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An obscure but fun mini-landscape of citrus trees in giant pots at the St Kilda Botanic Gardens - a bit of Dr Zeuss meets the Plain of Jars in Lao. They badly need repotting for fresh potting mix and more regular irrigation but at least there’s some signs of people doing interesting things in Melbourne’s often neglected urban green spaces #citrusinpots #stkildabotanicalgardens #citrusflower #bigpots #springday #nearlyspringequinox #urbangreenspace #canwehavenicethings #soapboxmoment

In November 1859, two years after the first council elections for the newly recognised suburb of St Kilda, the council voted to set aside 16 acres of land for the purpose of a botanic gardens in the rapidly developing suburb. Mr Tilman Gloystein won the design competition for his typically nineteenth century design of formal north south axis paths and central garden beds. Baron von Mueller, the first director of the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens, contributed several hundred plants, many of which still stand today. Over the past 160 years the features of the gardens have changed from flowered archways, aviaries and birdbaths to the lake, greenhouse, eco information centre and popular outdoor chess tables. The general alignment of the pathways remains along with herbaceous borders and a predominately European plant palette. The vintage playground equipment from the 1960’s and 1970’s is a favourite in our house. The gardens contain 810 mature trees with eight listed on the significant tree register. In the 1880’s St Kilda had a denser population that what it does now. Considerable sections of the suburb were swamplands or large homesteads of wealthy Melbournians. It is remarkable that this land was set aside and retained over this population boom, the coming depression and the ongoing housing pressures the region has faced. It is a testament to the city formerly known as The Garden State and is a wonderful asset that we encourage you to go out and enjoy. #landarch #placeoftheweek #stkilda #stkildabotanicgardens #stkildabotanicalgardens

Maybe the weather's not so bad after all.

Sunny out but still freezing my Filipino *** off
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Great day we have been everywhere man! St Kilda was great #stkilda #stkildabotanicalgardens #playground #melbourne

A flight of pigeons at the St. Kilda botanical Gardens. Its nice to see so many birds in such an urban environment. I've seen sparrows, magpies, rainbow lorikeets, blackbirds, pigeons and a number of them that I am still learning the names of. In some small way it gives me hope.

Afterthought: the phrase 'A flight of pigeons' was stuck in my head and I was wondering where that was originally from... Its a lovely Ruskin Bond novella I read along time back and will highly recommend it.
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