#FBF to 2014 and stuffing my face with piroshky .....who am I kidding? #StillMe #StillStuffingMyFace #STnomms

We were debating whether the bread from yesterday's lunch was good or not. It made me think of this fresh baguette from Paris. There is no debate. It was good. #YesThatsABaguetteInMyBackpack #STnomms

Happy New Year! Spent our first hours of 2018 having a dram of @laphroaig whisky (smells just like being at the distillery) at our new favorite HK whisky bar @clubqing, riding an empty MTR with my favorite person @justsung (that was later crowded at 4am), and having an incredibly fun self-serve dim sum experience at 2:45am (there's a table where you get your own dim sum, DIY tea, and staff count your plates when you're done). I couldn't have spent the beginning of 2018 in any other way. #STtravelbug

Michelin starred roast meat in Hong Kong has amazing siu yuk and fantastic char siu. Almost regret having this as one of our first meals. How are we supposed to find anything better than this? #STnomms

Best stroopwafel I've ever had - not overly sweet either. And the owner's got jokes: "We sometimes buy stroopwafels from the grocery store too. We use them [as coasters] for our beers." #STtravelbug #STnomms
📸 @justsung

One year ago today, we enjoyed a chicharrones the size of my torso. #STnomms #latergram

The Impossible (plant-based meat-like patty) vs. Primetime (grass-fed kobe beef) - I usually wouldn't give up meat for veggie but the Impossible burger is pretty good. Crunchier than a meat patty, but savory and stays intact. The taste slightly reminds me of rice crackers. And Primetime is the beefiest thing we can contrast it with. Would eat (both) again. #STnomms

Self-guided tour of BBQ down in Lockhart, Texas. So. Much. Meat. Good brisket at #KreuzMarket, beautiful beef rib at @blacksbbq, and delicious pork rib at #SmittysMarket. #STnomms

Finally got to try the refreshing @churnsf ice cream on a beautifully sunny San Fransisco (yester)day. Strawberries 'n' cream and banana bread pudding with a matcha cone totally hit the spot! #STnomms #SmallThanks

Months later and I still think about these amazing eggettes made over charcoal fire. This puts all other eggettes I've ever had to shame. Forever depressed now. #STnomms #latergram #STtravelbug

Passion fruit mango dole whip - so good! #STnomms #STxDisney

Charcoal fire eggettes! From the coolest guy with aviators #STtravelbug #STnomms

Amazing ice cream from @churnsf during the @beachcottageurbanfarm tour. I'm excited to see you succeed! #STnomms #STxSF

#tbt to last month when I first had this delicious matcha and sesame soft serve taiyaki. Just saw an SF Eater article about it and am a bit bummed that nothing good stays on the down low for long any more /: #STnomms #rant #hype

Brisket and chuck patty with cheese and sous vide beef tongue for that delicious July 4th burger #LivingTheLife #GettingFat #STnomms

"There is no strong beer. Only weak men." Anchor led the craft beer movement in America by introducing these first-of-its-kind beer. #latergram

The best KBBQ experience I've had so far - waygu beef, lots of soju, and waitresses who grilled the delicious meat for us. #ThatService #NotCollegeKBBQ #latergram #STnomms

I'd have to say, best conveyer sushi I've ever had. #STtravelbug #STnomms

Why don't we have awesome character shaped food at Anaheim Disneyland? This melon Mike Wazowski bread is just one of many here! #STtravelbug #STnomms #STxDisney

This pear tart w/ honey & lemon verbena ice cream and that "Payday" inspired brownie w/ PB ice cream were the highlights for me tonight! #STnomms

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