🐦 BBQ pigeon ‘family style’: preserved blueberries, thyme, pickled mustard seeds, black trumpets and fermented peppercorn.
🥐 Light-as-air bread, proved on the table throughout the meal, baked and then slathered in truffle butter. [‘This shit is ridiculous’ - @mattwilko8] #Frantzen #MichelinGuide
#ThreeMichelinStars #FoodPorn #StockholmEats #FoodAdventures #eeeeeats #Stockholm

Into the restaurant.
🐟 Crudo: o-toro, salted plum & tomato water, fermented anchovy, horseradish and purple radish.
🍚 Lobster, crispy koshihikari rice, clarified butter and ginger emulsion.
🌼 Scallop ‘X.O.’, finger lime, chrysanthemums, pine shoots.
🥚 Chawanmushi, Frantzén prestige caviar, aged pork broth. #Frantzen #MichelinGuide #ThreeMichelinStars #StockholmEats #Stockholm #FoodAdventures

A couple days ago we revisited @bistrobarbro after a few years. Actually this was one of Gastronomy Stockholms first reviews. I remembered it being great and still to this day - amazing.
The menu hasn’t change much since the last time so we went for our favorites.
Tempura fried Spicy Tuna (180 SEK), Grilled Salmon Maki (175 SEK) and Fried Shiitake Dumplings (105 SEK).
I mentioned this being the best sushi I’ve had in town in the previous post on Bistro Barbro. Now that I’ve been around trying several other places, this is definitely still one of the best sushi’s I’ve had in town. So go and check them out!
Have a great Friday!✨ Love,
Hanna, Gastronomy Stockholm. ♥️ #gastronomystockholm #stockholm #bistrobarbro

We joined the club

🇬🇧 👇 🇸🇪 På besök i Stockholm 🙌 vart ska man? Här är iaf en Falafelbowl. När vi vart på VM i Falafel i somras vann dessa pris för mest innovativa falafel. Malmö, falafelns huvudstad, vann ingenting men vi vet alla att malmöfalafel är bäst 💙
Visiting Stockholm 🙌 what should I eat? Here's a falafel bowl that won the 'most innovative' category in World Championships in Falafel this summer. Malmö, the host and Capital of Falafel, won nothing (but we all know Malmö falafel is the best) 💙

Schnacks for schnacking.
🍇 Grape macaron, whipped foie gras, condensed port wine, Danish rye and hibiscus.
🐟 “Råraka”.
🥒 Smoked eel, cauliflower, toasted nori, pickled cucumber and parsley.
🍁 Celeriac, preserved truffle, argan oil, nutmeg and Swedish maple syrup.
🎃 Hokkaido pumpkin veloute, sea urchin, saffron, orange and sea buckthorn oil. #Frantzen #MichelinGuide #ThreeMichelinStars #StockholmEats #Stockholm #FoodAdventures

Me and Mathias were treated to try out the new meny at lovely @restaurang_haktet the other night. 🙏🏻 I was so impressed with the new dishes and the labor of love that was so obvious in each dish. (The dining room also just got a makeover & the atmosphere was warm and relaxed, with just the right amount of buzz.) ⁣The small but very well curated menu delivers sophisticated flavour combos for every palette. ⁣🍽 We shared an array of small dishes as recommended, and everything was next level delicious, but my favorites (If I was forced to choose) would be the pork rilette (omg) and the smoked potato confit...😋 Also LOVED being served newly baked bread, piping hot out of the oven, with home churned butter. No comparison to the stale breadbaskets with rock hard, ice cold butter that is unfortunately commonplace at many restaurants. Can warmly recommend a visit asap! Thank you (especially big thanks to Chef Lukas) for a real Tuesday night treat! 🙏🏻🤤👌🏻Picture 1: Steak tartar with browned butter & hazelnuts & pointed cabbage with beurre blanc and trout roe.

Trick or treat?
We think treat! BLOODY DOUGHNUTS with a Strawberry jam filling.
Happy Halloween everyone! 🍓🍩🔪🎃 .
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First course @rolfskok @lmrwine #farmstead collaboration of coal roasted celery root and winter squash, smoked apple, pomegranate & chicories paired with Long Meadow Ranch Chardonnay Anderson Valley. @farmsteadchef @johanjureskog @kippramsey #stockholmeats #stockholmfood #stockholmfoodie #longmeadowranch #rolfskök

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