Seriously so romantic...newlyweds on the @cataniayachtcharters with St. John in the background. Photo by @brookeheikkila_photographer
#stjohnweddingphotographer #usvi #islandblisswedding #boatwedding #sailboat

Going home for a second to capture a sweet sail boat elopement and super lucky family. It’s been more than a month since I left for Italy, Ireland and a few weeks in Maine. I’m shivering in my rain jacket on the plane it will be so nice to feel that blanket of humidity, salty sea air and warm sun on my face. #mylifeisyourvacation

Hi! This is my sleepy face. Also I'm 34, I just bought another overall dress and the other day I told Max I want to get a baby Bjorn that holds two so I can carry both dogs while I do household chores. Ok bye!

Be so completely yourself, that everyone feels safe to be themselves too. @victoriaericksonwriter

I mean can we just take a moment for love, real real love. Guys all the love in Italy is making my heart swell, we’ve seen couples on the side of the road surrounded by vineyards in Tuscany making out with their vespa between them. Snuggling up on the steps of Florence without a care in the world, but each other.
When we arrived in Cortona I got to do a special little engagement shoot with these beautiful souls from St Thomas. Yep! Thousands of miles from home, together.

I like to take a few photos where I’m peeking through something . And these cactuses made me happy !! #cactus #sttthomasweddingphotographer #stjohnweddingphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #cactuslove

It was so hot for this wedding and the light was high above us but to spend the time with this lady made it all worth it . She probably one of the greatest women I have ever met #stjohnweddingphotographer #stthomas #weddingsinstthomas @tracyandtreavel #weddigspostponedduetohurricane

@blueglassphotography capturing the birth of a new marriage and the rebirth of natural beauty in St. John 💞 #vistillnice #vistrong #viwedding #stjohnweddingplanners #stjohnweddingphotographer #destinationwedding #islandwedding

Jess + Derek thank you from the bottom of my heart and depths of my soul for our adventures on St. Croix. It was truly a treat to get to be with you guys!! I hope that you’re enjoying your last day on island. .
Floral crown @rosestooflowers

July 3rd — Happy Emancipation Day Virgin Islands! Ya’ll know when slavery was abolished in the Caribbean it didn’t really mean freedom per say. Most people were still working the same fields and same plantations under horrific conditions, in extreme poverty. Though promised more rights and better conditions, it wasn’t happening.
I spent my morning in Freedom City / Frederiksted, St. Croix learning more about Queen Mary, Agnes, and Mathilda. Three fierce women who led the rebellion in 1878 and burned much of the sugar cane, plantation and half of the town of Frederiksted, St Croix.
Thinking of the spirit of these courageous women leading an epic uprising as I walk the land it happened on is giving me life today.

I hopped over to St Croix real quick for an elopement, and while I love being on other islands for some reason I always get the most home sick just being a short distance away. Let’s be honest, I’m also having some serious FOMO right now missing carnival. .
Here’s a little sneak from Kendall + Mark’s first married day. Cruz Bay looking like a snack in the distance. So much magic I cannot wait to share more from this extra beautiful day!!
St John, I’ll see you in the morning in time for parade.

Channeling Tulum vibes this weekend as I enter into the lush wonderland that is @the_holly_farm 🌿✨

Shout out to the incredible men in our lives who father us. The ones changing diapers without ask, braiding hair, making Saturday morning pancakes, wiping tears, instilling confidence lifting us high into the sky, and always catching us when we fall.
Special toast to the single Dad’s who do it all and to the amazing men who step up and Father children of other men. And to the ones we’ve lost living in our hearts forever. 🖤
You are appreciated.

When Meagan's Mom zipped up Meagan's dress, this was a much bigger moment than some would realize. This dress had been carried down for three generations. Her Great Grandmother, her Grandmother and her Mom had all worn it on their wedding day. What a moment, sending her off, thinking about the women in their life who had shaped them, it's like they were all right there. Meagan and her Mom put their heads together and broke down in tears. This is what it's all about. I just delivered this gallery and I was reminded that it's things like this that make me love my job so damn much.

Event Coordination: @paradiseplanning
Florals: @rosestooflowers
Venue: @gallowspointresort
Hair and Makeup: @sugarandspicesalon

Homegirl at @shopbando showed us in insta-stories the emotional scale (1-10) illustrated with selfies, something her and her mother came up with as she grew up living bi-polar and manic. (I hope I named that correctly). I’ve never really understood what those words meant, though I have known people to be living with these struggles, until she shared. It also came just at the right time when I was feeling like a 3. I think we all feel those weird sad for no reason days, or happy highs just because the sun is shining just right. Comfortable for me is at a 7-something. .
After this last weekend of 3-back-to-back weddings plus a surprise proposal on Monday that had us all in tears. My days have been emotion overload to say the least. Some days I’m good at putting up an emotional shield, Ivan’s Mom would say it’s the Aquarius, but on wedding days I cannot. Everything is felt behind the camera, I do my best work when I’m feeling it all — the happy tears as Dad walks his little girl down the aisle to her soul mate, prickle my throat. Uncontrollable belly laughter as her best friend since childhood shares the most embarrassing memories with a room filled with people including Grandma.
Wedding photographers refer to the day after a wedding as a wedding hangover. Body, mind and soul is obliterated, no alcohol needed. I woke up on Tuesday feeling like I had risen from a 4 day bender.
I took a mental health day.
Woke up slow,
gave 15 minutes to mediation guided by @brocollete ,
I’ve been eating well,
hiking and
spending the sun-time hours in nature.
I’m feeling really good and normal again, this is my face feeling mood 7.8. ☝🏻🖤

Flying to the ‘bro’ capital of the world today, San Diego to shoot a rad California wedding story — I’m stoked! Can I squeeze anymore SoCal isms into this post? Yeah, no it’s going to be amazing!! Literally perfect weather, 75 by day 60 by night.
The saddest thing ever was kissing this little guy goodbye as he looked at me with teary eyes. I closed the door and promised to be back on Monday. I wish Monster fit in my wallet. 🖤

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