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Celebrating our furry friends 🙌🏽 There's nothing we love more than an animal embroidery 🐻🦊🐶🐰🐹🐨 Tag an animal artist 🐥 #dmcthreads #dmcembroidery

@dmc_embroidery makes an amazing orange palette.

If there's one person who can cure me of being sick of all my projects, it's Margaret Sherry. 😻 Stitching this for #witchywednesdayxs and for all the other days because I can't put it down. 🎃 From the 2017 Stitcher's Diary from #theworldofcrossstitching

The quality of the video is not the best, but I think it does an adequate job of showing you the basic steps of the Pom Pom Stitch to make the dandelion as shown in the previous post. I will work on my videography skill for future ones, hopefully...

Today is a good day to start stitching!
Pic by @karenbarbe and her amazing students in Chile.

I've avoided the huge monstera leaf trend up until now, but thought it would work perfectly for my first foray into stumpwork! I'm planning to incorporate these into one of my organza pieces! #monstera

Всем привет 👋🏼
С большим трудом заставила себя сделать фотографию , а все потому что 2ой день температура под 39 (лежу не могу ничего делать ,отвратительное состояние ,чувство такое как будто голова скоро взорвется (🤒🤕недавно Лизуша болела , тоже высокая температура была ( я ещё про себя подумала :"лучше бы я заболела , а не она" .ну и вот она сила мысли . Нельзя, никому нельзя болеть, ни взрослым , ни малышам !!Не болейте 🍊😘
Фото для #новогодний_вышивальный_марафон от @casa_punto_crose @cross_stitch_club
Весь процесс👉🏼#believe_kohs
#Вышивка #вышивкакрестиком #вышивкакрестом #crossstitch #crossstitchland #пустьвесьмирзнаетчтоявышиваю #handmade #смотретьтолькобабушкам #вышивальныйманьяк #bestmasterpiece #bm_embroidery #crossstitcher #xstitch #xstitching #krestik_i_kanva #bravokrestik #вышивальщицыпоймут #show_me_your_hobby #needlepoint #needlecraft #stitchersofinstagram #millhill #millhillbeads


Any good day starts with deliveries like this 😊 Thanks @dmc_embroidery for the awesome colours... may the next project begin!

Внимание! Внимание! В эфире "фабричное" радиовещание!
Производство игрушек только началось, а у нас уже первый обладатель 🎁 приза-сюрприза.
Анастасия @cvetnata85 получает Сертификат на скидку 50% на приобретение аксессуаров для рукоделия от студии #ЛяБрошь @toropova_svetlana
Участник, которая 06.09.17 первой выложила старт в #мастерскадж_бм_и_сл
Настя, поздравляем 🎉🎉🎉
Ваши Дед Жара, внучка СнегуЛУчка и Баба Мороз
🎁 призы-сюрпризы ☝не являются главными призами
Обещают появлятся периодически

So would you like a special discount off your next new embroidery project? You can sign up to my list, get a special offer and be the very first to receive a brand new kit for Winter. Just go to the website, link in profile and join by grabbing your free embroidery stitch guide to get you started. I am still having a bit of a hard time wondering where Summer went all of a sudden... but hey, things change I suppose!

Friday is near!
What's happening this weekend?
VIC: Melbourne
September 23-24
Patchworkers and Quilters Guild of Victoria Exhibition
Location: Eley Community Centre, 87 Eley Rd, Blackburn South Vic.
Display of textile works, raffle, trading table, demonstrations, traders and refreshments.
Open 10am-4pm. Entry $5.

More information: Email info@patchworkersandquilters.com.au.

#throwbackthursday to one year ago today when my Sketch it Stitch it books finally went on sale! I can't explain how exciting this was to see the first few orders come in and I would never have believed that over the next 12 months they'd be sent out all around the world.😃🌍 Thanks so much for all of your support, here's to another year of exciting plans!
If you'd like to find out more about the Sketch it Stitch it books, check out my Etsy shop (see link in bio) 🖍🌼

😻 Holly Golightly😻
Se avecinan nuevos fotogramas de desayuno con diamantes...🙌
Tic tac,tic tac...🎉
#studiovariopinto #embroidery

Days 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192: I do love to sew cacti! Slowly catching up. Very very slowly. .
#stitchersofinstagram #sewwhat #1yearofstitches #365daysofstitches
#stitches #ihaveathingforthreads #sewingisfun #stitchingaway #flowers #behindagain #cactus #cactuslove #drawitout

Days 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185: life gets crazy. I fall behind. So here is a flower and yes I have to draw because it makes it easier for me :) .
#stitchersofinstagram #sewwhat #1yearofstitches #365daysofstitches
#stitches #ihaveathingforthreads #sewingisfun #stitchingaway #flowers #behindagain #moreflowers

2018 is just a hop and a skip away ..... 2 new starts planned for 2018.
On the left "The courage inside us is the strength that guides us" it is a Gryphon and since that is our sons name ❤️I will be stitching this for him. The one on the right is "Celebrate life's many colours" and they fit on the one piece of my fabric in my stash 🎉👍 the artwork is by Jody Bergsma and was charted back in the day by The Stitch Boss. #newyearstitching #2018stitchyplans #stitchingfleur #stitchersofinstagram #crossstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #thecourageinsideusisthestrengththatguidesus #celebratelifesmanycolours #thestitchboss #jodybergsma #gryphon #beautifulbirds #somanycolours

Just hopping on my broomstick to spread some magic... maybe I can find a wand to help me cast a sewing spell! #girlfridayadventuresinembroidery 🌟

He’s so darn cute

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